Aug 282013

Yup, it’s about time that I started to get an idea about how I want to present my annual Rock For Kosair Benefit Concert in November. If you have a theme or idea about a band that would be perfect, give me a shout and I’ll see what can be done. Of course, the most important thing is to raise as much money as possible for toys for the kids at Kosair Charities for Christmas. So I’m going to need all the help I can get doing this. So far you people have been great help and have really shown that you do care. So my deepest most sincere thanks to you. Let’s make this year the best ever. If you have ideas how to generate more money for the kids, I’m all ears.

Aug 072013

On Tuesday September 10, actor/comedian/writer/producer Kevin James will be in town for a show at The Louisville Palace. He is the chubby, funny guy who played on “The King Of Queens” TV show, and many movies, including I now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Grownups and Paul Blart, Mall Cop. I didn’t even know he was a touring comedian! I’m betting that he would be a funny mofo live in concert though. Raunchy too!

A lot of these TV actors are raunchy as heck when out on their own with no rules. Just look at Bob Saget, whom I thought was a complete dork and not funny at all. I saw his comedy special on HBO and it was hilarious and very dirty, indeed. The man played guitar and sang a song called “Buttplug Made Of Leather.” So I think I might try to attend this show because I got to support the chubby guys like myself! I just saw Grownups 2 and it was very funny, so let’s see what Kevin James has to offer live in concert. Get your tickets, this might sell out!!

Aug 072013

I’m excited about this show. I’ve never seen Tampa, Florida’s, Kamelot before, as they don’t tour around here much. I dig their symphonic power metal style and the vocals of Roy Khan are awesome. I just recently learned that the band has a new singer, which floored me. A Swedish cat named Tommy Karevik has replaced Roy Khan. Khan’s vocals were what drew me to Kamelot, so I guess I will have to check out some of the new stuff. Why wait? I love Youtube! I’m watching new Kamelot and the new singer is very good, almost as good as Khan. He sounds very similar to Roy Khan. Okay, I’m still liking the band’s music despite a new singer. Feedback on Youtube says that the new guy is doing very well at filling Khans rather large boots. Man, that would be one tough vocalist to replace! This Swedish dude has balls. Get your tickets, this is going to be sick. In a good way!

Aug 062013
Quiet Riot Metal Health

Friday, August 9th at Diamonds on Baxter Avenue, 80’s rock legends QUIET RIOT will be performing a set of classic songs like “Cum On Feel The Noise” and “Bang Your Head ( Metal Health).” Louisville rockers Krosjoint, Popkiss Chainsaw & Rockaway Drive will be opening the show so be sure to get there early. The first band goes on at 7 P.M.

TICKETS FOR SALE: I have Tickets For Sale since my band Krosjoint is opening, and I’m selling them for $20 in advance! They are $25 day of show so hurry before they are gone! Save some money and get your tickets from me! I will even deliver the tickets to you! Us Louisville bands get paid this way so please support us Louisville rockers!!! Thank you!!!

Eddy Metal of Krosjoint 502-367-2080 or

Aug 052013
Quiet Riot

On August 9, Louisville rockers Popkiss Chainsaw, Krosjoint and Rockaway Drive will open for Quiet Riot at Diamond Pub. I grew up to Quiet Riot. Every kid in the early Eighties had the record or cassette of “Metal Health (Bang Your Head).” It was huge. And my favorite guitarist of all time, Randy Rhoads (formerly of Ozzy Osbourne), formed Quiet Riot himself way back in 1973. Amazingly, I have never seen QR in action live. But that is soon to change, as Quiet Riot is coming to Diamond Pub on Friday, August 9. Of course, the band is without singer Kevin Dubrow, who died in 2007 of cocaine overdose and guitarist Carlos Cavazo (now playing with Ratt). It remains to be seen if these guys can now live up to the name. The only original member from the band’s heyday is drummer Frankie Banali, but I’m sure he would not stain the reputation of a band that was voted into the top 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock, by hiring some guys that cannot hang. Seriously.

