Dec 052015

Good Riddance 2015!!!

Twenty-fifteen has been one up n’ down roller coaster of a ride, mostly bad for me. My venue I booked shows at for 15 frikkin’ years, the Phoenix Hill Tavern, closed suddenly (screwing many bands out of a great place to play) and is now destined to be a trendy highlands apartment complex (ain’t that a bitch? all that history – gone!), I lost two good friends that I cared a lot about to pill addiction (I hate that crap!!), one of my bands broke up, I got Plantar Fasciitis in my foot which hurts like hell, my eyes are starting to go bad (getting old sucks!) and the ultimate icing on top of this shit-covered cake was that I just got cheated on – on Thanksgiving, no less! Such a lovely Happy Thanksgiving gesture. Perhaps you would like to slit my dog’s throat on Christmas Eve for an encore?

Jokes aside. It was probably all my fault for real. I’m kinda difficult. In my defense, we both could have tried harder though. But I have no hate in my heart. I wish her all the best and happiness. She is a great gal. I am a sad guy. Thanks to my friends and family who have tried to cheer me up. Breaking up is a MF!! Its always been hard for me to let go of women I care about, even when a once good relationship goes down the toilet. Pain sucks. Oh, well, thats life for ya! Right when all is right with the world, you get a huge, unexpected kick in the ballsack. I’ll be ok though, it will just take a lil’ time to get over the shock of it all.

On a positve 2015 note — I did play some badass shows this year, and my band recorded an awesome demo that people seem to like! We’ve been getting the new stuff played on the radio, too! Take that, haters! Thank you to all who have been kind and supportive. It means a lot to an old fogie like me. And Louder Than Life was a lot of fun as well! Oh yeah, I wanna see you people at my last two shows of 2015!! On December 13, we are playing Hard Rock Cafe to raise toys for Orphans for Christmas (I love helping with stuff like this, it makes me feel great) and also a huge New Year’s Eve show at Trixie’s, featuring newly signed Louisville rockers Flaw. Congrats to those guys for the record deal! That’s awesome. I can’t wait to play this show, I bought a sweet new guitar I’m itching to try out! So c’mon out and party with me and the guys in Flaw on NYE.

I’m making big changes in my life and I intend to come back in 2016 in full force, maybe even acquiring a new showcase if I can find the right venue/sponsors! And I’ll be having Rock For Kosair again if I have to frikkin’ rent a place! The kids have last year’s toys we raised, so they will need all new toys for Christmas 2016! And I’m gonna try my hardest to not let them down. But I’m going to need your help too people, so get ready!

This time of year things slow down musically in our scene, so my column is a bit short. Bands take time off to spend with family and get Christmas stuff done. Jillian’s has been having tons of shows recently, and I haven’t seen really much out of Diamond Pub lately? What’s up with that? I love Diamond Pub but that is a hard room to fill. It’s big.

Anyways, I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a killer New Year!

Look out 2016, here I come. Hell, it’s gotta be better than 2015.

The Metal Grapevine

STP Singer Scott Weiland Dies:

Former singer for the Stone Temple Pilots & Velvet Revolver, Scott Weiland, has died. Sources won’t say how he died, but we all know it was heroin. I’ve seen them a few times and he was a great vocalist when he was sober. No, he was amazing! But the last few years that demon took its toll. When he left, or was fired, from STP, he got really bad. He started his own group. One that probably allowed him to do his thing. Big mistake. But that thing got worse. One of the reasons I did not go see him at Diamond Pub for Gobblestock not long ago was that someone had posted a video of his new band playing live, and it was horrible. Scott sounded terrible and was high as a kite apparently. It sounded nothing like him! A cover band would have sounded better. Heroin is no joke people! I have been no angel in my life, but I would never touch that stuff with a 50 foot pole! Nowadays it’s the occasionally doobie and that’s it. When you dance with the devil, there is always a price to pay. R.I.P Scott.

Steel Panther Concert Review:

I frikkin’ love this band. I’ve been into these cats for a few years now. Before they were famous. Hell, on the way walking to the venue from my car, some dude stopped me and said “Hey dude! You are the guy who introduced me to Steel Panther when you played them at one of your shows years ago!” I was proud. Dude was happy as f**k.

Steel Panther always puts on a great show no matter where they play. The musicianship is off the hook with these southern California rockers, and you gotta admit, they have a pretty good little deal going on. What they do is different, funny, entertaining, and downright rockin’. I was quite looking forward to seeing them in a close intimate setting like the Mercury Ballroom. Before, I had only seen them at Louder Than life and opening for Judas Priest in a big arena. Those guys for the longest time would not come to Kentucky. They only seemed to play far away, but we finally got them here in a smaller club and I’m glad, because I had a blast at their show. As always they sounded great. All of the guys were in top form. Vocalist Michael Starr is one of the most under-rated singers in rock today. I truly don’t see how that man sings the way he does every night and still can

talk normally during the day. The highs he can hit are retarded good! He is an actual singer, and one hell of one, too. I’ve never seen a singer try so hard to hit the notes correctly. He cares about putting on the best show he can, and I love him for that reason. Many singers slack like a MF.

Here is a bit of trivia for ya! Mr Starr was in the movie “Rockstar” with Mark Wahlberg. He was in the scene where the band Steel Dragon was trying out new vocalists. Michael was the guy singing right before Mark Wahlberg tried out! It musta killed him to actually try to sing bad. Anyways I used to look up videos of their former Van Halen cover band Atomic Punks, because they were incredible!

They were even endorsed by VH, from what I’ve heard. Michael sang David Lee Roth better than DLR. And what can you say about Satchel the guitarist? His real name is Russ Parrish and he used to play for the metal band Fight, who was fronted by legendary vocalist Rob Halford of Judas Priest. Satchel lit into a mind-boggling solo at the show that was pure baddassery. I wish I could have got that solo on video for you peeps. Wow. He even played drums at the same time he played the guitar solo! I’ve never seen that before. I was like “WTF.” But I’ve always liked Russ’ style of playing, even way back with Fight. He has mucho soul in his playing. As a guitarist myself, it’s easy to say that Satchel is in a league that many of us axemen can only dream of achieving as a musician. I’ve had people make fun of the band because of the way they look and present themselves, but the fact of the matter is, these dudes can really really play.

