Sep 292013

Louisville Music News will be “ONLINE ONLY” from now on: With newspapers all across the nation in financial trouble because of the internet, LMN has joined those that have stopped printing. In the past years we have reduced the newspaper to only a slight semblance of what it used to be when times were better, but fret not, we aren’t going anywhere. You can still find us online at and, so pass the word around that to get Louisville’s REAL music news, you’ve got to visit us online.

Sep 092013

I recently got to play a smaller venue in the Southend called Stich’s, at 7323 St. Andrews Church Rd. Two Pump Chump and my band Year Of The Gun played there. Any new venue that welcomes Louisville original music is very welcome in my book! We need all the venues we can get, and Mr Stich himself has made it clear that his club welcomes Louisville original talent.

The bar is one of those long and narrow clubs.

It’s not a small small club, its just kinda narrow. But it probably is about 100 feet long at least I am guessing. The stage isn’t very big though and my five-piece band could not set up all our gear onstage all at once, so I had to set up my guitar rig on the floor next to the stage. Not a big deal. The club has a decent P.A system that gets pretty loud. We had a pretty good sound going through there. The staff and people running the place were great. It was a pleasure working with them. They have pool tables, darts and other entertainment as well. Drinks were not expensive and were pretty stout. A bunch of bands have started to book there so you bands might want to contact Kevin Stich to see about getting on the calendar. We had fun and this place has possibilities galore. We just have to get the word out a little better, hence this writeup. Get yo butts out to Stich’s and hang out/rock out Southend style!!

Sep 082013

Yup, it’s about time that I started to get an idea about how I want to present my annual Rock For Kosair Benefit Concert in November. If you have a theme or idea about a band that would be perfect, give me a shout and I’ll see what can be done. Of course, the most important thing is to raise as much money as possible for toys for the kids at Kosair Charities for Christmas. So I’m going to need all the help I can get doing this. So far you people have been great help and have really shown that you do care. So my deepest most sincere thanks to you. Let’s make this year the best ever. If you have ideas how to generate more money for the kids, I’m all ears.

Sep 082013

Whiskey Riders - Here To Burn

The first thing I noticed is the sweet artwork on the CD. Very professional and cool looking. This CD, I am told, is a concept album that basically tells one big long story from start to finish. Singer Johnny Blaze says “The story is about life’s journey, the hard times, the dark times and overcoming your demons, like alcohol and drug addiction. It also gives a little hint of going against the corrupt powers that be.”

“Here Come The Whiskey Riders” is a good song. I liked it from the first demo I heard it on. But this version sounds much better. The vocals of Johnny Blaze sound great, as does the guitar tones. Great songwriting and groove. It reminds me a lot of Corrosion Of Conformity’s music. For a self-recorded CD, these guys have done a pretty good job. (They have their own studio, Bearbones Studios, in Sellersburg, Indiana.) “Shotgun Sisters” is a bit more bluesy. I dig the opening guitar riff. So far, there are some real good soulful guitar parts on this CD. Pretty. Rockin’. “Time Bandits” has a guitar tone that sounds a bit too metallic and tinny for my tastes, but it works okay for this song. “Sunshine” is probably one of my favorite WR songs. It starts out with a really clean guitar sound. It has a Kentucky down-home sound that many here can relate to I’m thinking. The vocals and backups are very good, indeed. These guys spent a lot of time in the studio recording this CD.

“Big Bad Wolf” starts out a lot like “Here Come the Whiskey Riders” but quickly goes into it’s own entity. This band rocks. If you like Down, C.O.C, Trouble, and other bluesy influenced metal, then The Whiskey Riders are right up your alley. Vocals/Guitarist Johnny Blaze is all over the place with his crazy style. The guy plays lead and sings at the same time. Not easy to do. “Old Man River” sounds fantastic in the intro. Some lovely acoustic sounds going on here. Perfect! I’m impressed with the sound quality of this do-it-yourself recording project. The song kinda lost me in the middle, but towards the end, it rounds out well. Cool, laid-back drumming towards the end. “Find Our Way” is an acoustic ballad with piano and good harmonies in the vocals. “Symphony Of The Lost Boys” is the ending song and it features acoustic accordion music in it. You don’t see much accordion music in the Louisville rock scene. It almost sounds like an old sailor’s song with the accordion sounds.

