Oct 092013
Terry Harper - Drummer

Name: Terry Harper

Age: 28

Instrument: Drums

Band/Former Bands: Currently with Whitener and Quinney Bros. Sen, Tornacade, Flatlyne, Sara Tonen, Flaw, Foundation, TENTONHYPEMACHINE and Of Sound Mind

How long on instrument: 15 years

Equipment: Yamaha / Sabian

Influences: Morgan Rose, Will Hunt and Gene Hoglan

My first gig: February 1997 at Incarnation Church

Hobbies: Gambling, sports and traveling

Favorite movies: American Gangster, Dumb and Dumber and Schindler’s List

Favorite food: Pizza is life!!!!

Favorite place: Phoenix, Arizona

Favorite sports or team: Atlanta Braves / Louisvile Cardinals

What I’m listening to nowadays: Love and Death, Filter and Devin Townsend

Coolest thing I’ve done: Musically, I would say flying down to Phoenix and auditioning for Brian Welch (Love and Death). It was an awesome experience jamming with them and getting second place out of the hundreds of participants. Personally – Any time I get to have benefit shows for companies like Relay For Life, American Cancer Society and Toys For Tots is always an honor.

Most embarrassing moment: My first show when my whole entire kit collapsed on me during the set.

Bad Habits: Gambling (ha!) and eating whole pizzas by myself!

When/where did you first get some: I’m still a virgin. Don’t hate!

If you could meet a Rockstar (past or present), who would it be, and why: There isn’t really anyone left I would want to meet, honestly. I’ve met everyone who means something to me already. If you aren’t talking about rock stars, then my picks would be Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan. They’re rock stars in my eyes, though?

Who do you love: My mom (RIP), family, friends, MH, everyone who has supported me with my music career and come to my shows!

Oct 082013

Evansville Indiana’s Deliver Us From Evil are back after a hiatus and are almost ready to unleash the DUFE metal once again. They should be ready in a month or thereabouts, so I thought I should let you metalheads know that those guys are going to be back in action very soon. I’m glad they will be back. These are some good guys who play some good music. I’ve dealt with some egomaniacs over the years but these guys were always down to earth and easy to work with. I was sad when they disbanded earlier this year. I’ll bring them up again once they are ready! So be on the lookout.

Oct 082013

The Yat Machines is a three-piece band from New Albany that plays rock, metal, funk, blues and groove. They have a nice mixture going for them. They call their unique mixture “Brown Rock.” It’s the accumulation of several different styles of music these guys have been influenced by over the years, like vocalist/bassist Tommy Leewe’s love of grunge, blues and progressive rock, and bassist Sean Paul Welch’s love of rock, blues, metal and funk, and drummer Travis “T-wat” Watkins’ preference for all-out metal. Together they make a formidable ensemble. I’m digging the soul that this band has, added with a touch of attitude. Decent guitar riffing by Sean Paul Welch brings out the soul in The Yat Machines. The vocals of Tommy Leewe are not bad either. He has a very bluesy feel. The band has no quality demo, but is working on one currently. I had to listen to them live on Youtube video to hear the sound of these rockers. I like it. These guys need that demo badly, though. You got to have an outlet for people to see/hear your music or all is lost. I could tell right away that these guys have some skills going for them. If you like Clutch, Down, C.O.C then you should get into The Yat Machines. I just wish I had more to listen to so I could give you folks a better review. There wasn’t much to go on, so I did the best I could with what I had to work with. I want to hear these guys live, so I will probably book them very soon. Ha! I love finding rockin’ new bands and helping them get the exposure they deserve. Stay tuned for more on TYM.

Oct 072013

I took a few minutes to chat with Louisville’s rock/rap/hip-hop movement leader Demi Demaree about his newer project Iron Bells and a few other things that interest Demi (and me). Demi and the Iron Bells guys have agreed to perform at my Rock For Kosair Benefit. Let’s see what Demi has to say about the new band.

Eddy: Demi, tell us a little about your newer project Iron Bells. How does the music differ from The Villebillies, and is it the same guys in Villebillies?

Demi: Iron Bells is myself on lead vocals and guitar, Malcolm McLaughlin on lead guitar and vocals, Ron Ping on bass and Tim Bernauer on drums, Malcolm being the only member who was not in Plan of Man and Villebillies. Iron Bells is a straight up rock band. Our first album, Black Gold, will be officially released December 3 but the album will be available at our release show at Diamond Pub on Barret November 3th. You can find more info on our site Ironbellsmusic.com, islandearthmusic.comand Facebook, of course.

Eddy: Would you say your vocals in Iron Bells are similar to Villebillies, or do you sing more in Bells?

