Jul 092013

The crowd and band were in synch when Rusted Root played the Diamond Pub on June 13. The last time I saw them was at Bellarmine, back in 1996 and I hadn’t been keeping up with the band. More’s the pity, as their spirited music is unlike that of most bands. There might be a touch of Santana in the percussion, and of vintage Jefferson Airplane in the harmony vocals and lead guitar, but the end result is Rusted Root music. Highlights of the almost two hour concert included “Cat Turned Blue” and the anthemic “Send Me on My Way.” One of their songs that made it to local radio back when, “Welcome to My Party” was great fun as well. The band has a new album, The Movement, which includes many of the songs played here, including the fun “Monkey Pants.” I didn’t see any tapers, but Rusted Root does have a number of concerts available for download at archive.org.

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