Feb 032014

Louisville rocker Dave Moody is back with a new project called Devils Due, an Eighties hair band tribute from Cincinnati that plays Kiss, Ratt, Motley Crue, Poison, Bulletboys, Bang Tango, Steelheart, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Dokken, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, Faster Pussycat and much more. I love this type of music and I saw a few videos of these guys jamming out and it looks like good, dirty, unwholesome, Spandex-wearing, Aqua Net spraying, raunchy fun. Just like the Eighties! According to Dave, his new band members are some characters, indeed, and put on quite the energetic show. The band is Staci Michaelz on vocals, Richard Grand on guitar, Sid Lawless (a.k.a. Dave Moody) on bass, Jay Jay Black on drums.

Here’s a video, posted by stingraylouisville:

Nov 102013

I’m sitting here listening to my first dose of Louevil’s Hellfire Militia and this stuff is brutal to the extreme. These guys are from very experienced metal bands in our city’s history, like My Own Victim, Snake Eyed Savior, Kallus, Caldera, Graveflower and Ky Deathwish. I’ve learned that any band guitarist Jeff Toy is in is gonna rock Dude is a riff machine with feet. It’s uncanny. He cranks out good riff after good riff in each band he is playing in. This newer band is killing it! Hellfire Militia is JD Hall on brutal screams and growls, Jeff Toy on mean, angry guitar, Todd Conn on the thunderous bass, and Jason Proctor on the dead animal skins. The song is called “Blacken The Sky.” The music is all-out heaviness with no compromise, but there is some nice groove going on with the music, so those of you who do not like some of the heavier death metal stuff could still like this music. It’s thrashy, old-school crunchy metal with a hardcore twist. It’s kinda hard to not like these riffs if you like metal music. These guys are some of my favorite metal players in Louisville. It doesn’t get much better than this, skillwise. Although the extremely brutal vocals personally don’t do it for me (I’m a wuss, I reckon, I like both singing and screaming in my metal. I’m a King Diamond fan, for god’s sake!), I’m sure metal fans will love what JD does with the crazy vocals. I do dig the music big-time though. The quality of this recording is awesome, too. I commend Lot 49 Studios for the quality of this recording. I might have to look into recording with my band Krosjoint there, if prices are decent. I’m planning on doing some shows with these guys real soon, so I’ll let you know something when it’s confirmed, which shouldn’t be long.

Check out this video from back in May:

Nov 092013

I recently got to see a hardcore/grindcore or deathcore band (some kind of metalcore) that I hadn’t seen before and, boy, was I impressed. The band is Louisville’s Littledidweknow, and do these five guys play some wild and crazy music. I am a metalhead through and through, but this is some modern molten metal if I’ve ever heard some! The music is very technical and brutal. Blistering, really. The band is like “Star Trek,” they boldly go where no one has gone. The guitar skills of Mike Kruse and Brent Allen are all over the place. It’s some very technical stuff that I wouldn’t even want to try to learn, because it would be a bitch to do so! Low, down-tuned crisp riffage with tons of crunch make this enjoyable to watch. Those guys make the guitars their bitch. Bassist Evan Fowler was off the hook and has some excellent chops and bass tone going on. It’s easy to see the guy is a pro. The drumming was sick as well. The vocals of Kelly “Sully” Sullivan are perfect if you are into the whole grindcore brutal vocals thing. The guy can scream like a banshee on her period. This band’s music changes a lot and you rarely hear the same riff twice; instead. it’s more of a roller coaster ride through hell and back all the while observing all the demons in their natural habitat. Littledidweknow is madness personified. And if you like bands like The Faceless, Between The Buried And Me, and other extreme metal bands, then you surely need to check our local guys Littledidweknow. This chit is el sicko! In a good way.

Watch “Magmarilloatia”:

Nov 072013

The most popular cover band in Louisville, The Louisville Crashers, has released a new video for their original song “All I Need Is You.” The band has never been my personal cup of tea, because I’m pretty much a metalhead, but there is no denying the talent, skill level and professionalism in this band. The video is way cool, with the band as Lego characters. All the band members are represented in their own way as Lego people! It’s so cool. Bassist Jesse Vest’s Lego self has a beard, Mark Maxwell’s Lego guy has long hair just like Mark’s, guitarist Shane Isenberg ‘s Lego guy has Shane’s infamous Goatee. It’s hilarious. Jesse’s Lego hand is moving to the beat on Jesse’s Lego bass guitar! The song is catchy and sounds great. Mark’s voice is the best I’ve heard from him. The studio quality is outstanding and the engineer who did this should be commended! The people who made this video are very gifted as well, as this stuff didn’t look to easy to pull off, creating a whole Lego world in stop/go action sequences. Very well done. I’m impressed and the more I hear the song the more I am drawn to it. This darn song has been stuck in my head all morning! My metal wall is being systematically broke down by this video, help!!! The Louisville Crashers have tainted my metalness. Anyway, congrats to those guys for a job well done. Neat video!