Bassist Lexxi Foxx as always was primping his hair at his mirrored nightstand set up near his bass rig. I told my bassist, who was with me, that he should get a Lexxi Foxx pink leopard skin print bass like Lexxi’s. He laughed too hard. Lexxi did his famous Hair Solo, where you think he is gonna just kill the bass, but he only primps and plays with his hair.

Stix Zadinia, the drummer, is a badass as well, and has all the drum chops. Dawg is a beast.

The band loves to bring up the ladies onstage, especially for the song “Asian Hooker.” At one point, they had about 15 hotties onstage at once! The crowd this night was a good one. It was packed. People had a lot of fun, and I saw a lot of good friends there. They all had a big smile on their face!

Of course the band joked and insulted each other all through the show as always. They dog each other pretty hard. It’s funny. And they poked fun at almost everything.

The band played “Eyes Of A Panther,” “Fat Girl” (I love the line “I wont joke about your body, if you only let me in. I wanna sink my summer sausage into your double chin!”) “Tiger Woods,” “Asian Hooker,” “Girl From Oklahoma,” (the “cmon pretty baby suck my balls all night, I’m jacked up on cialis and youre high as a kite” chorus is catchy and funny as hell.) “Glory Hole,” “17 Girls” and my two favorites, “Death To All But Metal,” and “Community Property,” (“when I come home, my dinner is made and the front lawn is mowed, I’ll kiss your mouth even after you’ve swallowed my load.”)

These guys are hilarious. The band ended the night with “Party All Day.”

Like I said, I love these guys. Once you get over the goofy glam parody gimmick, you have some seriously talented musicians with a musical pot of gold at their fingertips. It must be nice.

Oh yeah, if you like SP, you might wanna get their Live DVD they put out not long ago. I bought it and it rocks!

What a show! Opening band Kingslayer did well. I had to get there early and support the locals. They had a good early crowd, too. I love that about The Merc. They always have a good crowd early if your band is opening! Always. I think Kingslayer may have been a little bit too heavy for this bill, but they did great anyway. I like those guys. Good dudes and good musicians. Vocalist Chris Leone is a beast. Such a great voice. Two rockin’ guitarists! Solid bass playing, and I really enjoy Michael Kidd’s drumming, too. They did two covers, including Dio’s “Holy Diver” and Iron Maiden’s “Run to The Hills.” Nice choices! I like how Steel Panther gave Kingslayer props for opening the show. Classy move by SP.

The sound quality at the Merc is wicked. You can’t ask for better. And the soundguys and staff there are super cool. All of them. They have been slowly opening their doors to more and more Louisville original bands, including Signal The Revolution, Caducus, The Tunesmiths, Kingslayer and the bands I’ve been in, as well. I can’t wait to play there again, for the fourth time! Hearing my guitar echo out across that venue is a feeling I would like to feel every day!

I had been having a terrible week, and this was just what the doctor ordered. I had an absolute blast, and hung out with some lovely and super sweet ladies. Thanks to Terry Harper and Mercury Ballroom for making this happen! You rule! I got some good pictures of SP, too. Check them out!

Rock The Holidays, Help Poor Kids!

On Sunday, December 13 at Hard Rock Cafe, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., you can help poor children have a good Christmas by bringing a toy up to the Rock the Holidays benefit. You get free admission and parking for a wrapped toy! Live music and great food! Bands participating in this noble event are Klinch, Chadillac Dundee, Year Of The Gun and Wild Wood. There may be no Rock For Kosair this year, but this one is a great cause, also! Promoter Kristi Stewart is a sweetheart for doing this for the kids, so do your best to be there and help kids who may not have such a great Christmas without our help! Also, we will be taking donations for a very cute little boy named Chase who is suffering from brain cancer! The poor lil’ guy and his family have been through hell and back and we are going to try to raise money for them for hospital bills and such. So please, have a heart, and give what you can! I know it’s Christmastime and all, and people are the poorest they’ve been all year, but every little bit helps! And this lil’ guy’s family needs all the help they can get. C’mon out and help all you can! I LIVE to do things like this! To me, this is what playing music is about: using your talents as a musician to do some good.

Props to Kristi Stewart for making this happen. That lady is one of my new favorite people in the music scene. A heart of pure gold. And exactly what we need in a scene that has become overrun with greedy a-holes, Facebook warriors and egomaniacs. Thanks Kristi. You rule, chick! I’m sure the family of the lil’ boy appreciates your care and concern, too! Way to go!

Don’t forget, it’s 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Hard Rock Cafe on Sunday, December 13th.

Hot Action Cop Concert Review:

I went out to Bardstown for a Hot Action Cop concert and had a good time. Bardstown peeps are cool. Never really been there to party, but I’ll probably go back. The place was packed and the band sounded great. Those guys have really gotten tight as a unit. HAC is good fun party music. I haven’t seen them in several years, so I thought I’d go and see what’s up. They did a Fleetwood Mac cover that was outstanding. I was standing in the back and I thought they had a guest female singer come up, but it was the band’s singer Rob Werthner! Dude has an uncanny ability to imitate singers, apparently, even female ones. It was impressive. And the sound there was very good, too, you could hear every note on every instrument. Mike Taylor the soundguy has gotten real good at running sound. One of the best around right now. The show was a memorial to a guy who recently passed away, by the name of Jacko Bo Tingle. I didn’t know him but it’s obvious he had a lot of friends who cared about him.

The club was the Bluegrass Tavern and they had a cool-looking painted ceiling and walls that looked like Monet’s “Starry Sky” painting. It looked cool. I also saw a friend I’d hadn’t seen in eight years. She is a sweetheart. The guys in HAC were on fire, all right. I’m not familiar with their music but I do know they played the song that got them some decent exposure nationally ,”Fever For The Flava.”

