Feb 262013

This will be one Killer louevil original rock show!!! Friday March 1 at PHT!!! Louisville native and Hot Action Cop guitarist Tim Flaherty is back with his new project UNDERWATER, w/ special guests ( the return of ) YEAR OF THE GUN, PO BROTHERS (one of their last shows in louevil before they move to Seattle!!), SOME KIND OF SAINT & louevil rock veterans THE MAD TAXPAYERS!!! FREE before 9. music at 9pm! only $5 after 9!!!

“Come on out Friday to see some of the villes top rock bands. It’s variety night!!! We got progressive, rock, metal elements, alternative, a bit of punk, melodic rock, pop rock….it’s gonna be different!”
Eddy Metal

Feb 252013

Wow. This is big louevil news. The band reunites to do an album and tour in support of their new album King Animal, and lo and behold, we get them right here in good ole Louevil, at the best Venue to boot!!! What luck! Iconic 90’s rockers Soundgarden should bring in a wide variety of interesting fans into the mix as well.
Sounds like a rip roarin’ good time to me, and I’ll be there to cover this one I’m sure. Always did admire Chris Cornell’s powerful voice. He was amazing when I reviewed him at The Palace a few years back on his solo tour. This show will probably sell out, so you might want to get the tickets as early as possible, for this show is a rarity and you might not get a chance to see it again! Tickets go on sale Friday at Noon!!! Trust Mr Metal on this one.

Feb 182013

By Eddy Metal

I just got a new local CD that I’m anxious to check out.

It’s those wild-ass, crazy mofo’s who used to be in Incursion. Those guys have been all but silent in the last year or two, which is not like them at all. Usually those guys are jamming in some sort of band or other. Apparently, they got sick of lounging around and formed a band called Nine. The band is: Van Avery on vocals, Jeremy Robertson on guitars, Eric Angelini on bass and Nik Houpt on drums. I’m throwing the CD in now! The first song is called “Seven.” Wow. This stuff is pretty cool. It doesn’t remind me much of their former band Incursion, as it has it’s own identity. It isn’t as heavy and dark, it’s more groovin and has more feeling in my opinion. Van’s vocals are wicked on this. The guy has come a long way from back in the day when it was all-out screaming nonstop. He has developed into an actual singer, with several styles thrown into one kalidescope of vocal talent. The high notes and screams mixed with the low growls are memorable and tasty. Nik is a beast on drums! Always has been. Dude is sick!!! I want this MF to lay down some drum tracks to some of my metal riffs. Ha! The guitars of Jeremy Robertson are thick and heavy, but not over-sludgy, like some of the old Incursion stuff used to be. Some of the time I could barely make out notes Jeremy was playing when he was in Incursion, but not now. It’s crystal-clear and groovin as phuck. Jeremy must be getting mellower with age, as he seems to be more into the groove than ever before.

I’m digging this new change. “Crimson Ritual” starts out with some cool singing (yes, I said singing!) that I like very much, plus a slow, oldschool metal riff that cuts like a knife. Gone is the death metal doo-doo, replaced by emotion and power. Yes! Van’s vocals are the best I’ve heard by him, by far.

This recording sets him apart as one of the city’s top hardcore metal vocalists. Scary Uncle guitarist Adam Young recorded this CD at Van’s house with rented mics and stuff, and he did an excellent job! Adam is one cool down-to-earth guy. I liked that guy from the beginning. I love how the guitar isn’t near as intense as before but still hits a home run, regardless. I’m impressed and want to hear these guys live. Hopefully, I can get them booked on one of my shows soon. “She Will Smile” kinda of reminds me of Fear Factory and even some Burton C. Bell, which is a great compliment. Adam Young contributed some Middle Eastern-ish guitar lead on this track. I’m hearing some Morbid Angel guitar influence in “Taste Of Blood.” The drumming in “I’m Not Sic (I Just Want To Kill.)” is just, well, sick!

My favorites on this demo are “Seven,” “Lovelaced” and the entrancing “Crimson Ritual.” I’m glad the guys have evolved into this music. It is an improvement in my opinion. In all aspects of these guys musical skills, vocals, drums, guitars. Now these guys have got to get their chit together soon so they can be playing out by spring or early summer. I will keep you informed on what the dealio is regarding their first show.

Feb 182013

By Eddy Metal

Any true old-school Louisville music fan knows who David LaDuke is. He is an older gentleman and local musician who has supported our original music scene for many a year. He used to have a newspaper many years ago called Ballbuster Magazine that used to turn quite a few heads back in the day by supporting local rock and metal bands that no other publication would even think of supporting, and I loved the guy for that!!. I used to read it myself. He supported metal when hardly anyone did. David was an unselfish dude who wanted to help the scene as much as possible, and he did! David has had some recent health issues that have come to my attention. David had two brain surgeries in 2012 to try to repair a brain abscess. The two surgeries were a success, but there were some side effects from the second surgery that have turned his life upside down. David is slowly recovering, but it may take quite a while before he is back to the rock n’ roll lifestyle. So till then, take it easy Mr LaDuke. And no headbanging or wailing on that guitar until you are 100% again!!!

