Jun 042013
Dave Douglas Quintet - Time Travel

Following trumpeter Douglas’ moving album for his late mother, Be Still, which featured an almost folk music feel and vocals, Douglas returns with a quintet recording that is a cousin, stylistically, to the Miles Davis “Second Great Quintet of the mid-1960s.” Jon Irabagon (saxophone), Matt Mitchell (piano), Linda Oh (bass) and Rudy Royston (drums) are tight, matching musical wits with Douglas on a series of seven new compositions. The title track, indeed, “time travels” with rhythms that seem to break up and reconstitute themselves, with solos ranging from post-bop to virtually free. “Law of Historical Memory” is slow and deliberate, while the following “Beware of Doug” has a hard-swinging, upbeat Art Blakey feel. The fast-paced “Garden State” builds to a climax which, in turn, leads to an inventive solo by Oh. In short, Time Travel is yet another triumph for the sometimes chameleonic Douglas, who breathes fresh life into the concept of the classic quintet lineup. Douglas, in celebration of his 50th birthday, has announced plans to tour all 50 states; at deadline time, there was no word of a Kentucky date, but let’s hope that will work out.

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