I was really digging rhythm guitar player Brian Smith’s guitar tone. Sounded great. Of course, Juan Chavolla was thumpin on that bass. I like that dude. He has always been cool. And you know ole Tim Flaherty was getting down on the axe. I thought maybe he’d play the guitar he built, but no, he loves that old sticker guitar. I’m the same way. I buy lots of guitars but tend to not want to sway from what works best for me live, namely ole reliable, a buttery smooth white Bernie Rico V with a sound of the angels singing. The drumming was very solid as well. All-around rockin’ musicians. Like I said, I don’t know their music well, but I do know they are a good band and are fun to watch. People were rockin’ to HAC. It was a fun night guys. Thanks. I needed that.

40 Below Summer Coming To Trixie’s:

New Jersy nu-metal rockers 40 Below Summer are coming to Trixie’s Entertainment Complex on January 15. Opening the show is Incursion, the Surviving Thalia (reunion) and the all new Intak. Here is one of their newest singles.

Introducing Guerrilla Red:

A guy from Etown recently complained about not paying enough attention to bass, drums and hip hop rock in general, and he was right. One thing about me is that I do admit it when I’m wrong. I’ve always been a vocals-and-guitar guy and sometimes I forget to pay homage the other vital instruments of rock music. Anyways, the band is Guerrilla Red from Etown. They do jam! Formed not long ago at all, in February 2015, they still have a formidible sound and energetic presence despite their short existence. Guerilla Red is self-described as hip hop, rock, rap, melodic metal with a touch of funk and jazz. It’s true. These guys are diverse. The band is vocals, Aaron Fogle; guitar/vocals, Matt O’Riordan bass/vocals, Erik Marchand and drums, Richard Dewey. All members are skilled, but the bass playing of Erik Marchand, the guy who pointed out my not giving bassists and drummers their due, is pretty frikkin’ rockin’. Great sound and technique. I decided to give him Musician Of the Month when we played a show together on Halloween. It is in this issue. Check it out.

Vocalist Aaron Fogle is a super-cool dude and fantastic frontman. He can sing and rap well, mixing it up often, which is what I like. He also works a crowd vey well. Yup, these guys got it going on. The band is currently in the studio recording four songs at Talbert Studios. Tunes like “Happy,” “Get Up,” “My Mistake” and “Whore.” I wonder if it was about an ex-GF? I once wrote a love song about my ex called “Inhuman F**king Whore” that I played at a huge show she was at!

Anyways, I will post their new music when it hits the streets! Sorry about not plugging hip hop rock as much as I should guys, but peeps make mistakes. And, boy, have I made some doozies in my day! Oh, well, no one is perfect.

The band has signed a management deal with Dragon Net Entertainment and they are looking at hitting the road for a Midwest tour around summer of 2016. I’m actually playing a show with them on NYE at Trixie’s, and they better buy me a drink for this sweet ass hookup! j/k.

I was glad to do it, fellas. In the meantime, check out some live Guerrilla Red! A lil diddy called “Happy.”

A Rumor Of War:

Metal!!!! I just wuuuuv metal. Hence the cheeseball name I have. I don’t know these guys nor have I heard them before. They didn’t contact me, I just found them! A Rumor Of War is a metalcore band consisting of; Kristian Kemker on guitar; Jakup Crenshaw on bass; Austin Smith on keyboard/synthesizer and Josh Smallwood on drums. Let’s do this review! I’m listening to a song called “Bruises” and I like it!

Great vocals, nice punchy thrashy guitars, sick drumming, nice sound quality recording. It’s energetic and powerful. I like it when the backround vocals kick in melodically. Perfect addition right there.

The solo is a bit low in the mix but other than that. it’s good to go. Not bad, guys! I’d like to see them live in action. If I still had my PHT showcase, I would have surely invited them to participate. Here is a sample of their music. Check it out. Support Louisville metal!

Thanks To My Haters, Extra Hits On My Column Rule!

Being a critic is a tough one, and probably not many could deal with it. Musicians get butt-hurt easy, especially if you are an honest critic who don’t hold back much. Every six months to a year, I get attacked online by haters. This has been going on forever. It went on when I was a radio DJ, too. It’s funny how they try any little thing they can to try to hurt me, as if that will work. They hover above me like vultures waiting for anything they can use.

They obsessively try over and over to turn folks against me by lying or twisted things to suit them and their pitiful pathetic cause, or to badmouth me from the safety behind a computer. Are you really that bored? What’s even funnier is that when I see these cowards out at shows, they NEVER do or say shit. Talk about pu**ies. Big bad and vicious online, but face to face, meek and weak beyond all knowing. One nice guy I don’t even know that well that is in the scene posted on my page how he thought it was really low of these people For someone to go completely out of their way to try and ruin you just because they didn’t agree with your status, is a bit low. It’s one thing to post an opinion, or even a valid argument. But trying to bash someone and ruin their career because they are too much of a baby to accept the fact that not everyone has the same opinion as them is just ridiculous.”

Thanks Cheyenne Powell. Those are my thoughts exactly.

You lame-o haters can’t hurt me. Let’s boycott Eddy, some punk rocker cried! You know how many times I’ve heard that doo-doo? Sorry, but it has never worked. I’m still rockin’ and I’m still doing what I do. I’m still playing and writing music and I love it! And I love writing this column and helping our city’s musicians. Talk about me all you want, and please continue to tell your friends about me, too. We here at LMN love the extra hits it brings to our website. Preshadit.

Keep my name on your lips. Love me or hate me, just don’t ignore me!

Cuz ya know what? Everyone knows me. And I am confident my past actions, and twenty-year history of helping our city’s musicians, whether it be my radio days playing local music, or my fifteen-year column here, the numerous benefits I’ve played, or my Rock For Kosair Benefits that have raised over $60k in toys for poor children for Christmas, are testament to what I am truly about. So go ahead, you and your small percentage of bored, angry, little immature sheep do what you do. Hate. It only makes you look the fool for being obsessed with me.

Don’t worry, when I’m finally dead, you haters can celebrate. Until then, enjoy the show!