This is a very weird CD. It has a lot going on. Blues, punk aspects, soulful groove, actual singing (Thank god! I’m tired of all the cookie monster nonsense in a lot of today’s bands), metal, narrated parts narrated by Mike “Papa” Armstrong, a rockin’ musician in his own right that I used to work with several years back; guest appearances by female vocalists CJ Anderson and Cheryl Anderson on two songs, piano, organ and I thought I even heard a banjo or mandolin in there once or twice. This CD is chock full of guitar parts that rock, backed by equally rockin’ vocals. Like I said, these guys spent a lot of time in the studio to record this. It’s different and fun to listen to. And these guys are a trip to see live. They are not boring, that’s for sure. If you want a redneck rip roaring good ole rock n roll time, then you need to hang with The Whiskey Riders, for they are of the few “Real Deals” musically in this town.

More at:

Sep 062013

Promoter Allen Ashbaugh is back with another Cancer Benefit Concert for metal lovers. His 5th Annual Cancer Benefit MF5 will be held at Bullitt County Fairgrounds on October 25 and 26. MF5 (formerly Metal Fest) is an annual music festival to support the cure, research on and treatment for cancer. Donations will be going to which gives 100% of its donations to research or treatment. Every year for the past four years, Allen and several bands from Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding regions have come together for two nights of rockin’ music and friendship. Allen and friends are back for MF5 in 2013 to do the same!!

Friday night features; Kyzer, Billtown Road, One For The Doc, Underwater, Moonlight Theory, Yesterdays Diary, The Lost River Cavemen, The Lonesome Cowboys, My Addiction, Second Nature.

Saturday night features; Luther, The Stonecutters, 6 to the Third, Slit Throat Vendetta, Granshaw, Devil And The Darkness, Great Floods, They Left Her Body In The Woods, Sons Of Medusa, Chigger, Two Pump Chump and Bury The Wicked. Also two huge bounce houses, one pink ambulance that we can sign, vendors, food vendors, a movie outside both nights (weather permitting), costume contest, pumpkin painting contest, and pumpkin chunkin’. Should be a good time.

Sep 052013

Friday September 6th at Phoenix Hill taverns Roof Garden brings a variety of rock & metal to the infamous Venue. And it’s FREE before 9pm!! Two Lexington bands that are fantastic will be playing some of their first shows here in town!! They are HEAVENS GATE GOSPEL REVIVAL (melodic metal with great vocals ) & GRAVEYARD ROMEOS ( a smoking cover band of classic metal songs), along with Louisville’s ridiculously talented teenagers UNLEASHED ( if you havent seen them before, be sure to be there early!!), as well as power groove rockers KROSJOINT, and rockin’ newcomers THREAD. Like I said, this is an explosion of original bands & classic rock/metal cover bands…all to give you one night of entertainment, for cheap. So get your butts to Phoenix Hill Friday before 9pm and see some great music for FREE! Unleashed hits the stage at 9:30!!! It’s only $5 after 9.

Sep 042013

Chigger is a new band comprised of well-known Louisville metal/rock musicians who want to keep their identities hidden. They do so with masks and mud. I love the name.

Chigger! I remember as a boy I used to get Chiggers. Boy oh boy, do they itch! A few times I got them on my scrotum, and I about rubbed those little nuggets raw. Not fun at all.

The music of Chigger is self-described as Texas chainsaw metal, and it is achieved by using seven and eight-string guitars. The guys have nicknames like Zeke on Guitar, Sol Daddy on vocals, Unk on guitar and Jebadiah on drums (no bass player is listed?). I’m checking out a demo and it sounds out there a bit. There is some great groove going on here, though. The song is called “Skynrd And Titties” and it has some good chicken pickin’ riffage in it. Sweet leads. These two players are darn good guitarists that I have respected for a while now. One I have known since 1991. He has played in numerous bands, even national touring bands. There are no vocals on this track as of now. But I can hear some redneck vocals going along with this in my mind. I don’t think an all-out screamer would work as well for this music. There is too much going on, and it calls for a good singer. I do like the song titles, though, like this next one “Bullitt County Rape Kit.” My god, are these riffs tuned low! I like low-tuned guitars, but damn. Can you even buy a tuner that can register these notes? The groove and tone is monstrous. The drums of Jebadiah are awesome as always. Dude is a beast on drums. I wish these tracks had vocals, though. I think this band would be interesting to see live, so I’m going to have to get out and go support these Louevil veterans real soon. Can’t wait to hear vocals on these tracks. Chigger has some really good talent in this band and they should do well. To me. it’s progressive groove redneck chicken pickin’ metal with some doom thrown in for good measure. Sounds like a good original combo to me. Be on the lookout for these crazy guys at a club near you!

