I hit a nerve huh? Thank you Louevil…

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Jul 292010

Thank you for the kind words…

Several people have told me they loved my article in June Issue, even calling it “my best work’ because I had the balls to tell the truth about how things are in this city’s music scene regarding bands not having to be good anymore IF they have a draw, or are popular.
Money talk’s and the good musicians walk. It’s a crappy system and I hope to change that in the near future. In my many years of promoting original talent, sure you want the popular bands that draw people in, BUT it cannot always be that way.
Sometimes you have to look ahead to things that could be!!!
Discovering new talent was always a joy to me when I was; booking Toy Tiger shows, and a Local Music DJ on 100.5 The Fox. I gave numerous bands a chance to be heard…
I booked Element H when no one knew who they were, now they are HEAVEN HILL, the top rock band in town. I booked Plan Of Man when no one knew who they were, now they are The Villebillies. These are two examples of how I roll.
Everyone needs a f**king chance to be heard. It should not matter how pretty you are, or if you can only bring 30 people to your show.
If you play great music then you should get the chance to shine~!!!

Unfortunately, some work needs to be done to fix this problem in our fair city.
I hope my words do something to help the good musicians being left out.

Bands, let’s do away with Pre-Sales Tickets!!!

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Jul 262010

It’s hard enough being in a band keeping everyone together and showing up regularly, let alone having to try to sell tickets IN ADVANCE to a run of the mill local original show.
This practice has become almost standard and I’m sick of it.
For National Shows I can see this working well. But not for all-original shows!!
We need to try to do away with this nonsense because it’s a pain in the ass and not fair to the bands. Why you may ask? I’ll tell you!

1. Selling tickets IN ADVANCE is a Pain! No one has money these days, especially during the week when most of the tickets are usually sold, to be ready for the show on the weekend.
Most people get paid on Fridays, and what is the chance of getting in touch with ALL your friends between 6pm and 9pm on a Friday night? Not very good. Us bands have enough to worry about sounding good, having new songs to play, and making sure all our gear is working good. And if you don’t get a hold of your friends in time and they come to the show at the last minute, you DO NOT get credit/money for it at all. FARG THAT!!!
The promoters are raking the cash in with this crappy flawed system.

So basically it’s “any money you might make will be from bugging your friends to drive all the way over to your house In Advance interrupting their busy lives, kids, jobs, family, to pay you NOW for a show that isn’t till later. I’m sorry but the odds of that happening are not too good. It’s an unneeded hassle and surefire way to shortchange yourself.

2. Not only that, but bands nowadays have been known to buy their own tickets to secure a good show/lineup/national gig. I know it seems ridiculous, but it’s true. My band recently got screwed because we couldn’t sell many tickets in advance. Yet showtime came and we had some people show up at the last minute because they were very busy/broke and didn’t have time to get tickets early, but with this doody pay system we didn’t make a dime from them showing up. So I’m saying we should do something about this bull.
This pay system was devised to profit from this error, and it’s wrong…