Jul 202012

Coming soon!!! Iron Maiden in Indianapolis review in Louisville Music News’ August Issue! All I can say right now is WOW!!! That was one amazing performance at one amazing venue. We went through hell and back and I thought we’d never get there alive, but it was well worth the nightmare conditions we endured. All the details and juicy tidbits coming up on August 1rst. ONLY AT LOUISVILLE MUSIC NEWS BABY!!!!

Jul 092012

Louisville stoner groove southern rock/doom metal rockers are on a regional hunt for a mean lead guitarist who is familiar with southern metal leads, and down-tuned riffs in the style of Down, Black Sabbath, Black label Society, etc, etc. Talented Pro Lineup w/ ex-members of DOGWATER, 13TH LEVEL, RATHBONE, YEAR OF THE GUN, CALDERA, KY DEATHWISH.
We have a wicked singer & very cool rockin’ sound! Pro gear! Free secure/AC/Heated place to practice! Decent PA System! Must be dedicated, reliable, have pro gear, a good attitude & must NOT be a pu**ywhipped man who lets his woman control everything:)

Contact Eddy Metal for audition info. 502-367-2080
Check out KROSJOINT’s music on reverbnation and live performances on youtube!!!