Keep Talking About Me, You Are Making Me Famous!!!

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Sep 102009

Man, does this city have a lot of Douchebags in it~!!!

Geez. I have encountered some unsavory types as of late….from weasely underhanded DJ’s, to delusional arrogant bands who think their poo dont stink (when in reality they havent done sh*t), to inconsiderate musicians, to backstabbing promoters, to anonymous chumps who talk crap about you from the safety of far away ( of course).
Sometimes I wonder why I even give a crap about helping the scene when half of these people in the scene are downright Dildo’s with feet!
I can totally understand that anyone who does something extraordinary is subject to criticism & being put down by those who are jealous or just plain A-holes.
But the chicken sh*t tactics used by those who would hate… are as cowardly as it can get. This place must be the birthplace of the ever elusive ohio valley pu**y.

Alas, it’s the good friendly anti-drama type people, fans and bands alike, promoters, venues & the decent music we keep putting out that keeps me going after all these years serving the louevil rock/metal scene.
I guess I’ll just quote the old saying “Any exposure is good exposure!!!!”

Love me, Hate me , Just dont ignore me…