Feb 032014

A Must See: Cheap Trick vocalist/guitarist Robin Zander will be playing an impromptu acoustic set at Headliners on Tuesday February 4th. I’ve seen many a band in my day, but this guy is amazing. He has the voice of an angel and plays/sings at the same time-like its nothing. Rarely does one sound so good while doing both at the same time! But Robin does every time! He is a musical master. If you love melody and feeling/emotion in your music, then by all means, get to this show! I’m going to try to make this. I haven’t been to Headliners in years, and want to see how they fixed the place up. This sounds like the perfect opportunity. Ohhhhh yeah. I hope he plays “The flame.” There are a few $20 tickets left, so don’t mess around. Get those tickets!!!

Feb 032014

Louisville rocker Dave Moody is back with a new project called Devils Due, an Eighties hair band tribute from Cincinnati that plays Kiss, Ratt, Motley Crue, Poison, Bulletboys, Bang Tango, Steelheart, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Dokken, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, Faster Pussycat and much more. I love this type of music and I saw a few videos of these guys jamming out and it looks like good, dirty, unwholesome, Spandex-wearing, Aqua Net spraying, raunchy fun. Just like the Eighties! According to Dave, his new band members are some characters, indeed, and put on quite the energetic show. The band is Staci Michaelz on vocals, Richard Grand on guitar, Sid Lawless (a.k.a. Dave Moody) on bass, Jay Jay Black on drums.

Here’s a video, posted by stingraylouisville:

Feb 032014

Not too much happening right now, cause it’s the dead of winter (whoa, that would be a cool band name!), but there are a few shows in the mix, like Volbeat/Trivium, Chimaira, Dark Tranquility, 10 Years, Primer 55 and more.

Yeah, it’s cold. But you can wrap up in bundles like the little brother in “Christmas Story” and get out of the darn house and go see some live friggin’ music, whether it be nationals or some Louisville original rock! Heck, come see me play on Friday, February 7th at Phoenix Hill Tavern. My band Year Of The Gun will be playing our new CD in entirety!! Hope to see you peeps out.

We play at 10 p.m.


Feb 022014

Howdy ye metal loving folks! OMG, this weather is hideous. It’s been so cold that water pipes burst during band practice (which caused chaos), and my nuts (Planters extra salty. Ha!) froze to my frikkin’ car seat. Not fun at all. And just think, an ex wanted me to move with her to Iowa. Ha ha! That’s a good one. No thanks, Pocahontas, I’m as far north as I care to be. It’s bad enough right here in Louisville with that cold-arse river. Things are always slow this time of year musically in tha Ville. And while it’s not so bad taking a break and hybernating like a big ole grizzly bear, one does tend to get bored a bit. One cool thing to occupy my time is that I am now an official board member of MERF, the Musicians Emergency Resource Foundation, formerly the Musicians Emergency Relief Fund. It is an organization that has been around since the Eighties, when friends of Marvin Maxwell founded it with money left over from benefits for Maxwell, who had torn up his ankle in a car wreck. The goal is to help musicians in a bind. Say a member of a band gets his hand mangled in a cheese grating accident? The MERF board has a meeting and decides if this person meets the criteria for assistance – a working Louisville (or from Louisville) musician, which includes the seven counties of the metropolitan area. If it is a valid case of someone needing help, and everyone votes to help, then MERF comes to the rescue. Is that not a great organization? It’s a wonderful idea, no doubt.

I don’t know why they asked me to a meeting, but I’m thinking my popular Rock For Kosair Benefit might have gotten me on the board. After all, $50,000 worth of toys donated to Kosair isn’t anything to laugh at.

Alas, everything has at least one negative aspect. I have to be 100% honest with you peeps, which is the way I roll (even though it pisses some people off). I kinda always thought MERF was a members-only organization for those who play top 40 covers, or only those who know or are in good with the MERF board/founders. I had heard numerous times that MERF didn’t really have anything to do with the true Louisvillerock/metal scene. There was even a long standing joke that I had heard “you had to know the Maxwells or someone in that group to get any assistance from MERF.” So, as you can imagine, us edgy high-gain hardcore rockers felt a bit left out.

Discarded. Rejected. Heck, bad stuff happens to us too. Probably more so!

But when I was invited to a meeting, I saw a ray of sunshine through a very cloudy winter day! If accepted, I would do my best to include the real Louisville original rock and metal scene the best I could. It turned out that they really just didn’t have a reputable representative of the underground rock/metal scene in the board/organization. The board was a group of super-cool people who only want to help folks. They do everything for free, and donate quite a bit of their time to do so. It was a delightful and very friendly meeting, and I’m so glad I went! Funny peeps, too.

So after the meeting, I was voted in. I really like to be able to help people, and now I’ll have quite a few more chances with MERF. I promise to try to get us rockers an equal amount of help out of this MERF money we raise. And you don’t have to be in a cover band playing “Bulls On Parade” every night! We will go over any application, and although we cannot promise anything, we will certainly do our best to review the case and see what can be done to help. In this doody economy, every little bit helps.

Another great thing about this is that MERF will be more than likely be having a Toy Tiger Nineties Hardcore Reunion late this summer (see info below).

Jan 292014

Another band bites the dust: after more than three decades together, MÖTLEY CRÜE announced The Final Tour, to be followed by the band’s  retirement. The announcement was solidified when the band signed a formal Cessation Of Touring Agreement, effective at the end of 2015, in front of global media in Los Angeles. Before quitting, however, they will do complete The Final Tour, which includes a stop at The KFC Yum! Center on October 14. Tickets for that show will be  $20.00, $45.00, $75.00 and $125.00 (plus applicable fees)  and  will go on sale to the public beginning 10am on Saturday, February 1 at LiveNation.com.

