May 242013

Criminal mastermind and slicktalking weasel, Squallon Bolt, AKA, “the human groundhog”, has emerged from hiding once again. Mr Bolt has quite the reputation as a man who would steal from his mother on mothers day. A bad apple. Computer hacking/scamming , narcing, fraud by deception, website scams, ruining a event to benefit poor children, no crime was too good for Mr Bolt. And like any scared Groundhog, at the first sign of trouble, Mr Bolt would bolt to the nearest & safest hole to lie in wait for things to cool down.

Being the patient half-rodent that he is, Mr Bolt can stay underground for long periods at a time if need be, going months without outside contact, safely within the confines of his hole with his unsuspecting mate. But like the famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, Mr Bolt is back poking his nose in the outside world this spring in Louisville. So my word of advice is be on the lookout for this little weasely fellow who would love to make you his latest in a very long line of victims. Be Careful, the human groundhog is found in various small clubs around Louisville where he plies his sometimes trade as Blues Groundhog, guitar & dirt picker extraordinaire.

May 212013

Normally, if someone suggested a show blending art and heavy metal music, you might expect images of screaming demons, angry guys in black outfits and lots of blood – the usual album artwork for the various genres of metal, in other words. W. Dave Pollard and Eric “Rico” Rakutt maintain that’s not necessarily what should and could happen, so they are staging their third iteration of Metal Up Your Eye on June 8 at the Alley Theatre. 1205 E Washington St.
The whole notion was cooked up Pollard and Rakutt, both of whom come out of the Louisville music scene, with Pollard having played in Cinderblock, Evergreen, and Four Rose Society and Rakutt with ties to The Glasspack. They’re connected to the SXSE (South by SouthEnd) Music & Art Festival, too. Both of them are artists as well and are regular vendors at The UnFair.
There’ll be live music performances at MUYE III by The Revenants and Stonecutters. Participating artists are W.Dave Pollard, Eric “Rico” Rakutt, Patrick Thompson, Scott Webb, Erik Angelini, Dirt Merchant, Chris Smith, Ramsey Grissom A.K.A. Ramzar Williams, Autumn Vessells and Panda Gail Smithson.
Best of all, this is a free event.
Here’s schedule info:
Doors at 7 pm.
DJ playing Rock/metal/stoner/doom
1st band around 10pm
The Revenants
2nd band around 12am

May 212013

Local Man Commended for Tireless Hate:
Louisville death metal fan Jon D.Crepid has been commended for giving, above and beyond the call of duty. Never before has one man given so much to a single community. A high ranking Louisville government official gave the award to Mr Crepid and announced to the crowd of 2000 in attendance, “Mr Jon D.Crepid has kept true to his call in life, and has showed a passionate love for death metal music by insulting and targeting anyone who likes any music but death metal. His unflagging posts on the internet and heart felt statements have set a high standard to any rising hate-monger looking to make a name for himself. Without Mr Crepid’s efforts, who knows what terrible music us Louisvillians could get into.” A blushing Mr Crepid replied “It’s all good bro. It just really gets under my skin to see young kids wearing Asking Alexandria & Bruno Mars tee shirts to a death metal concert! And what about these old guys who listen to Judas Priest? C’mon man! There is only one kind of music, and that is DEATH METAL.”

May 112013
Insane Clown Posse

I’m not a big fan of ICP but some of you are. I got the Editor to write something about it:
Jugaloos, dig up those Faygo bottles and face paint, the Insane Clown Posse‘s coming Expo 5 on May 15. It’s been a couple of years since they were here, and apparently, they and the gang didn’t do too much damage to the Expo 5 space, since they’re back there. They have a new record, The Mighty Death Pop!, which was released in three other variants: first, dubbed the Red Pop edition, contains an album of cover songs entitled Smothered, Covered & Chunked; the second, the Black Pop edition, contains the album Freaky Tales and finally, the White Pop edition, contains the remix album Mike E. Clark’s Extra Pop Emporium. Just to add some spice to all, ICP sued the FBI for classifying the Juggalo fan base as a gang; they were voluntarily discharged as plaintiffs in December. Tickets to this event – and it will be an event – are $28.”
Check out their “Where’s God?” video:


May 082013

Hooray! New clubs for us original bands to play at. I have been hearing about bands playing at the newer Spinelli’s location downtown on 5th street. Great pizza AND live music now? Sign my old arse up for that ride! I say it’s time I head down to that location and see whats up with the stage and PA system. Hopefully the people there are cool and are willing to work with us Louisville bands for a good long while. I love Spinelli’s Pizza and I rejoice to hear that live music is happening there now. This could be a great thing. Another venue I’ve been hearing about is The Monkey Wrench on Baxter Ave, which has been having original bands play there as well. I tried to contact the owner or manager to get him to send me his showdates for the newspaper, to do a review, and to possibly book a show or two there, but the owner Denny Humphrey said that the club is currently renovating and will be ready shortly!

Upcoming Shows

May 072013

Louisville rock and rollers Rifle (Sean Flannery, Kenny Beckum, Jet Piston), having recently added a new, dedicated singer to their lineup (Sean Tyler), are currently hard at work recording some new tracks. A mix of exciting new songs combined with a few newly refined Rifle staples, the collection is shaping up to provide a hard rocking glimpse into the darker recesses of politics, relationships, religion, self-doubt and plain old fashioned rock and roll lust. A release date has yet to be determined, but principle recording has finished, so look for something to appear in a month or two, depending on mixing, art production, etc.

May 062013

I regret to inform you that a few Louisville original bands have decided to call it a day. Louisville heavy metal band Sever This Illusion (which has done pretty good these last few years, although they went through numerous member changes. Sometimes numerous member changes can straight-up kill a band.) and foul-mouthed, long-time rap/rock hooligans E-Flat have broken up, and the soulful hard rock band BoneJinn has been put on hiatus for a while following some issues within the band. It is unclear if they will continue on with the BoneJinn project. Man, all I can say is that it is one huge chore to try to keep everything together in a band in today’s world, when everything seems against you! It takes a huge commitment and some really good luck (almost a miracle) to even keep a band going these days. Total props to those of you who keep the fires burning and follow the old show business quote “the show must go on.”

May 062013

A chimera is a monstrous creature, ’tis true – the Greeks knew that. Where it’s namesake American band is a monster depends on your definition of that word. It might be more true that Chimaira is a shapeshifting band or least genre-shifting, with only one original member, vocalist Mark Hunter, remaining. The band has moved from nu metal to through metalcore to groove metal, all the while documenting those transitions in albums – seven of them, including Crown Of Phantoms, due sometime this summer. Whether you like them or not depends on which incarnation you happened upon. They’ll be appearing with  Dahmers Closet, Project Heavy Death, Granshaw and Devastation Device at Diamond Pub on May 10, so you can go find out anew if you like ’em. Tickets run $15- $35.
Chimaira – “I Despise”:

Dahmers Closet – “Broken Hearts and Bloody Knees”

Project Heavy Death – ” Ideas of Reference”

Granshaw – “A Taste Of Brutality”:

Devastation Device – “Kill The Lights”