In fact, I’m willing to bet these new guys can play their butts off (I mean, what guitarist would refuse rocking with Frankie Banali??) and bring a lot more energy to the stage. So I think it would be a good bet to come see these rockers let loose for a bit. In addition to hearing all QR’s hits, you have a darn good lineup of Louisville bands opening the show. Popkiss Chainsaw, Rockaway Drive and my band Krosjoint will be ripping off the roof of the joint early! Buy tickets from me and I’ll deliver them to you. Don’t Forget; by buying from the local acts, you help support Louisville music! Call me at 502-367-2080 or Email Thanks!

Aug 042013

Everyone knows who Flaw is and that it was one of the top rock bands to ever come out of Louisville. Excellent vocals, catchy guitar riffs and plenty of attitude made Flaw what they were. I know this band well as I have played shows with them a long time, dating back to 1997, and even before then, when a few members were in Shapeless Matrix. Over the years there have been several attempts to reform Flaw. There were a few member changes, but something bad always happened and things imploded. Drug and alcohol abuse were high, and some members didn’t take the music as seriously as others.

The fact is, it was never the same as before the heyday of Flaw. But according to original guitarist Jay Daunt, there may be a full blown Flaw reunion with original members in the works. A serious and sober Flaw. If that’s true, those guys are holding a key to greatness, in which they only have to find the “right” door and unlock that MF. I took a few minutes to chat with Daunt regarding this turn of events.

Eddy: Jay, tell us about this latest Flaw reunion, how it came about, and why this time is different? I would hate to see people (including myself) get excited again, only to be disappointed if things did not work out. We want a 100% guarantee this time!

Jay: After several conversations between myself, Volz, Lance, Ryan, Ballinger and Scott Frazier, we decided that we were all in a place where we felt we could make Flaw work again and mend the mistakes we had made in the past. Everyone has matured and learned to deal with their demons through sobriety, spirituality and family. We did not undertake this endeavor lightly as we are all aware that the name and place in music for Flaw depends on all of our actions this time. There have been several, half-hearted Flaw reunions that were a couple of members with other musicians stuffed in. We tried it and found that the only way we can make Flaw work is myself, Volz, Ryan, Lance and Ballinger AND it requires us giving our all which includes sobriety and focus on the goal of beautiful, aggressive, haunting music. That is exactly what is happening and will happen this time. Everyone has a right to be skeptical but we do not intend to disappoint our fans this time as I truly believe Flaw is back. You have my guarantee (for what that is worth:-))

Eddy: What are the immediate plans of the band, and do you guys have any label interest or financial backing?

Jay: The immediate plans are working on new material. Writing is going great and we plan to make this another album that plays front to back without a listener even considering the skip forward button. We have interest and are working with Scott Frazier and his management company on the business side. Things are moving pretty quick but we are making sure to keep everything in check. The writing and music has to be first. We are all amped about the chance for a rebirth and opportunity to do this now that we are not little kids:-) We will keep everyone updated through our Facebook [page] and will be posting teasers down the road.

Eddy: What have you and the rest of the guys been up to these last few years Jay? The scene hasn’t seen you in forever it seems. I bet you can’t wait to jam out again.

Jay: Everyone has been doing individual projects and living life. We love music but have all learned that music cannot be the only thing in your life or you will be hollow even with fans across the world. I am so stoked to get back on the stage with my boys and I can speak for everyone in saying that we will rip the phucking walls off when we are unleashed. We intend to do music from the beginning of Flaw through new material, and we cant wait.

Eddy: Cool. It was good talking to you, bro, good luck, and hopefully, we’ll see you guys soon, live in action in Louisville! I would love for you guys to play my Rock For Kosair Benefit in November! You know you would get a prime spot!

Jay: Thanks for listening to me, my brother. We would love to be a part of the November show but we are not committing to shows until we are satisfied we have enough new material and are ready to record to get it to everyone. Part of the problem with the prior failure reunions were laziness and an attempt to simply tour on our name. This time it is new material and we will play to make it familiar to everyone. We cannot wait until we are back on stage but we are finishing the writing for ourselves and the fans first. I will keep you up to date and if you would like will give everyone an exclusive update through you whenever you would like. Rock on.