Feb 062014
Resonator - 9VoltRevolt

Louisville’s 9VoltRevolt has a new album, Resonator, and it’s available for free download at their website at www.9voltrevolt.net/
Here’s the track list:
1. Skin Deep
2. Not This Time
3. Nemesis
4. Building On Nothing
5. I’d Rather Die
6. I Give To You
7. Perfect Forever
8. Please Please Please
9. Skin Deep (Empyrean Asunder Remix)

Jan 042014

Well, after two years of lollygagging, Louisville’s Year Of The Gun has just finished recording five new tracks at EarlyGrayce Studios with studio engineer Jordan Haynes. In case you haven’t been paying any attention whatsoever, I play guitar in this band. I have heard about Jordan Haynes forever, about how good he is in the studio and how as a musician, you’ve got to get in there and record with him at all costs. Well, all that was true. The guy is awesome. These days, I’m pretty picky about studios and who records me, but everything worked out really good for our band at Earlygrayce Studios. Jordan was easy to work with. Fast at getting the music back to us. And he didn’t rush us like some engineers tend to do. This was the first time I had ever used a click track in a studio and to be honest, I was scared to death. I’m used to playing with the band and getting drum tracks first, and laying instrument tracks over that, but this way was very good. I ended up playing first to a click track by myself to a room full of people, which was stressful, but it ended up being much easier than I thought. I flew through it like poo through a goose! The end result is pretty awesome. I’ve been posting it like crazy. I’m a ham, what can I say! I’m proud of what the YOTG guys and myself have made. If you are in a band and are wanting to record soon, you should try to get in there with Jordan. He is booked a lot and turns away work a lot because of how busy he is, but if you are lucky you can get sqeezed in. The best part is that you will sound good, regardless. It doesn’t matter who you know, or if you are not real good friends with Jordan. He does his best every time. I’ve noticed some studios do you up better if you are good friends with them. With Jordan, you get the full service regardless. I like that.

As a long-time musician in Louisville, I highly recommend Jordan Haynes and another great engineer, Michael Sanders, to handle all of your recording needs. Both are really good and have a great ear for capturing what needs to be captured.

As for our five song CD? There are at least three singles that can be played on the radio “That Mouth Of Yours” “She Dreams” and “Beautiful.” Our singer, Steve Sawyers, killed and you can easily see why (in my opinion) he is one of the premier vocalists/songwriters in Louisville. Great lyrics and melodies are abundant in every song. It’s the best recording I’ve done. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Of course there are always a few things you would like to change, and maybe we might spend some more cash down the road to fix things up a bit, but for now we are good to go.

Check out our brand new music at https://soundcloud.com/year-of-the-gun/that-mouth-of-yours and you can see us next on Friday, February 7 at Phoenix Hill Tavern with Popkiss Chainsaw and Some Kind Of Saint.

Apr 112013

Black Sabbath has announced that their new record, 13, will be released in the U.S. on June 11. Here are the details:

’13′ is now available for pre-order in a variety of formats via BlackSabbath.com. Options Include:

Super Deluxe Box Set: a Limited edition 12″ clamshell box set which contains a Deluxe double CD album; 12″ heavyweight (180g) vinyl album in a gatefold sleeve; exclusive DVD containing “Black Sabbath–The Re-union” documentary  plus 5 behind-the-scenes videos; download card containing exclusive track by track interview with Black Sabbath and 13 exclusive photographic prints and hand written album lyrics.
Deluxe double CD album in a soft-pack (includes a second disc of exclusive bonus audio material)
Standard CD album
Vinyl: a 12″ heavyweight (180g) vinyl album in a gatefold sleeve.

In addition, anyone who pre-orders any of these formats via BlackSabbath.com will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of VIP tickets to an official ’13′ album launch event in London, including a meet and greet with the band, flights and accommodation. Additional details and full terms and conditions on the contest can be found at BlackSabbath.com.

Plenty of excitement for oldschool metalheads!

Mar 172013

Stonecutters has announced the upcoming release of Creatio Ex Nihil, with the release show set for April 13 at Headliners. Also on the bill will be Ohlm, Abominant and I Died Trying Tickets will be $10 for 18 & over and $5 for 21+. Here are some of the tunes:

Feb 172013

Louisville metal band Overload has a brand new CD that features eight thrashing metal-mad songs. It’s entitled Pantheon and it will be released on Saturday, February 23 at Phoenix Hill Tavern. So get your ticket and check out Louisville’s version of Lemmy Kilmister, Mark Jackson. He is an imposing figure up there going off on that bass, just ripping it up. The new songs include “8×8," “Distrusting Minute,” “Frayed Threads," “Decade Gone," “God’s Men” and “Prophets.” the band recorded at Mike Taylor Sound, another heck of a good Louisville recording engineer/producer. Mike is real good on the heavier bands for some reason, so take note, you metalheads!