Jul 252013

Wow, this looks like a regular death metal feast from hell. Wicked. If you love death/hardcore brutal metal, then this is a must-see concert of the summer. It’s Monday July 29 at Expo 5. A great place to see live music! P.S. You might want to take off of work for that Tuesday, because you will probably be all “beat the farg up” from the pit. Ha. Support the heavies!!!

Jul 232013

Ahhhhh, the good ole days. I remember this band well. Why do I remember this four-piece band so well, even though it has been many years since they existed? The year was 1995 or 1996 and I invited these guys up from Glasgow, Kentucky, to come play some shows with my band Inhuman. The result was way cool. I had several cool new friends and their music was straight-up awesome. People loved Luther. Loved them more than my band! That’s okay though, the truth is the truth. We had some very memorable and legendary shows together in several cities through the late Nineties. Luther’s sound was like The Doors meets Black Sabbath meets Clutch. It was hippie redneck, doomy, non-trendy blues metal, and I flat out loved those guys! They were soooo country. Guitarist Tommy Yates was tall and had a huge afro and he wore big old coal mining boots. He was a country boy to the max and was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. When he played guitar, it was a sight to behold, because he would get so drunk that had it been anyone else but Tommy, they would have been unable to play properly. Tommy used the alcohol to enhance his performance and somehow it worked, he had control of insane psychedelic feedback and worked that guitar/amp rig like a blacksmith forging steel. It was never boring to watch Tommy play. Vocalist Steven Cleveland was a vocal monster: Jim Morrison meets Elvis meets, um, well….heck, I dunno. Dude is a growl-y gruff singing MF. He has a great and powerful voice that sticks in your head. Think Jim Morrison, but heavier and from the back hills of Kentucky! The drumming of Richard Bybee is wicked and perfecta and you got bassist Andrew Smith, who is a quiet guy until he gets onstage, also plays great, and he creates wooden objects by sawing things out of logs with a chainsaw! He made me a wooden skull that I have to this day! These guys are characters for sure.

Unfortunately, Tommy Yates passed away several years ago and that almost destroyed the band, but the guys eventually soldiered on with new guitarist, Jason Williams from Louisville. I really missed Tommy, though, and it was hard for me to see Luther after that, even though Jason is a darn good guitarist and a cool guy. But after a few breaks over many years, the band Luther is back!!! They just started booking shows, and they will be with Stonecutters in Bowling Green on August 16 at The Spillway. I’ll see about bringing those guys back to Louisville like I did way back when, I already got a monster of an idea in mind, muaaahhh haaaa haaaahhhhhhh (cackling like a mad scientist)!

Jul 092013

Win 2 Tickets TODAY ( Tuesday July 9th )to this thursdays Skid Row Concert at Diamonds Pub & Billiards!!! Courtesy of LMN and Diamonds!!! All you have to do is to pick ONE number from 1 to 500, and email it to EDDYMETAL1@aol.com any time today before 9:30pm. The closest one to the number chosen wins!!!
ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, so don’t get disqualified!!!

Thanks for participating in LMN’s Rock Concert FREERIDE, created by me, Eddy Metal!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! The winner will be contacted about 9:45 tonight!

P.S Show up early for the show thursday!!! It starts at 7 P.M. Three excellent Louisville bands will be opening, including my band Year Of The Gun, we play at 8pm sharp!!! Support Louevil Rock!!!

Jul 082013

RustNBones has a brand new drummer, Nigel Paul, formerly of Rockaway Drive. The band plans on recording soon at EarlyGrayce Studios, so I’ll keep you informed on that when I hear more. Get out and hear this new soulful rock band!

Jul 072013

Got guitar issues? Is your favorite axe playing like doody these days? Need a neck adjustment? Got a loose or bad fret messing up your riffage? Fret mot! Ha! Bill Barney is a master guitar luthier with over 20 years experience. Bill used to work at Guitar Emporium for 14 years, and everyone and their mother knows that Guitar Emporium doesn’t mess around when it comes to fixing a man’s axe! I recently bought a Gibson Flying V that needed some delicate and extra cautious work done on it. I was quite worried about what needed to be done to it. I needed someone very good for this job! After someone reliable highly recommended Mr Barney, I paid the man a visit to his home repair shop. Bill works from home now and has every kind of guitar repair gadget you can think of. It was impressive!

Bill is an all-around guitar luthier, but he admits his best work is in his fretwork. Bill did an amazing job on my guitar, which now plays like a dream. And he even did a rush job for me since we had a show coming up fast, so thanks Bill. Dude took his time and did it right. The price was fair and the work was done the way it should be. Bill lives right by Zorn Avenue, so if you need some guitarwork, or if you have a buzz on your stringed/fretted instument, be sure to give Bill a call. I’m glad I did. He will make your axe play like new again. Contact Bill Barney at 502-749-9049 or visit his website at Barneysguitarservice.com.