Sep 032013

Oldschool Louisville original metal band Rockaway Drive is now searching for a bassist to complete their lineup since bassist Joshua Carpenter left the band.

If you like classic rockers like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, then this band could be the perfect style for you. Good musicians and good people. Give Mick a call at 502-876-4217

Check their Facebook page here:

Sep 032013
Nathan McDaniel

Name: Nathan McDaniel

Age: 33

Instrument: 6, 7, 8 String Guitar/Bass.

Band/Former Bands: Chigger and (Ohlm) currently; formerly, Kallus, Sevenfold, Antikythera, The Dogs Divine, S. L. T. T. to name a few.

How long on instrument: 23 years

Equipment: In (Ohlm), I play an array of Fender guitars but my main is a Fender American Big Apple Strat w/FR. In Chigger, I use a late 90’s Ibanez RG 421 7-string and an RG 8-string. My pedals are all over the place, so many. I will say I use a lot of delay pedals.

Influences: Just about any old Death metal or Prog. Chuck Schuldiner has been a huge influence. Black Sabbath are my favorite band and the reason I play guitar. I’ve always been a big fan of instrumental music so, of course, Satch, Lifeson and Vai play a big role. GYBE, Pelican and so on.

My first gig: Fern Creek Community Center 1994, I was in a band called Autopsy (before I heard the original). We opened for Dump Gang, Undecided and Mindstorm. I remember being nervous as phuck and Nick Houpt takin me to his guitar player and he helped me, uhh, calm down. The bands after us blew my mind and I had been on a big Sepultura kick at that time. I told my band while watching Mindstorm that I was gonna quit if we didn’t start playing music like that. Next day I came and picked up my gear.

Hobbies: Camping, Playing Guitar(still), Shopping for old Records/Cassettes.

Favorite movies: Tombstone, Red Dawn, M. I. B, Big Trouble in Little China, Gladiator, Evil Dead & Lawless.

Favorite food: Pizza.

Favorite place: My couch.

Favorite sports or team: I’m not a sports fan but I dig some hockey.

What I’m listening to nowadays: As of late, I have really been on a Napalm Death kick. I listen to a lotta Scale the Summit as well. I strongly urge all Prog lovers to check out this band. And if you’ve never heard Napalm Death, you are missing out!

Coolest thing I’ve done: I got to share the stage with my favorite singer once. Chris Hall from Stabbing Westward. They were our direct support during the Flaw tour, why is beyond me. At the time they were "the Dreaming" and needed a fill in while 2nd guitarist flew back to L. A. to play a show with Berlin. I was off for a week and needed a break from our camp. I learned the set in two days. We co-headlined with Dave Vincent’s other band. the Genitorturers. They even played my favorite "Stabbing" song. Shame and I partied with Dave and his wife Gen all night. I’ll never forget that.

Most embarrassing moment: sharing a stage with Chris Volz; in general, my hairstyles in the early 2000’s

Bad Habits: A lot to name, bro. Smoking cigarettes might be the worst one.

When Did You First Get Some She was my partner in crime and had a license. She was changin for work after a J and I saw her naked. I told her she was scared to take my virginity, dared her, she wasn’t.

If you could meet a Rockstar ( p ast or present), who would it be, and why: That’s a really hard one. I guess it would have to be Ritchie Blackmore. As a lead player, I feel he was very ahead of his time. Technique was flawless and he seemed to set the bar for shredders to come. Plus he’s got style.

Who do you love: You, Eddy, so much it hurts. George Thorogood asked me that same question the other day. No really, like Ozzy. I love you all.