Peace out, bitches.

Nye W/ Kid Rock Sells Out:

So the NYE bash at KFC Yum!Center is sold out! That promises to be a fun night. I have a gig so I won’t be there. I always liked Kid Rock. I met him before he was famous, and he was a very nice guy. He came up and talked to me. He is a fantastic musician and good soul. He deserves his success.

Thunderstruck Guitarist Passes Away Much Too Young, R. I. P :

I didn’t know the guy, nor had I ever seen him play, but I have heard good things. Allan “Angus” Wheatley, age 21, was a young guitarist for the AC/DC Tribute Thunderstruck. He was formerly of Riffraff and Bonfire, too. I’ve never been much of an AC/DC fan, so maybe that’s why I never saw him jam. All I know is that the guy was waaaay too young and talented to have died. It’s a damn shame! Who knows how much ass he woulda kicked in the future had he lived? If he was playing Angus Young riffs, he HAD to be a bad mofo on guitar! I couldn’t do it! It sucks badly, and I feel for his family and friends and bandmates. R. I. P., bro. You can rock that SG in heaven now.

Klinch To Record In January!

Louisville hard rockers Klinch will be recording their new five-song demo in january.

Musician Of The Month, Bassist Erik Marchand Of Lethean And Guerrilla Red:

Check out Erik’s feature this month. This guy is relatively new to the scene, but he is a beast on the bass guitar.

Overload Seeking Metal Drummer:

The Louisville metal band Overload is looking for a drummer. They have some talented guys in the band, so if any of you bored metal drummers out there wanna be playing A.S.A.P., with some good players, this could be your deal. Don’t hesitate. Call 812-557-2577 or email cheyenne. powell@yahoo. com

LMN Live — Chadillac Dundee:

Some Louisville hip hop rock for ya.

LMN Live- Guerilla Red:

Check out these hip hop rock guys from E-town!!

LMN Live — Signal The Revolution:

Check out these guys opening for Pop Evil at the Mercury Ballroom:

LMN -LIVE — Klinch:

Good guys. Good band. New demo coming soon, too.

LMN Live — Year Of The Gun:

We suck! We should be a Staind cover band.

LMN Live — Despite The Fallen:

I just got turned on to this southern Kentucky band recently. Great vocals! Great songwriting. Great guitar layering/composing.

Upcoming Shows

The Depot

Saturday, December 5 — Redline. 8 p.m..

Diamond Pub

Friday, December 18 — Intronaut.

Tuesday, January 26 Epica, Moonspell and Starkill. 7 p.m.. $22

The Drydock In Madison Indiana.

Saturday, January 2 — Gallifrey Falls, Ursa Minor, In Fears End and The Page Left Blank. 7 p.m..

Expo 5

Tuesday, January 12 — Nile. 7 p.m.. $20

Friday, February 19 — Enforcer, Warbringer, Exmortus, Cauldron, Savage Master. 7 p.m.. $12


Monday, December 7 — Attila w/ Mourning Augment, Heart Of Kings and A Rumor Of War. 7 p.m.. $20


Saturday, December 12 — Havok w/ Lethean, Untold Rellik, Sons Of Medusa and Fallen From Nowhere.

Saturday, December 19 — Rockaway Drive, Granshaw, OIC, SIC, Ships Revenge, Sins of Motion, American Bombshell, Scarecrow Saints. 7 p.m..

Massies Entertainment Venue

Saturday, December 19 — Lethean, Untold Rellik and Charming Demons.

New Albany Production House

Wednesday, December 9 — Dylan Holland, Nick Tangorra, Mason Osborne, Jacob Resch.

Sunday, December 20 — Austin Jones, Run 2 cover, Gnarly Quinn, Goodbye Goodnight and Lucy.

Tim Faulkner Gallery

Friday, December 11 — Caducus, Haughville, Sinful Lilly and Guerilla Red.

Trixie’s Entertainment Complex

Tuesday, December 8 — Deicide w/ Season Of Suffering, Stonecutters, Savage Master and FaithXfactor. 7 p.m..

New Year’s Eve Bash, featuring Flaw, Signal The Revolution, Year Of The Gun, Guerrilla Red, Chadillac Dundee and Despite the Fallen. 7 p.m.. Be early!

Friday, January 15 — 40 Below Summer w/ Surviving Thalia (reunion), Incursion and Intak.

Wicks On Baxter

Saturday, December 12 — Unleashed. 10 p.m..

Wicks On Goose Creek Rd

Saturday, January 23 — Battle Of The Bands w/ Intak and others.

Dec 052015
Eric Marchand

Name: Erik Marchand

Age: 33

Instrument: Bass/backup vocals

Band/Former Bands: What Lies Inside 2008-2009 (metalcore), Evil Emily 2010-2011(progressive metal I guess), Hurt Circle 2012-2013(Rock), Lethean 2013-2015(Pure American Metal), Guerrilla Red 2014-Present(a bit of everything).

How long on instrument: 15 years

Equipment: Warwick 410 speaker cab, Peavey Pro Bass 500, ART power conditioner, BBE 362 Sonic maximizer, Rouge Chorus pedal that turns out was stolen from my current singer, Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver, ESP/ltd D-6 six string bass with La Bella Nickel wrapped strings, and can’t forget the tiny carbon fiber jazz 3 picks. Still looking for a few more pieces to get the perfect tone to my ears, but that’ll all come with time and money. It works.

Influences: Ryan Martinie, Les Claypool, Cliff Burton

My first gig: Shooters in 2008 right here in Louisville with What Lies Inside. Turns out my mother (her choice in music is country) was on a cross country trip and came through Kentucky at the right time. Stayed up til 3am (about 6 hours past her normal bedtime) through 4 other metal/punk bands, just to see her son’s first show. That’ll always be a good memory.

Hobbies: Playing bass of course, video games when I’m not completely tired of the ones I have. I really need to get another trail bike and find some trails to ride, used to love that when I lived out west.

