Jul 092013

Chicago-based band Marbin, returned to Louisville on Sunday, June 16 at the Hideaway Saloon. The members are Dani Rabin (guitar), Danny Markovitch (sax), Justyn Lawrence (drums) and Jae Gentile (bass). They opened with the appropriately titled “Bar Stomp,” a crunching blues from their second album, Breaking the Cycle. Next up was the funky “Redline,” from their most recent release, Last Chapter Of Dreaming; both these albums are on MoonJune Records, a fiercely independent label specializing in fusion and prog (http://moonjune.com). “Loopy” featured sax processed through a harmonizer, for an intriguing sound. “The Depot” was a shredfest for Rabin. They closed the first set with a new piece, “Special Olympics,” with an intro that sounded like updated Santo and Johnny, before turning the corner into heavy riffing and furious playing. This band tours some 300 nights a year, and they are great fun. It’s a shame that they are not yet more widely known, as there are not that many bands playing with this energetic blend of funk and fusion.

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