Band Cancellations…something must be done!

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Feb 032010

I have been promoting original bands since 1995. And lately it seems like the bands of today are unreliable in the worst way. Many times have I gotten a call or email a few days before the show only to find out that a band canceled for no good reason.
To me, the only reason you should cancel a show is if you have a death in the family, have a broken limb or were in a bad accident. Everything else is do-able.

And I tell you folks, I am damn sick of it.
You would not believe the excuses I hear.

Anything from “I have to work” to double booking to imaginary illnesses.
What ever happened to the show must go on???
Those days are long gone it seems, for the slightest thing will cause a band to cancel nowadays. A stubbed toe, a flat tire, a cool tv show that’s coming on, whatever.
“I have to work?” Um… these shows I promote have been confirmed for over a month and a half, so why would you be scheduled to work??? It’s bullsh*t!!!!
After dealing with this crap way too much lately, I realize that something must be done.
Contracts must be drawn up or something like that.
Because I’m not going to promote a band and give them great exposure only to be dissed at the last second for a BS reason that should not even be a factor.
I have been patient and have tried to be understanding, but I am no fool and wont be lied to or treated in this manner. Stay tuned for more on this.
I’m going to put on my thinking cap and try to figure this out to where bands have to keep their word.