Jun 272011

It’s the talk of the metal community. When a popular metal band puts out an album soooo bad, it is made into cult status. Such is the case with Celtic Frost’s 1988 bomb Cold Lake ( when a death metal band tried to turn glam overnight ), or Metallica’s super cheeseball effort “Saint Anger.” Absolutely terrible.

Morbid Angel have always been wickedly evil sounding. But with their new album Illud Divinum Insanus hittting the streets and getting trashed bigtime,  I honestly can’t believe they actually put out this industrial programming sound effects pile of doo doo! That’s like Slayer playing Boy George “Karma Chameleon” type music! It was so bad, I thought someone was playing a joke on me! But it was serious. Ouch!  There are a few short moments where some cool riffs are happening, but there aren’t many, and when you do finally get one, the recordings sound quality is less than good.

M.A Fan’s are very angry about this and there is much talk on the internet at this terrible change of a perfectly good metal band to a techno-metal turd in the making. One fan slaughtered the album in a youtube.com  review, and the band blocked him! A loyal fan of many years. So there you go, you now have “Saint Anger” , “Cold Lake” and now “Illud Divinum Insanus” haunting your dreams. Although I do think Morbid Angel takes # 1 over these three monumental disasters.

Listening to new Morbid Angel is torturous.. It’s like sticking your peter into a blender and turning it on!

Jun 252011

The crazy, but uber talented musician Devin Townsend ( formerly of Strapping Young Lad & The Steve Vai Band ) will be performing on July 7th at Phoenix Hill. This guy is amazing! Check out this video of Devin playing guitar & singing and you will see what I mean!

Don’t miss this show!!!

Jun 232011

What a sight, I’m telling ya! I was outside looking at the sickening yellow sky when I observed two cloud fronts collide, swirl and engage in Tornadic activity! It looked like a huge swirling toilet bowl of evil looking clouds! Right over my fargin house! The cloud fronts swirled together, but when they got to the center of the swirl, THAT is when the poo poo hit the fan! The wind got ugly in record time, and I knew right away from the looks of things that this was serious and I only had a minute or two to get to safety. I ran for cover into my basement like a little beeyatch!


Sure enough, a tornado struck seconds later, sucking up debris a mere block and a half way from my crib, then hitting Churchill Downs and Papa Johns Stadium.

I got lucky. Apparently the Tornado was merely forming over my house, and wasn’t fully damage capable until it was a block or so away!

I was half buzzed, and looking up into the cloud going ….”Whoooaaaaa!”


Eddy Metal

Jun 222011

Ok, I admit I am a Facebook junkie. And I do a lot of networking on there.Therefore, I want all of you people to link up with me on Facebook so you can see what is going on around the region!!! Concerts, events, new bands, new venues, national shows!!! Not to mention you can win concert tickets and such! So look me up under my ‘real’ name!  Duane Eddy Burke

Goofy name, yes. Thanks to my former hippy parents for that one! Ha.

I was actually named after a 60’s rockabilly twang guitar master, named Duane Eddy. Look up some of his music on youtube!

Jun 202011

Attention bands! Wanna play an Acoustic Set at Jefferson Mall at Willis Music??? Because very soon , this will probably become a reality. Details are being worked out now, but It’s looking like it will be a go. Acoustic Sets of the region’s best original bands right by the food court at Willis Music in Jefferson Mall!!! More news on this coming SOON!


This could be great for music lovers of all ages! Lord knows we need a few more all ages venues…

Jun 202011

Newcomer promoter Allen Ashbaugh ( Allen is one of the good guys in the louevil Music scene ) has done some cool things for our music scene the last few years and this year he is going to take it over the top with Metalfest 3 at The Boondocks in Shepperdsville. It’s July 22 and 23 and is all ages, and will feature a bunch of great bands all trying to combat the terrible affliction known as cancer! My mammaw & pappaw both died from cancer, so cancer can suck a big one!

Bands playing are: Thomas Medicine, Ohlm, ZCFOS, Below, Bury The Wicked, Incursion, Surviving Thalia, Old Vikings, Behind The Beheaded, Red Eyed Lies, Chaordica, Fudgknuckle, Sons Of The Bluegrass, E-Flat, Krosjoint, Slakker, Nothings Wrong, That Dude Alex, Stampede, The Mighty Auroch, Stroker, Downtrend, Granshaw, Blessed By Death, Bush League, 2 Pump Chump, Overload, Thistle, Stem & Geez, Descention, & Broke and Bleeding. More info on this killer show next month. I predict this is “The” outdoor local original show of the year! So all you mofo’s help out Allen and his great cause by coming out to party with all your fargin friends!

Get ready for Metalfest!

Jun 142011

Def Leppard & Heart on August 19 at Freedom Hall: I know a few of you will think this is lame, but I’m telling you, I’ve seen a lot of bands in my day and when I saw Def Leppard about 5 years ago for the first time at Freedom Hall, I was shocked at how great they sounded. It was awesome. Vocalist Joe Elliot was in fine vocal form as he ripped through all of their classics. I’m actually looking forward to seeing this excellent show again. I have never seen Heart in concert before, so I am kind of looking forward to seeing how they do live as well. I always did enjoy Ann Wilson’s voice. I wonder if she is still huge?

I guess that don’t make a difference in performance. Look at Aretha Franklin and the late opera legend Pavarotti, both of them were large mammals and yet they wailed with the best of them! Hopefully I can get you some Free tickets, but we will have to see. But in the meantime, take my advice, see Def Leppard if you have the means. They kick some butt live in concert. It’s something you should not want to miss. I bet there will be lots of cute honeys there in attendance too! Yes, I am an old horndog!