Favorite movies: So many to list…how much space do I get? Transformers, Resident Evil, Supercop, Super Troopers, The Last Samurai, 47 Ronin, Saw, you get the idea. Sci-fi, action, drama, horror, love kung-fu movies, stoner flicks. Basically if there is gore or action we’re good.

Favorite food: Again, so many to list, can’t go wrong with Doritos, nacho cheese naturally. If you don’t consider Doritos food, we can’t be friends, just saying.

Favorite place: Very partial to the NW United States. Oregon and Washington are where it’s at. Mountains and oceans, rivers and valleys, forests and deserts, how could anywhere else compare?

Favorite sports or team: Love ice hockey. Go Bruins! Not sure how many people reading this even know what hockey is.

What I’m listening to nowadays: Thy Art Is Murder, Impending Doom, Lamb of God, Volumes, Killswitch Engage, metal 99% of the time. Occasionally I like to chill and listen to jazz and try some of the bass lines I hear. Gotta keep improving.

Coolest thing I’ve done: What defines cool these days? I’ve jumped out of a perfectly fine plane before, skydiving is a rush, you should try it! Yeah that would have to be it, sitting here thinking for anything else I’m drawing a blank. Could just be the stoner memory.

Most embarrassing moment: Pretty recently here. Playing a show at Phoenix Hill Tavern on the roof garden, I thought I’d be a show-off and jump off the highest part of the stage during a song. Busted my ass pretty good.

Bad Habits: Cigarettes, cussing like it’s going out of style, and I’m sure my wife could point out a few more. Please don’t ask her, a guy has to have a few secrets right?

What was your first concert ever: 2001 Family Values Tour in Portland Oregon. First thought was, "Holy shit that’s a lot of people and why is it so loud?" I had no clue what I was in for. That’s when I became a Static-X fan, R.I.P. Wayne.

If you could meet a Rockstar ( past or present ), who would it be, and why: Ryan Martinie for sure. From the first time I ever heard Mudvayne, the bass stuck out the most. Such an unorthodox style but man can that guy play. Best bass player on the planet in my opinion. He’s a big reason why I chose to play bass.

Who do you love: My wife Jessi, my son Adrian, the guys from Guerrilla Red, all the guys from Lethean, current and former, anyone that supports local music, and maybe my cats (when they aren’t being like me).

May 052014

I needed to get out to see this show bad. I was craving some new music to review/look into/discover and this was just what the doctor ordered, literally. I almost did not go because I wasn’t feeling so great, but I toughed it out for the sake of you readers and a press request that I had made months earlier. I got the approval to review Volbeat/Trivium at the last minute, so I had to hurry up and get my stuff together fast. I love the Palace, and I love getting to see tons of friends every time I go there. And The Palace has always treated us here at LMN very well. So thanks to those guys! It’s my favorite Louisville venue to see a show at, by far.

First up was Trivium, a young melodic metalcore band from Orlando, Florida that I first saw many many years ago at the old Jillian’s. I met them and they were one of the coolest bands I’ve met. Real nice young guys. Well, those younguns have come a long way since then. Now they are crushing and shredding beyond belief. I have one of their newer albums and it slams! Their talents have really matured and the guitar playing and songwriting have come a long way. The music is more complex and layered. Their sound was tight, heavy and sounded really good through the house PA. Vocalist Matt Heafy sounded a bit dry, considering the music he was playing. Some deeper vocal effect would have gone well with that style of music, but he didn’t use much effects on his voice. The guy sings and shreds (on lead too) on guitar at the same time, so I’m still impressed. But I think he should get another guitarist so he can focus more on vocals. I wasn’t very impressed with the singing aspect of their show. The music, however, was pummeling, but still melodic and catchy. Lead guitarist Corey Boulieu is a beast on guitar. I love his creative lead solos (during the vocals) that accompany the rhythm guitar. Very melodic and heavy all at once. Never let it said that music has to be non melodic to be considered heavy. His solo is “In Waves” is sick. I really like his Middle Eastern/trippy feeling riffage that he does some of the time in his soloing. The guy has some serious chops, mucho feeling in his playing, and his amp tone was nice and chunky with the perfect amount of effect. No complaints on the drumming or bass playing. Bassist Paolo Gregoletto’s bass tone was crushing. Meaty and punchy. All were right on the money. I heard no meaningful mistakes. I don’t know their song titles or music, so I’m not able to tell you which songs they played. Luckily Mark Doss, my friend and a fan of Trivium, was there to help me out by telling me what songs they played! Thanks Mark. According to Mark, the band played their popular tunes: “Brave The Storm,” “Strife,” “Through Blood And Dirt And Bone,” “And Like Light To The Fires,” “Dying In Your Arms,” “Down From The Sky,” and “In Waves. “

The intricate and super-fast, muted picking that Trivium does is impressive. It’s crisp and tight as phuck.

Modern sounding and yet still very much metal. Nu metal? I dunno about that. As a guitarist myself, I heard some old-school influences here and there quite frequently in this music. Some serious Iron Maiden influences too, especially in “Dying In Your Arms. ” Almost like a young American version of Maiden without Dickinson. And I love Iron Maiden, so I enjoyed watching these guys kick some butt. But there seemed something missing in the overall performance. It was definitely in the vocals. Maybe not enough actual singing? Maybe the vocals were too dry? Maybe it was dude’s voice in general. With music that good and melodic, I was maybe expecting more old-school type vocals? I think that is what it was. Their music almost demands more of an old-school vocal sound. Regardless of the slightly subpar vocals, Trivium’s sound was awesome, and I enjoyed hearing this young band once again! Hail, Trivium!