Demi: My vocals on the Iron Bells project aren’t really like what I do for Villebillies. First difference is I don’t rap at all. Its more melodic and singing the whole time. These songs on the Black Gold album are written entirely by myself lyrically and most of them started as my acoustic solo material. After I started getting the rest of the band together, they became the full-on rock sound of Iron Bells.

Eddy: If you had to introduce just one song by Iron Bells to the world, which one would it be? Whats it about? And why that song?

Demi: Picking one song to show the world is way too hard. I’ve heard them all so much. They all have their own meanings to me. As a band, we decided to make our first video for the song “Skeletons.” Not because its a message the world needs but because it gives the listener a peek into what our vibe is. The song is basically about the feelings of guilt that haunt someone after they realize they in fact are the one in the wrong. I’d say most people have skeletons in the closet and can relate to that.

Eddy: What are your favorite original bands in Louisville these days?

Demi: That’s kind of tough to say, really. I’m old school, so I still listen to Kinghorse, Hedge, Bush League, etc, but right now I’m digging The Vice Tricks. I like that rockabilly punk rock sh*t. Gotta be biased and shout-out Elephant Room, too even though they’re on Island Earth with us.

Eddy: Demi, like me, you believe in UFO’s and alien life on other planets. You are very passionate about this topic. I myself have seen stuff that I am hesitant to discuss because it is soooo unbelievable. Most people would think me crazy, for sure. But it’s 100% true what I say and I had witnesses with me. Tell us about your beliefs and some of the bizarre stuff you have witnessed in your life to be so interested in this “often ridiculed” subject.

Demi: Of course I believe in extraterrestrials. I’ve been researching this phenomenon for a long time. Why are they here? How’d they get here? What roll do they play in our existence? We can go on for ever with the subject. I think some people just fear the unknown until it smacks them in the face.

I’ve seen objects move from right to left at high speeds at great distances as well as held top secret documents in my hands, but these days we’ve got other countries and our own astronauts etc coming out saying that we are definitely not alone. That’s just tip of the iceberg.

Eddy: Do you think the aliens are good or bad? I think there are both, but the bad ones have the most influence on our world.

Demi: As far as aliens being good or bad I agree with you in saying both. Depending on what we would say is bad. It’s opinion really. We as humans eat meat, dissect every known creature on the planet and send apes to space, right? So if something does the same to us, it’s bad? Could some aliens actually be us in the future? Could they be the fallen angels from the past? The demons of old? I don’t know. I do know it fascinates the hell out me though and I have a constant voice in my head that tells me to keep looking, so that’s what I do.

Eddy: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me bro, and also thanks a ton for helping/performing at Rock For Kosair IX on Friday November 15th at Phoenix Hill Tavern. This is going to be a fun night for Louisville, and I can’t wait to hear your new jams live in action!

Demi: Hell yeah man, it’ll be a great time for a great cause! See ya soon. Cheers.

Oct 072013

I’m checking out a new four-piece metal band called Creature Of Exile from Louisville/Harrodsburg/Danville. Heavily influenced by bands such as Pantera, Deicide, Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, DevilDriver, Lamb Of God and more, these guys take it to the extreme. Wow. This is some pretty powerful stuff. Chock full of badass metal riffs and brutal vocals that destroy. This is the heaviest stuff I’ve seen out of that area in a long time. There is a mixture of old-school thrash and death metalish styles that makes Creature Of Exile what they are: effective. The lead guitars of John Massey are brutal, yet classy and melodic. I like that. Super chunky heavy rhythms (serious thrash tone) with a beautiful soaring melodic solos over it! Just because you play heavy music does not mean you have to abandon melody in the music. The leads are not the most technical, like most death metal players try to be, but in my opinion, they don’t need to be. If the feeling is there, then you should do it! John’s leads are wicked and work great with the music.

The band has some mid-song stops that come off perfectly. Pauses and stops in heavy songs kick ass! The vocals of Danny Camden are cool. This guy sounds like a frikkin’ demon. He has some brutal tones as he mixes it up old-school to death-to-pig vocals to hardcore. On the demo he uses effects to great effect to really bring out the screams. The drums and bass are rockin’ as well. You would have to be a drummin’ fool to be able to keep up with these riffs. I’m impressed with the groove this metal band has. A lot of bands sound heavy but don’t have that certain groove. Creature Of Exile is on it from the get-go. So far every song is rockin’, and I admit I’m a picky mofo. They kind of remind me of Chimaira a little, on how they mix old and new school styles together. One thing is certain: these Kentucky boys have the metal goods, so whatever you do, don’t run from this Creature. Embrace this Creature with open leather studded arms when they come to terrorize your town.

