Jul 092013

The Bumper Jacksons‘ first Louisville appearance, on a lazy Sunday (June 2) at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar, was a delight. The Washington, DC duo of Jess Eliot Myhre (clarinet, washboard, vocals, ukulele, kazoo) and Chris Ousley (guitar, banjo, ukulele, vocals, mouth horn) took the audience on a musical journey to another era. Much of the repertoire was from their new release, their album Big Horn Mama, including Robert Johnson’s “Hot Tamales,” and “He May Be Your Dog, But He’s Wearing My Collar,” a 1923 song by Rosa Henderson. “Exactly Like You” featured Myre’s warm clarinet alternating with her kazoo. Ousley played and sang a touching tribute to his grandmother, Doc Watson’s “Long Journey Home.” Most of the concert was more upbeat, though, with a long stretch back in time for “Darktown Strutters Ball,” originally recorded back in 1917 by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. Local old time band Trapper Keepers opened, with early string band and mountain music.

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