Jun 132013

This is sooooo cool. A righteous cat named Arthur Vanwinkle has set up a three-day-long festival at The Blackii Whyte Barn and Grill Concert And Festival Venue on July 26-28 at 1283 McKee Road, Berea, to raise awareness for Cannabis Reform. Arthur is also the founder of Kentuckians For Cannabis Reform, which is is trying to reform the Cannabis “Hemp and Marijuana” laws here in Kentucky. I talked to Arthur a good bit about what he is trying to do. Arthur states “Kentuckians for Cannabis Reform’s efforts are about much more than just getting high. It’s about supplying our farmers an alternate crop to replace tobacco. It’s about compassionate care for our ill who need it. It’s about a much safer substance than alcohol. It’s about changing the economy here in Kentuckyy. Let’s face it. We have been getting people high, and killing them by the millions for many many years. Remember whiskey and tobacco? Marijuana has never had a death from an overdose. Has been proven an effective treatment in cancer and many other serious illness. Then the economic impact would change Kentucky from being the 5th poorest State, to being one of the nations leading economies. Let’s bring our #1 cash crop out of the closet, and supply the world with a quality product. Why not? We have the perfect climate for it to grow.”

Arthur means business, and his tireless work towards this festival shows. Three Days and over 30 bands to book and work with! Also attending and/or supporting: The Cannabus, The Cannasense Campaign, Kentuckians for Cannabis Reform, Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana, Legalize Medical Marijuana in Kentucky, Hemp Rock Radio, N. Kentucky Sensible Tokers, Kentucky Freedom Coalition, 420 Times, Legalize It Apparel, Stoner Couture Clothing and Apparel, Big Daddy’s Concessions, Dubtape Records, Emerald Fields, Broken Robot Clothing, Fundamental Clothing Inc, Special ED Productions, Shawn Tye DJ/420 DJ. Blackii Whyte Productions, Island Earth Music and more.

Arthur has arranged a killer lineup of entertainment for you folks attending. Here is what he has so far:

Friday’s Lineup: Rap Night!!! With performances by Nappy Roots, Elephant Room, Bass Drum Aliens, Josh Woods, Juxtapoze, N- U- T- Z, DJ Shawn Tye/DJ four20, Infinowness, Knowledge.

Saturday Night is rock night, with performances by Zebras In Public, Chief Greenbud, Signal the Revolution, Krosjoint, Kung Fu Grip, Tom Hagley, Surly Mutt, Strange Tang, Blackii Whyte and The Reefer Kings, Max Random, Bury The Wicked, The Beat Daddy’s, Devon Rosenblatt, The Redstone Band, The Kentucky Blue Collar Band, The Opposum Trot Blues Band, Str8 Jakkit and Fueling Fate.

More information is to be announced next month. Look up Cannastock on Facebook and sign up to attend and support the cause! There are already almost 1000 people attending!