Feb 182013
John Napier

By Eddy Metal

Name: Joshua Napier

Age: 22

Instrument: I sing, play guitar, piano, bass and produce.

Band/Former Bands: I’ve been in Talk of Spring for little over 4 years now. I use to do an acoustic solo project under my own name.

How long on instrument: Been playing guitar and singing for longer than I can remember and started messing with production almost a year ago. As far as everything, else I started messing around with it after joining TOS.

Equipment: Whatever guitar I feel like playing, I have a Gibson Les Paul, a Gibson sg, a couple of strats, and a few acoustics. I play through my Egnater mod 5

Influences: I guess it’s whatever I hear or see. Life has been the greatest influence I could ever have and with being ADHD, I just never know what to think about. So my brain is in a million places at one time. I’ll be doing one thing and completely be thinking about something else. I try my best to let everything that happens to me in life be an influence in everything I do.

y first gig: Bulldog Cafe, opening for Audio At War and Kinsey.

Hobbies: I guess I just do whatever is thrown at me. I’m a pretty open person. You never know what opportunities can await you behind what is presented by the people and situations that come in life.

Favorite movies: I love Scream, anything Seth McFarland writes is pretty genius as well. I love a lot of movies that I grew up with like Tommy Boy, Ace Ventura, The Mask. Or movies that can make me think like SLC Punk, A Scanner Darkly, A Clockwork Orange.

Favorite food: I love Mexican food.

Favorite place: My favorite place is my man cave.

Favorite sports or team: Go Big Blue!

What I’m listening to nowadays: I’ve been listening to all the stuff I remember hearing in the 90’s lately and modern classical music.

Coolest thing I’ve done: I loved going up to record in Chicago. We drank a lot of Slurpees, walked around Michigan Avenue and hung out. The food there was just amazing as well. I also took breaks and would go skate at this park underneath the Kennedy expressway. Even after it was freezing, I busted my ass on ice a million times, and got two parking tickets I still love Chicago.

Most embarrassing moment: I really don’t get embarrassed much, but there was one time when I was on a cruise with Scotty, Jake, my paps, and a couple other friends. Well one of the days at sea ,we all were getting in the hot tub and my dad and our friend Shane waited till Jake, Scotty, and I got in then they took of there trunks, only to be wearing Speedos then got in with us. It was pretty funny.

Bad Habits: I have this bad habit of always tapping especially when it’s quiet.

When/where did you first get some: When I was 18 in my car after watching Yes Man.

If you could meet a Rockstar (past or present), who would it be, and why: Definitely Frank Sinatra, I mean could you imagine partying with Frank Sinatra?

Who do you love: I love everyone, because they all influence my day in one way or another. I don’t have hate for anyone because it’s way too exhausting.

Feb 172013

This three-piece impresses me more and more each time I see them. The rock solid drumming, the pounding bass and melodic vocals have all come together to form one interesting and hard hitting sound. They have a new song called “Vindicate” that really rocks, and is probably the best stuff I’ve heard them play. These guys are busy rockers and are moving up the ranks in this music scene. They are good decent people too, which means a lot in this day and age of egotistical A-hole musicians. My only complaint is that they need to upgrade their music gear a notch or two. If they did that? It would be beyond crushing. So if you like hard hitting music with soul and feeling, trust me, check out The Tri Tones!

Feb 172013

Louisville metal band Overload has a brand new CD that features eight thrashing metal-mad songs. It’s entitled Pantheon and it will be released on Saturday, February 23 at Phoenix Hill Tavern. So get your ticket and check out Louisville’s version of Lemmy Kilmister, Mark Jackson. He is an imposing figure up there going off on that bass, just ripping it up. The new songs include “8×8," “Distrusting Minute,” “Frayed Threads," “Decade Gone," “God’s Men” and “Prophets.” the band recorded at Mike Taylor Sound, another heck of a good Louisville recording engineer/producer. Mike is real good on the heavier bands for some reason, so take note, you metalheads!

Feb 172013

Louisville metal monsters IIattatime are currently hard at work on their six-song EP, due out in the near future. Two of the song titles are “Shapeshifter” and “The New Beat.” You will have to wait for the rest of the titles! The guys are working with Jordan Haynes at EarlyGrayce Media. Jordan Haynes has quite the reputation for knowing how to properly record musicians. He has done some great work here in Louisville. So much in fact, that I’m going to contact him very soon about possibly recording one of my bands. Jordan has recorded several bands lately, such as Jovian, They Came Bearing Arms, Uh Huh Baby Yeah and Listen Listen Man. As well as the new EP, IIattatime will have new merchandise, too. This talented lineup should be crushing with Jordan recording them. I can’t wait to hear the new stuff. I heard one of the guitar riffs the other day, and it’s pretty brutal, yet intricate and skilled. I’ll let you know when it hits the streets.