Volbeat was up next. What can you say about a band from Denmark who came outta nowhere and has kicked some serious butt in so short a time? Not to mention the guy who discovered them, Scott Frasier, is a Louisville native. Well, it makes for an interesting story of success. Vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulson is a genius and quite a performer as he rips it up on his Custom Gibson SGs. The man has created something different and profited hugely off of it. The style of music he has come up with is rock, thrash, punk, metal, rockabilly, alternative, all thrown in with a healthy dash or two of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, all mixed into one big-ass crockpot of musical jams. It’s Metallica meets Elvis, meets Johnny Cash, meets Brooklyn hardcore band Life Of Agony, meets the Swedish Chef. I have noticed that Michael Poulson’s vocal style closely resembles that of Nineties hardcore band Life Of Agony’s singer Keth Caputo, now known as Miss Mina Caputo. I don’t know if dude was snipped or what, but he is now a she. Poulson really sounds like Caputo! Especially on the LOA song “Through And Through. ” Is this the vocal influence Poulson adapted his style from? Damn I’m good!

Guitarist Rob Caggiano, freshly recruited from metal legends Anthrax, seems to fit the bill perfectly. Dude is a wicked guitarist, but it was kind of weird seeing him play much easier riffs with Volbeat than what he was used to in Anthrax. Some of the Volbeat guitar rhythms were very easy to play, I thought. but Rob’s leadwork wasn’t so easy at all. It is the one instrument that really soars in this band, other than Poulson’s powerful vocals. I have to admit, Michael Poulson’s vocals were awesome. The guy sounded better live than on his recordings, and as a music critic, one does not find that very often. He projects his voice in a way that is majestic and uplifting. And he does all of this while playing guitar at the same time. And strangely, he doesn’t lose power in his vocals by concentrating on guitar riffs. He balances concentration between both chores very well in my opinion. As good as Chris Cornell does!

While I’m not a big Volbeat fan, I do admire what they have accomplished, and I like a few of their songs. Bassist Anders Kjolholm was all over the place and I couldn’t even get a picture out of the guy because he was non-stop. He had killer bass tone, too. I liked the way the guitarist/bassist did the backup vocals as well. Sounded great! Drummer Jon Larsen was quite good, as you would expect him to be.

The stage show was pretty basic, nothing fancy, just good music and some decent lighting. No gimmicks or monsters running around on stage. The band sounded great. Very tight as a unit. And the vocals soared this night for Volbeat. The crowd seemed to eat it up, every song! The band kicked offf with “Doc Holliday,” “Radio Girl,” “Lola Montez,” “Heaven Nor Hell,” “Fallen,” “Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood,” “Maybellene/hofteholder” (complete with acoustic guitar intro), “Still Counting. “

The last few songs were “Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza,” “The Hangmans Body Count” (probably my favorite. I hummed that riff half the night after we left!) and “The Human Instrument/Warriors Call”. The crowd went nuts over every song. Volbeat could have pooted on the mic and the crowd would have yelled “Yeeeeaaaahhhh!” Ha! Speaking of pooting.

The night was marred by some person in front of me and my date who was crop dusting the most horrendous farts known to mankind. Worse than Egg McMuffin farts. And no, the smeller was not the feller! Ha. My nosehairs shriveled, and I almost melted as if Pepe LePew walked by! Unfortunately we never indentified the anonymous farter (lucky for them). I think this was Karma for what happened at Flaw (Read Flaw Review Below) a few nights earlier. Ha.

Earlier in the night I saw Volbeat manager and longtime friend Scott Frazier in the crowd with his children. He came up to me and we chatted for a few, and I congratulated him on his success these last 5 years or so. It was so cool seeing Scott up there with his very excited kids, who later on, got to go onstage with Volbeat for a song or two. Scott looked real happy to be there at Louisville Palace with his band headlining. He was smiling from ear to ear and was very friendly. Some people talk shit about Scott (fargin bitch ass haters), but he’s always been cool to me. He was very down to earth and humble despite the success he’s had recently. It’s awesome that a fellow Louisvillian has done so good on the world stage. Congrats bro!

Anyways, it was a great show of new music! The band played a good long set to an enthused crowd of rockers that had the Louisville Palace filled to about 90% capacity., I’m thinking. Some douche recently said I don’t cover enough new music, so this one is for you a-hole!

May 042014

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Excessive Hater 101 – where you too can learn the valuable Anti-Eddy art of: harassing and threatening people online from the safety of your home, maliciously giving people false information to get them to hate someone that you hate and reacting like a “mental” jackass about something someone wrote when your name/band name was never even mentioned (not even once) in the article. It’s okay, though. I’ve had haters before, and I’ll probably have a lot more before it’s over. Just be sure to check out my “Truth Proposal” at the end of my rant below.

Drama, drama, drama. I love our music scene, and put forth much effort and time into making it grow back to what it once was. But lately it seems like this scene has gotten ridiculous as hell, with haters and mindless quasi-sheep/human hybrid followers of haters. Social media wars. Grudges. Internet battles! Strategic and brutal Facebook posting! Let’s get ready to rumbbbbbbllllllllleee!

Why do people hate so much now? How did our scene come to this? I’m not talking about one individual either; lately I’ve seen much hate on Facebook with nothing to do with me. Longtime friends (in cover bands) publicly destroying each other. It saddens me that there is so much negativity, non unity, and petty quarrels in our once great music scene.

There is one incident that I do want to address.

I just endured a whole day of watching mindless sheep-people follow and listen and react to some guy who “assumes” I was writing about him in my column. This schizo got all bent out of shape because he thinks I was talking about him and his bad vocals, so he proceeded to go on a tirade against me on Facebook. Insults, threats, false accusations. Some really rude comments. For all my friends and family to see. It’s true that I don’t care for his vocals and have said so several years back. But, who gives a shit what I like? Everyone has their own tastes. I’m a frikkin’ critic! Get over it.

Seriously, there are many Louisville vocalists who sing in an non-melodic, growly fashion who fit that description, so for dawg to assume he is the top topic and special, is a bit, um, nutty and arrogant. The funniest part of this whole ridiculous argument is that “never once” was anyone’s band name or even an individual’s name mentioned, nor have I talked to even one person about who it is. Isn’t that a bit crazy to publicly lash out at someone in this fashion, because you simply “assume” it is you they are talking about?

So, yeah, I deal with this hater nonsense about once or twice a year at least. When your name is out there like mine is, haters are gonna hate no matter what you do. I do find it terribly amusing that these incredibly brave souls who don’t even really know me, only seem to have Internet courage.