Jul 052013

Bearhammer is Eric Morris on guitar, Mark Shep on guitar, Steve Curtsinger on bass, Lee Grant on vocals, Matt McCutcheon on drums. It started as a two-piece side project with just Matt and Eric. They were in an indie rock band at the time and after band practice when everyone would leave they would just start playing these super-fast, thrash metal songs for fun. Matt was also in another band called Great Floods that shared the space with them. Their guitarist, Nick Smith, eventually heard these songs and kept giving the guys sh*t (motivating them) to get back to playing metal again, so they added Mark Shep on guitar and looked for a bassist and vocalist for awhile. Then they heard that Old Vikings were on hiatus, it was the perfect opportunity to add Steve on Bass and Lee on vocals. Steve says “the chemistry is great, we’re like brothers..and the songwriting really comes easy for us! Especially with mass consumption of beer.”

I’m checking out a few songs by them right now. “To The Pigs” is chaotic and fast but still has massive groove. I like that! A lot of times, groove gets lost in heaviness, but not with Bearhammer.

This music kinda reminds me of Entombed a little bit, but groovier. I like this music! I want to review these guys live soon. The vocals are brutal and sound good for the heavy growl-y stuff. It’s fast, straightforward thrash-y groove metal with dark moments, and thunderous groove. “The Vessel” is also fast-paced madness. The drums of Matt McCitcheon are sick on this demo. Dude wails. The music is unrefined and raw, powerful and relentless, and for an old guy who has moved away from heavier music a little in the last few years, I like it. It holds a special spark that some bands have, and that as many don’t. These guys are on to something with this new lineup of metal monsters. We need more good metal bands in town. I’m tired of seeing subpar bands with subpar gear representing metal in this town. Bearhammer can be an entity that changes that if they stick around and circulate a bit more. Check out Bearhammer online at reverbnation.com/bearhammer1

Jul 042013

Wow. This five-piece band with members from Frankfort and Louisville is badass. Killer guitar riffage from Louisvillian Erik Howell (formerly of Violenza and Arcane Saint) make this new band (formed in October 2012) stand out against most original bands around these days. The vocals of second guitarist Christopher Leone are really good, too. Powerful, with range and technique. Sounds like he has had plenty of experience at singing. He is an actual singer who hits lovely melodies, harmonies and notes that soar. Dude was impressive in a very melodic way. I have always admired melodic singers. But Chris has some screams and growls in the mix as well. The band has a back-up screamer, Albie Mason, who belts out some growls from hell. Drummer Michael Kidd rocks on drums, has character and looks like Tommy Lee’s little brother. The basswork of James Shane was fine as well. The sound is heavy upbeat metal with heavy parts, melodic parts, singing, screaming, sometimes it’s nu-metal, sometimes its old school slamming metal. These guys are all over the place, and it sounds very good. Erik Howell has always impressed me with his playing / writing style /good attitude / blazing guitar tone, and it’s really good to see him back in action after being away for several years. He is shredding better than ever, too! With actual cool guys this time! (A few of his other former bandmembers I didn’t care for.) So if you like upbeat energetic nu-ish metal with killer riffage and actual singing and pounding drums, then you should check out Louisville and Frankfort’s Heavens Gate Gospel Revival, you will thank me later. They should be recording a demo soon, so I’ll keep you informed!

Jul 042013

Dedication, Commitment and the will to keep going no matter the setbacks have triumphed once again. The band Popkiss Chainsaw is back in fine form with new guitarist Tony Henry, who did very well with his first show with the band. The band sounded the best so far in my opinion. Confidence was high, Tony was rocking, and Billy Burton was a madman, exciting the crowd as only Billy can do. Billy was a good singer to begin with, but now, after gaining so much valuable experience at an early age, with both popular cover bands and shredding original metal bands, it seems Billy has evolved into a beast on the mic, being able to sing at will, or scream like a pissed-off banshee at any given moment. He works the crowd well, and always has. It’s good to see Billy not wasting his talent singing Top 40 songs as he was so used to there for a while. He writes well, both music and lyrically, and there is feeling and a story there every time he writes. The dude can pick up any instrument and play it. And he does this all with only one testicle! Ha! It’s an inside 13th Level joke. He used to brag on his one-nut! One nut and all, Billy rocks, and it could be time for some kind of record deal for these guys in the near future, because they got something good going on with PKC.

The band will be doing a special “Unplugged” set on Friday, August 2 at Phoenix Hill Tavern, so try to make it out!