Feb 042014

Two new rock titans are heading this way to Louisville’s coolest venue, the Louisville Palace Theater, on Wednesday, April 23. This should be a barnburner of a show and will sell out, so you might want to get your tickets ASAP. I’ve never seen Volbeat before, and would really like to. I kinda like them. It’s a lot better than most garbage on the radio these days. One cool fact I found out is that their manager (and the guy who discovered them), Scott Frazier, is a Louisville native, who also manages Saving Able and Flaw. Small world, huh? Congrats to Scott for his success in the music business. Volbeat is a juggernaut these days and the money should be rolling in bigtime.

Trivium is another band that has come a long long way. I remember seeing them/meeting them many years back at Jillian’s when they opened for Lacuna Coil. Very, very, nice young guys and talented, too. Nowadays, they are some serious shredders and their popularity has soared! They have evolved leaps and bounds since those Jillian’s days! The technical prowess of their music is off the hook. So ,yeah, this should be a monster of a show., in a pristine venue of epic porportions! Get your tickets NOW!! Or be left out day of show. And you know you would be one crying, whining mofo!

Jan 082014

Lately, my Bogner guitar head, which is a tube amp, has been kind of weak. My tubes were at least three-and-a-half years old, and you could tell. My sound wasn’t bad mind you (it’s a Bogner!), but it was noticibly less crisp, less, punchy, and less loud as it usually is with new tubes. And rather than pay close to $300 to take it to a music store to have it retubed and biased by God knows who, I decided to go with a guy recommended by Tom Dawson, bassist of The Olivia Henken Band and Thunder Tribe. The guys name is Steve Yocum (the singer for the cover band Redline), and he comes to your house and biases your tube amps for you! Steve has been doing tubes for 10 years! No need to haul heavy gear back and forth to and fro, and have to wait days for your amp to be completed. Steve does your tube work right in front of you, and even explains what he is doing so you see he is doing things right! This was sooo much better than taking my amp to a music store. As long as Steve is around, I’ll never do that again. His price was surprisingly cheap! About a third the cost of a music store! His work was flawless. My Bogner head came back to life and was more crisp, more tight, louder and had way more balls than before. So if you have a tube amp of some kind and need to fix it up to where it has “balls” again, or if your tubes blew out, be sure to give Steve Yocum a call at 502-321-3325 or hit him up on Facebook. Save big bucks and get it done by a pro. Oh yeah, if you need new tubes, buy them from Eurotubes.com. That company comes highly recommended and that’s why I tried it out. All went well and my amp has new life now, so give Eurotubes and Mr Yocum a shout and they’ll fix you up nicely.

You’re welcome!!!

Jan 072014

Rust N’ Bones has had a pretty darn good year, indeed. Coming from out of nowhere and playing shows all the time must have been grueling, but I don’t think band founder and one of the coolest guys in the scene, Justin Spicer, minds much. In fact, I know the man lives to play his music. He is like me, he doesn’t care if 15 people like his music, he is going to do his thing his way and that’s all there is to it. I respect that totally.</P>
<p>The band just recorded some tunes at two different locations. “The Things You Do” has some lovely, bluesy lead work starting out, though I’m not sure I like the rhythm guitar tone very much. Sounds a bit too fuzzy, kind of like a Crate amp of the Eighties. The lead sound works, well though. Justin’s vocals have a bluesy feel to it and sound pretty good in a Billy Gibbons sort of way. A raspy, Gravelly, gruffy soulful endeavor, but actaul singing, nonetheless. He’s like an old black man down South singing the blues in a Blind Lemon Jefferson sort of way, which makes Justin an original around these parts. I’m not into the drum sound on this recording, though. They are a bit weak to be effective. I have to admit I’m kind of spoiled on studio quality recordings, and I do pick at anything less than what the music deserves. The studio quality is not terrible, but it could be better. I like this band because they don’t care about trends or stupid crap like that. They have their own sound and be damned to everything else! This song reminds me of old ZZ Top or something other South Texas rock! Justin’s leads are rockin’. “Bad Love” is a love song of hurt and betrayal. The guitar tones sound a little better in this one. The use of the wah pedal is cool. The songs are a bit simplistic but who cares, it isn’t about how hard of stuff you can play, its about feeling and soul. And Rust N’ Bones have both. Yeah, they don’t sound like the cookie monster on vocals (thank god), nor do they play lightning fast, ridiculous death metal riffs, but what they do is play music with soul, from the heart. I like this song much better. It’s a good bluesy tune with a good rockin groove. If you like bluesy no nonsense rock n’ roll, then Rust N’ Bones is just what the doctor ordered! Seek them out at www.reverbnation.com/rustnbones</P>

Jan 062014

Wow, these guys do not give up. I totally respect their dedication and persistence. Having been through several lineup changes, you think they would give up and start anew, but giving up is not in these guys vocabulary, apparently. The band parted ways with singer Billy Burton (There’s a fargin’ surprise. Not! I hate to say “I told ya so” but I just can’t resist.) and guitarist Tony Henry a few months back but have announced a new lineup coming your way soon. The band has enlisted Troy Hendrix on vocals and James Toler on guitar. Two guys I haven’t heard of before, but that means nothing, as there are lots of undiscovered talent out there just waiting to be heard. These new dudes could be awesome. And knowing Troy and Nick for as long as I have, I’m sure they jam pretty good to even be considered. We will find out on February 7 at Phoenix Hill Tavern when they play one of their first shows back! So be out to support the guys and their new members.