I will now tell you, my loyal readers, why I maybe have gotten a little carried away with my comments about some of Louisville’s bands in the past and then maybe you will see why I write some of this stuff. This has been bubbling up for years. People who truly know me know that when I write something like that, you can bet your ass there is a very valid reason, and I will share it with you. And no, I am not apologizing! I stand by my words 100%.

Imagine if, as a music writer/promoter, you extended a hand of friendship to someone or a group for years and years, went out of your way to list their bands shows, reviewed their music with mostly positive remarks, featured many of them in LMN, and – last but not least – respected the level of musicianship in their bands and really looked forward to booking/playing shows with such rockin’ bands … only to be dissed completely in every way, for absolutely no reason at all.

Had I done something to incur this treatment I would understand, but I haven’t done a thing to deserve this from these holier-than-thou people, besides try to help as much as I can.

I can see where this would anger some bands.

It’s true that I do not hide it if I don’t like certain aspects of a band’s music or a band’s attitudes. The guitar tones, bad vocals, a shitty sounding bass rig, doody drums, horrible attitudes, greed, arrogance. All they do is take. They tend to always forget the people who helped them get to where they are. So I tell the truth. Such is the job of a critic. You will always manage to piss someone off, regardless.

Let’s get something straight. I’m not here to sugar-coat a goddamn thing. I’ve been a Louisville music newspaper critic since 2001 or longer and I’ve been actively playing music in this scene since 1994 or 1995. Countless shows. I have been proven right every time I’ve gotten into it with situations like this. I have morals and pride in being honest. I have earned the right to voice my opinion and I will continue to do so, despite how butt-hurt you might get if you don’t like what you read. I usually do so in a respectful way though. As respectful as can be when you are saying something isn’t so good.

But- I can only be pushed so far before I push back.

I’m not the instigator here, I am the kid who fights back after being disrespected one too many times. The kid who knocks the bully on his ass.

Some of these bands have been extremely petty, purposely avoiding all of my events/shows/show offers like I was a leper, even after I had helped them many times in the past. Pretty much blackballing anything to do with me or my bands. It’s some petty ass douchy BS. My band members are damn good guys/musicians and don’t deserve to be blackballed just because a few people personally don’t like me. It’s not fair to them.

Heck, I couldn’t even get some of these bands to put aside their petty hatreds for 45 minutes to play a benefit for poor kids for the Kosair kids for Christmas. No bullshit.

For the record, I tried to work things out/make peace by inviting said bands, but to no avail. . .

So I ask you, good people. How would you react to being purposely dissed and maliciously blackballed for years by those you have gone out of your way to help/work with and tried to be friends with over and over?? Would you keep taking the bullshit treatment, or would you let them have it?

Well, I’ve reached my boiling point on many of these bands/people/attitudes. I’m done trying. Some people you just can’t reach.

SO TO YOU, the guy who assumes: I have nothing against you. In fact I think you are a frikkin’ great guitarist and highly respect your playing ability and achievements. I have always said your playing is badass. And your band’s musicians are awesome as well. No complaints there at all.

But mister, your unwarranted accusations/public comments are despicable. To lash out that way over “assumptions,” on a public forum where my friends and family can see is pretty low/shitty. You have accused me falsely of ripping off bands and keeping all/living off the money the bands make at my showcases, when everybody and their mother hears the vast amount of radio spots we buy for the shows each month. You have insulted me, saying my ‘fro is fake. You have molested my dog whilst I was out running errands. Just kidding on that last one!

Well, I’m fully prepared to expose your tirade of accusations as lies, so I propose we make a little wager to see who is truthful and who is the dishonest one here.

I hereby bet my $6000 handmade Bernie Rico USA flying V against your vehicle’s pink slip – against your accusations.

I say let the people know the truth. Trust me dude, I don’t want any more drama, nor did I even want to post this, but I cannot let someone maliciously slander my fourteen-year showcase that has given hundreds of bands the opportunity to share their music. I want everyone to know the truth.

We can get a neutral team to visit Clear Channel Radio’s accounting department, and Phoenix Hill Tavern’s manager/owner to see if I keep all the money from my showcases. The PHT checks, and checks from the show sponsors are made out to Clear Channel Radio. It’s an easy and somewhat fast way to verify everything. If it’s proved I keep all the money, and live off of the band’s earnings, as you have accused me, then you have a new $6000 guitar! If you are proved a spiteful liar, then I get your car and you are branded “A Liar. ” Deal? It seems to me that someone who is willing to go ten miles out of his way to convince anyone who will listen, that I’m a ripoff/con man, would be more than willing to prove it.

Here is your golden opportunity to show the whole city how much of a rip-off I really am, if you can.

Hell, I’ll even subject myself to a visit to a hair salon to validate the existence of my rightful heir, er … hair.

So either “put your money where your mouth is” or shut that lying hole under your nose. “

Those who want to check for themselves to be sure, can contact Dwight Witten, Kathy Persinger, or Charlie Steel at Clear Channel Radio. Ask them how much Eddy Metal spends a month on advertising the bands. Hell, feel free to ask them any questions regarding my ongoing PHT account. I’ve nothing to hide. Call 479-2222.

I shall be vindicated when even your most loyal nut-huggers will have to admit they follow a liar.

Chances are, they won’t care if you’re proven a liar. But that’s okay by me. For I have no use for dumbasses who follow liars like mindless sheep without first finding out the facts. I’ve got bigger fish to fry, my own shows to play, and a whole slew of down-to-earth, humble and good people who know that a man who donates so much of his time/effort (without financial compensation!) into the original music scene, getting bands exposure, booking bands, helping benefits, featuring bands in LMN, being a board member of MERF (a foundation to help musicians in need when bad things happen), and for also raising over $50,000 in toys (with the help of Louisville’s unselfish rock bands! Thanks, guys! Rock For Kosair baby!!) to poor children at Kosair Charities for Christmas every year – can’t be too bad.