More details and the full list of stop on the REALLY BIG FINAL TOUR are at http://www.motley.com

Jan 092014

Hailing from Huntington, West Virginia is Zeroking, a four-piece original rock band that does really well. Zeroking is Andy Haught on vocals, Shane Day on guitar, Paul First on bass and Chris Webb on drums. They have opened for such artists as Bobaflex, Drowning Pool, Soil, Pop Evil, Nonpoint, Black Stone Cherry and others. I know this band because I used to be in a band called Sideshow with the singer Andy Haught, formerly known as Andy Christ of the band Sick World. a band who played Louisville frequently back in the late Nineties. Zeroking has done well for themselves, fan wise, and at getting national gigs. Andy has a very melodic voice when he wants to and that is his strong point. Former Louisville metal radio pioneer Black Frank (whom I hear is managing bands or scouting for bands) has taken an interest in these guys and I can see why. The band just put out a video for the song “Dead Rockstar” (which debuted on Revolvermag.com) and I’m checking it out now. I’m impressed with Andy’s vocals. He sounds better than ever. The quality of the recording is darn good, too. A good amount of money was spent here on this. This is a bit more commercial, musically, than what I’m used to hearing Andy sing, but it’s still good. Andy has always had good range and projection in his voice, and he’s always been a good charismatic frontman. You don’t see many singers like Andy these days. The guitars of Shane Day cut through very nicely. Awesome solo! Nice guitar effects implemented. Great tone and playing by all members, really. The drums sound great. The video looks pretty good, sounds good, and was filmed good too. You can’t really ask for much more from an up-and-coming band like Zeroking. The studio they went to is really good! There aren’t a lot of rockin’ bands around the Huntington area I would guess, but Zeroking is looking to expand to bigger and better things, and with music and video like this, I would say they are off to a damn good start.

I really need to get these guys a gig here in Louisville. Until then, check out “Dead Rockstar” right here!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuJSqszl17Y

Jan 082014

Lately, my Bogner guitar head, which is a tube amp, has been kind of weak. My tubes were at least three-and-a-half years old, and you could tell. My sound wasn’t bad mind you (it’s a Bogner!), but it was noticibly less crisp, less, punchy, and less loud as it usually is with new tubes. And rather than pay close to $300 to take it to a music store to have it retubed and biased by God knows who, I decided to go with a guy recommended by Tom Dawson, bassist of The Olivia Henken Band and Thunder Tribe. The guys name is Steve Yocum (the singer for the cover band Redline), and he comes to your house and biases your tube amps for you! Steve has been doing tubes for 10 years! No need to haul heavy gear back and forth to and fro, and have to wait days for your amp to be completed. Steve does your tube work right in front of you, and even explains what he is doing so you see he is doing things right! This was sooo much better than taking my amp to a music store. As long as Steve is around, I’ll never do that again. His price was surprisingly cheap! About a third the cost of a music store! His work was flawless. My Bogner head came back to life and was more crisp, more tight, louder and had way more balls than before. So if you have a tube amp of some kind and need to fix it up to where it has “balls” again, or if your tubes blew out, be sure to give Steve Yocum a call at 502-321-3325 or hit him up on Facebook. Save big bucks and get it done by a pro. Oh yeah, if you need new tubes, buy them from Eurotubes.com. That company comes highly recommended and that’s why I tried it out. All went well and my amp has new life now, so give Eurotubes and Mr Yocum a shout and they’ll fix you up nicely.

You’re welcome!!!

Jan 072014

Rust N’ Bones has had a pretty darn good year, indeed. Coming from out of nowhere and playing shows all the time must have been grueling, but I don’t think band founder and one of the coolest guys in the scene, Justin Spicer, minds much. In fact, I know the man lives to play his music. He is like me, he doesn’t care if 15 people like his music, he is going to do his thing his way and that’s all there is to it. I respect that totally.</P>
<p>The band just recorded some tunes at two different locations. “The Things You Do” has some lovely, bluesy lead work starting out, though I’m not sure I like the rhythm guitar tone very much. Sounds a bit too fuzzy, kind of like a Crate amp of the Eighties. The lead sound works, well though. Justin’s vocals have a bluesy feel to it and sound pretty good in a Billy Gibbons sort of way. A raspy, Gravelly, gruffy soulful endeavor, but actaul singing, nonetheless. He’s like an old black man down South singing the blues in a Blind Lemon Jefferson sort of way, which makes Justin an original around these parts. I’m not into the drum sound on this recording, though. They are a bit weak to be effective. I have to admit I’m kind of spoiled on studio quality recordings, and I do pick at anything less than what the music deserves. The studio quality is not terrible, but it could be better. I like this band because they don’t care about trends or stupid crap like that. They have their own sound and be damned to everything else! This song reminds me of old ZZ Top or something other South Texas rock! Justin’s leads are rockin’. “Bad Love” is a love song of hurt and betrayal. The guitar tones sound a little better in this one. The use of the wah pedal is cool. The songs are a bit simplistic but who cares, it isn’t about how hard of stuff you can play, its about feeling and soul. And Rust N’ Bones have both. Yeah, they don’t sound like the cookie monster on vocals (thank god), nor do they play lightning fast, ridiculous death metal riffs, but what they do is play music with soul, from the heart. I like this song much better. It’s a good bluesy tune with a good rockin groove. If you like bluesy no nonsense rock n’ roll, then Rust N’ Bones is just what the doctor ordered! Seek them out at www.reverbnation.com/rustnbones</P>