Jan 042014

Well, after two years of lollygagging, Louisville’s Year Of The Gun has just finished recording five new tracks at EarlyGrayce Studios with studio engineer Jordan Haynes. In case you haven’t been paying any attention whatsoever, I play guitar in this band. I have heard about Jordan Haynes forever, about how good he is in the studio and how as a musician, you’ve got to get in there and record with him at all costs. Well, all that was true. The guy is awesome. These days, I’m pretty picky about studios and who records me, but everything worked out really good for our band at Earlygrayce Studios. Jordan was easy to work with. Fast at getting the music back to us. And he didn’t rush us like some engineers tend to do. This was the first time I had ever used a click track in a studio and to be honest, I was scared to death. I’m used to playing with the band and getting drum tracks first, and laying instrument tracks over that, but this way was very good. I ended up playing first to a click track by myself to a room full of people, which was stressful, but it ended up being much easier than I thought. I flew through it like poo through a goose! The end result is pretty awesome. I’ve been posting it like crazy. I’m a ham, what can I say! I’m proud of what the YOTG guys and myself have made. If you are in a band and are wanting to record soon, you should try to get in there with Jordan. He is booked a lot and turns away work a lot because of how busy he is, but if you are lucky you can get sqeezed in. The best part is that you will sound good, regardless. It doesn’t matter who you know, or if you are not real good friends with Jordan. He does his best every time. I’ve noticed some studios do you up better if you are good friends with them. With Jordan, you get the full service regardless. I like that.

As a long-time musician in Louisville, I highly recommend Jordan Haynes and another great engineer, Michael Sanders, to handle all of your recording needs. Both are really good and have a great ear for capturing what needs to be captured.

As for our five song CD? There are at least three singles that can be played on the radio “That Mouth Of Yours” “She Dreams” and “Beautiful.” Our singer, Steve Sawyers, killed and you can easily see why (in my opinion) he is one of the premier vocalists/songwriters in Louisville. Great lyrics and melodies are abundant in every song. It’s the best recording I’ve done. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Of course there are always a few things you would like to change, and maybe we might spend some more cash down the road to fix things up a bit, but for now we are good to go.

Check out our brand new music at https://soundcloud.com/year-of-the-gun/that-mouth-of-yours and you can see us next on Friday, February 7 at Phoenix Hill Tavern with Popkiss Chainsaw and Some Kind Of Saint.

Jan 032014

My favorite Louisville cover band Scary Uncle is calling it a day after their New Year’s Eve gig. There is no drama or bad blood, just life catching up to the guys with family, jobs, kids and stuff like that. This blows, because I loved the variety of covers that Scary Uncle played over these last several years. How many band can play Guns N ‘Roses and make it sound good? This band played a lot of songs that most cover bands do not do, that is why I loved seeing them compared to other cover bands who always play the same crap over and over. (If I hear “Bulls On Parade” one more time, I’ll frikkin’ barf.) I wish more bands would be like Scary Uncle and mix that chit up a bit and throw your own personality in there. Vocalist Chuck Weber has a frikkin’ great voice and it will be a loss to the scene if he gives it up for good. I hope not! I do know that guitarist Frank Campbell and drummer from hell Danny Murphy are talking about putting together an Eighties cover band. That would be super cool, as I love Eighties rock. So good luck to those guys, who BTW, are awesome dudes all around, and a credit to the Louisville rock scene!! I hate to see you fellers go, but I understand.

I’ll keep you folks updated on the Eighties tribute when I hear more.

Dec 092013

Longtime Louisville rock/metal veterans Year Of The Gun will be recording four songs in early December. Chosen tracks are “Fallout, " “That Mouth Of Yours, " “She Dreams” and “Beautiful. ” We are excited about working with Jordan Haynes and look forward to getting these tracks done by such a good sound engineer.

Dec 052013

Louisville technical groove metalhead band Littledidweknow has just signed with Subliminal Groove Records. This is one mean and brutal technical metal band with some very formidable skills. I was just checking out a guitar play through video for a new song called “Permagrin” and it’s pretty sick. These guys have it going on! It’s good to see some heavier Louisville talent getting a chance to do something cool. Congrats guys!

Nov 102013

Congrats to Cheyenne Powell, a very talented young man who recently won the Guitar Center Guitar Battle! Cheyenne went against many great guitarists but came out on top to take the victory. Cheyenne plays guitar for Overload, a rockin’ metal band from here in Louisville. Those guys play out a lot, so if you get a chance to see them, you should go check out Cheyenne’s skills. This guy is retarded good! Another guitarist who makes guys (like myself) want to give up on guitar! I would like to say a few good words about Guitar Center. At first, I admit I was anti-Guitar Center,but after going in there, seeing the wide selection of gear, the low prices and deals they got, and the super cool people that work there, I have been turned. Guitar Center is badass! For this cool Guitar Battle! I’m sure you made Cheyenne’s year! Not only that, but they have contributed a brand-new guitar to my Rock For Kosair Benefit, for the giveaways! So how can anyone not like all I have mentioned? The truth is, that I was turned before they even agreed to help us with the Kosair Benefit, but that act of kindness made it all the more sweeter. Guitar Center has a new fan in me. So thank you for all you do, Guitar Center. And thank you for helping the benefit and Kosair Charities! It means a lot that you care!

Nov 082013

One of Louisville’s top original bands, Signal The Revolution, has just completed their new website and it is a doosy: www. signaltherevolution.com You can check out the jams, buy merch, see pics; they got it going on. This band is so professional, it’s sickening! That is how you do it! And congrats to those guys for playing out of town so much these last six months or so. I’d give anything to be able to tour and get my music heard to tons of new people. I can barely arrange to get my bands to play sixty miles away! But Signal has been tearing it up, Knoxville, Indy, and especially up in Ohio. I’ve been getting on them about getting into a studio again to record their newer song, “Day Star.” I love that tune. You can see STR at my Rock For Kosair show at PHT on Friday November 15. Do not miss their set, because they don’t play here much these days! It will be one of your last chances to see them here until after Christmas.