So the next time you go off slandering someone, you might want to look at the facts before exploding. Just sayin.


P. S, thanks for the extra website hits!!

Feb 062014
Resonator - 9VoltRevolt

Louisville’s 9VoltRevolt has a new album, Resonator, and it’s available for free download at their website at
Here’s the track list:
1. Skin Deep
2. Not This Time
3. Nemesis
4. Building On Nothing
5. I’d Rather Die
6. I Give To You
7. Perfect Forever
8. Please Please Please
9. Skin Deep (Empyrean Asunder Remix)

Feb 052014

I noticed on Facebook the other day that other people and myself are getting tired of musical trends and the unsigned bands who strive to stay on top of all of them. It’s one thing that has vexed me from the start when trying to make my own music. When Korn came out everyone flocked to buy a 7 string, and suddenly there were 500 Korn knockoffs. Everyone tried to play grunge, too. Hip hop rock had been overdone, too, in my opinion. It just doesn’t sound very fresh anymore. All the “Yeh yehhhh’s” and the whiney rap vocals don’t do a thing for me. The brutal extreme metal has lost it’s allure as well, now that every heavy band sounds like the cookie monster, pretty much. Where has the actual singing gone in metal? Forget what’s popular, what’s in, and what people are listening to. Take the time to write music from your heart, no matter how weird or different you think it is. Who gives a crap what anyone thinks! I actually have a song called “Putt Putt and Anal,” which is a groovy lil’ tune about golf and slippin’ one up your ole lady’s tater! I’ve written some questionable music in my time, I know this. But I’ve written some awesome riffs, too, some music I’m quite proud of. Some of the best music, to me, is the very different, ground-breaking stuff. So when writing, be bizarre, don’t limit yourself or tell yourself what’s got to happen writing-wise. Let that sh*t go, and just go with the flow and see what happens. You could be pleasantly surprised. And for god’s sake, quit worrying about your band’s image and how cool you look. Concentrate on the most important thing, the music, dillweed!

I noticed on Facebook the other day that other people and myself are getting tired of musical trends and the unsigned bands who strive to stay on top of all of them. It’s one thing that has vexed me from the start when trying to make my own music. When Korn came out everyone flocked to buy a 7 string, and suddenly there were 500 Korn knockoffs. Everyone tried to play grunge, too. Hip hop rock had been overdone, too, in my opinion. It just doesn’t sound very fresh anymore. All the “Yeh yehhhh’s” and the whiney rap vocals don’t do a thing for me. The brutal extreme metal has lost it’s allure as well, now that every heavy band sounds like the cookie monster, pretty much. Where has the actual singing gone in metal? Forget what’s popular, what’s in, and what people are listening to. Take the time to write music from your heart, no matter how weird or different you think it is. Who gives a crap what anyone thinks! I actually have a song called “Putt Putt and Anal,” which is a groovy lil’ tune about golf and slippin’ one up your ole lady’s tater! I’ve written some questionable music in my time, I know this. But I’ve written some awesome riffs, too, some music I’m quite proud of. Some of the best music, to me, is the very different, ground-breaking stuff. So when writing, be bizarre, don’t limit yourself or tell yourself what’s got to happen writing-wise. Let that sh*t go, and just go with the flow and see what happens. You could be pleasantly surprised. And for god’s sake, quit worrying about your band’s image and how cool you look. Concentrate on the most important thing, the music, dillweed!

Feb 042014

Two new rock titans are heading this way to Louisville’s coolest venue, the Louisville Palace Theater, on Wednesday, April 23. This should be a barnburner of a show and will sell out, so you might want to get your tickets ASAP. I’ve never seen Volbeat before, and would really like to. I kinda like them. It’s a lot better than most garbage on the radio these days. One cool fact I found out is that their manager (and the guy who discovered them), Scott Frazier, is a Louisville native, who also manages Saving Able and Flaw. Small world, huh? Congrats to Scott for his success in the music business. Volbeat is a juggernaut these days and the money should be rolling in bigtime.

Trivium is another band that has come a long long way. I remember seeing them/meeting them many years back at Jillian’s when they opened for Lacuna Coil. Very, very, nice young guys and talented, too. Nowadays, they are some serious shredders and their popularity has soared! They have evolved leaps and bounds since those Jillian’s days! The technical prowess of their music is off the hook. So ,yeah, this should be a monster of a show., in a pristine venue of epic porportions! Get your tickets NOW!! Or be left out day of show. And you know you would be one crying, whining mofo!

Feb 042014

I have been complaining about this for a few years, that all these Toy Tiger Reunions were all based around Fire Dept (whom I love) and the Eighties crowd that revolved around them, when there was three decades of live music that happened at the Toy Tiger. My point is, there was so much more to The legendary Toy Tiger than Fire Dept.

My generation was the Nineties original metal scene at Toy Tiger. Bands like My Own Victim, Faceplant, Shattered Reality, Rathbone, Shapeless Matrix, Flaw, Drunk Monkey, Luther, Psycho Soul, Inhuman, Paglina, Incursion, and a ton of other bands as well. We had some rip-roaring shows in the mid-to-late Nineties. My goal is to reunite some of the bands for one reunion show. Yeah, I know it will be hard to do, getting bands to reform after 15 years, but I’m willing to give it a try to see if it can be done. I have some doubts because it’s been many many years, and people have kids, careers, wives, or don’t even live here anymore. But if I can set up a decent lineup of these bands, this will happen. I really want to make this reunion happen. It would be one really cool party. But … if bands are lazy and indecisive, then it probably won’t happen. I will be contacting bands very soon to see if it is a possibility to play the reunion, so some of you might be contacted soon!

I plan on having people in the music scene at the time, there to help run/host the show too, people like Black Frank, Louie The Local Guy, Jeff Vernon, Toy Tiger’s Mary Powell, etc..

All the proceeds will go to MERF so we’ll have more money to help people with. And yes, even hardcore, super-fast, brutal metal musicians can apply for assistance! There’s a new MERF in town, and we aim to help all you scalawags, from bluegrass to death metal. I’ll have more news later.