Oct 062013

The Louisville rock band Trust Divided has returned from a year-and-a-half hiatus while band members served in the armed forces. I recently played a show with those guys (and learned never to shake an Afghani’s left hand lol) once again and they sounded very good. They have a new guitarist named Chase Groher, who is very young. But don’t let his age of fourteen fool you, this kid is on top of things for such a young age. He has the tone, skills and stage presence to rip it up whenever he plays. Chase went into a nice guitar solo and ripped it up! He seems like a good kid. So congrats to Trust Divided for being home and jamming again, and to new guitarist Chase Groher for doing a great job. Welcome back guys! BTW, you can see TD at RFK on Friday November 15 at PHT.

Oct 052013

Win one of four guitars! Help us rockers help Louisville’s unfortunate families have a Christmas: Friday, November 15 at Phoenix Hill Tavern is Rock For Kosair IX, the 9th Annual Benefit for Kosair Charities! We have over fifteen great bands for you, and a ton of killer prizes for you to win, including four sweet guitars from generous Louisville businesses like JandJ Old Louisville Music Shop, Music Go Round, Guitar Center and B-Mart, as well as several tattoo giveaways from Tatu Jefferson Mall, Cryptic Ink Tattoos, Mystic Lounge Tattoo and Art Studio and Stay Gold Tattoo Studio. We have tons of prizes!! But you have to get to the show early to be able to get a FREE (while they last) drawing ticket with paid admission. There will be only so many of these drawing tickets, so the early bird will surely get the worm!

Oh, yeah, who is playing this year? Check out this year’s lineup! Three stages of live music featuring Whitener, Signal The Revolution, Iron Bells, Jefferson Tarc Bus (with new singer!), Centerfold, Trust Divided, Unleashed, The Josh Goodlett Band, Year Of The Gun, The Smokin Gorillas, Some Kind Of Saint, Billy Jack (Jack Brizendine and Billy Burton acoustic collaboration), Seedus and more.

So far in eight years we have raised from forty-two-thousand to forty-five-thousand dollars in toys to take to Kosair Charities. I’ll give you idea of what I’m talking about. We took roughly one hundred and twelve BIG shopping carts, overflowing with toys, to Kosair. Is that awesome or what? It makes me feel so good to do this that words cannot describe it. But we need your help, people! Without you this will not succeed. We need you to tell all your friends and family and get them to commit to coming to this event. This event goes straight into our community people, unlike other benefits where you never know if the people that need help ever see a dime of the money or not. So tell peeps of the super-cool prizes designed to bring you peeps in by the droves! Ten dollars could win you something very cool indeed.

Oct 042013

Jefferson Tarc Bus is back in action with a new singer in tow. The new full-time singer for JTB is Patrick Michaels, one heck of a singer and a guy who can hit some really high notes. Pat can sing songs that many other good singers cannot. When I first heard about this, I was thinking “Wow, this is perfect for JTB.” They could not have asked for a better replacement singer for the widely popular and talented former vocalist Jack Brizendine, another great singer in Louisville. The band is excited to no end and are looking to expand upon their already lengthy song repertoire. The band has also agreed to play Rock For Kosair on November 15, so be ready for some brand new JTB, in front of a packed crowd!

Oct 032013

Promoter Allen Ashbaugh is back with another Cancer Benefit Concert for metal lovers. His 5th Annual Cancer Benefit MF5 will be held at Bullit County Fairgrounds on October 25 and 26. MF5 (formerly Metal Fest) is an annual music festival to support the cure, research, and treatment of cancer. Donations will be going to http://www.jimmyv.org/ which gives 100% of its donations to research or treatment. Every year for the past four years, Allen and several bands from Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding regions have come together for two nights of rockin’ music and friendship. Allen and friends are back for MF5 in 2013 to do the same!!

Friday night features Kyzer, Billtown Road, One For The Doc, Underwater, Moonlight Theory, Yesterdays Diary, The Lost River Cavemen, The Lonesome Cowboys, My Addiction and Second Nature.

Saturday night features Luther, The Stonecutters, 6 to the Third, Slit Throat Vendetta, Granshaw, Devil And The Darkness, Great Floods, They Left Her Body In The Woods, Sons Of Medusa, Chigger, Two Pump Chump and Bury The Wicked. Also two huge bounce houses, one pink ambulance that we can sign, vendors, food vendors, a movie outside both nights (weather permitting), costume contest, pumpkin painting contest, and pumpkin chunkin’. Should be a good time.

Oct 022013

Another Louisville band is back in action and can’t wait to play out! The popular newer band Centerfold that rocked the Louevil music scene (for a very short but effective time) broke up about a year-and-a-half ago because of personal issues and crushed many of the members who had high hopes for their music, but all that has been resolved and the band looks forward to playing out again very soon. You can see these guys at Rock For Kosair IX at Phoenix Hill Tavern! Welcome back guys.