DEADLINE for Showdates, Band Info & Stuff (Dont miss out!!!)

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Jul 172009


Deadline for the newspaper each month is around the 19th of each month, for the following months Isuue. But sending your stuff a little earlier is better.
Don’t wait till the last minute!

Send all band info, showdates, or whatever news you got to:

My phone number is 502-367-2080.

Musician of the Month Feature…

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Jul 142009

Every month I get the distinct pleasure of chosing a great musician to feature in Louisville Music News. I created this so you people could get to know the musicians of the LouEVIL music scene a bit better:)

It gets pretty damn funny sometimes because I ask some fun and messed up questions!
So check out my Louisville Rock Close-Up Feature!!!!


Eddy Metal’s Original Rock Showcase Series @ Phoenix Hill Tavern

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Jul 142009

93.1 the FOX are now official sponsors of The Original Rock Showcase Series~!!!
I would like to welcome them into the fold!!!

I started putting on original rock shows at the Phoenix Hill in January of 2000.
Since then I have booked pretty much all of the hottest bands in the region, giving a lot of them their start and helping them gain a following.
The list of bands I’ve booked over the years is amazing, and would be almost impossible to produce. Before the Phoenix Hill, I booked numerous kickass metal shows at the legendary Toy Tiger for about 5 years. The shows eventually evolved into “The Unsigned Xtreme Series?” That might ring a bell:) The conecert series was quite popular around here!!!
MY ORIGINAL ROCK SHOWCASE: is the first friday of every month at the Phoenix Hill Tavern.
There are usually 5 or 6 bands playing that night and it’s ONLY $5 to get in the door. And if you get there before 9pm, it’s FREE!!!
I book some damn good bands , so get there early, because the first bands don’t suck~!!!
The music usually starts at 8 or 9 P.M.


Friday August 7
Some Kind Of Saint, 13th Level, Tornacade, Poetry Of The Dead, Silent From The Struggle & Strip Mind. 8pm. Free B4 9pm!!!

* My shows are non-profit.
All the money made, AND the Sponsors money ( Uncle Samms Jamms music store & Jolly Roger Tattoos ) goes into radio advertisement for the bands & their music. Which equals a shitload of primetime radio exposure on 93.1 the FOX that no other “showcase” in town can match! And that is a fact.
I also provide a 1/4 page ad in Louisville Music News! So you see how a band would benefit from such exposure? If you don’t then you are F’in retarded.
The way I see it : is that original bands hardly make money regardless of any venue in town, so why not trade in that pitiful amount for something you can enjoy ( having your band, friends, and family hearing your commercial & sometimes music on the radio ads ) and something that will help your band in the long run? It’s a no brainer, but a few haters have accused me of cheating bands ( even though I’ve always provided proof of where the money goes ), so thats why I have laid it out for all to see right here.

If you don’t like my policy, it’s VERY simple, don’t f**king play~! There is never a shortage of bands wanting to play and receive the excellent exposure that these shows provide.

IMPORTANT….for UNDERAGE MUSICIANS:If your band has underage members, they will be required to wait outside or at a nearby restaurant, or wherever, untill it is time for the band to play.
You can come in and load, then you gotta leave till you play. after you play you have to leave the club. I’m sorry for these rules ( I didnt make them ) but I dont blame the club one bit for not wanting to get into trouble!!
The club is 21 and over and doesnt want to lose their license!!!
And in the past we’ve had a few young band people trying to sneak in and party, but they always get caught & booted.
WARNING: If your band does this and you get caught, you cannot play the PHT no more!!! Thats why I’m giving you this warning. So please listen!!!

Alas, some of the bands in this town think they are rockstars and that the huge amount of Exposure isn’t good enough for them. It’s funny really.
Some of these A-holes get their start at my shows then decide they are too good for it once they gain a bit of a following.
Some think that without even a decent following! Ha ha.
Playing my show with $1000 worth of real exposure & having your band name all over the radio is not good enough for them, BUT… they’ll go play elsewhere and be happy splitting $100 among 5 people~!!! As long as they can go to McDonalds after the show I guess? Ha ha.
I mean really, what would you chose?
A $1000 in prime exposure for your bands music OR a mere 20 to 30 dollars per bandmember (IF you are lucky!!!)

Bands that are that damn greedy can go on with it then…..
I’ll just work with bands without ego’s, who want the exposure.