Feb 162015

Butch Rice is the featured artist on the cover of the September 1999 issue of Louisville Music News, available here.The contents are below:

September 1999 Articles
Cover Story
IBMA Award Nominees — Bob Mitchell
Bluegrass Beat — Berk Bryant
Cowboy Corner — Mike Stout
Down On The Corner — Paul Moffett
Grace Notes — Vicky Moon
I’ve Got A Mind To Ramble — Keith Clements
Jazzin — Tim Roberts
Mid City Meddler — Muffy Junes
News From The Pit — Laura Spalding
This Old Guitar — Jimmy Brown
CD Reviews
Performance Reviews
Cheap Trick Review — Robert Gruber
Second Thoughts — Henry C. Mayer

Jan 292015

The final two issues of Louisville Music News from 2000, the January and February issues, have been uploaded. The January issue features Heidi Howe on the cover, while the February cover subject is Joel Timothy. Editor’s Note: The February issue ran the complete list of WFPK’s Top 1000 albums; however, this list has been lost and so is not on the site.

Jan 292015

Owsley Brown Presents has been putting together a series of videos under the title of “Music Makes A City,” from the long-form documentary of the same name. The latest episode features video from an event at The Tim Faulkner Gallery, which featured LO music director Teddy Abrams and a number of musicians from other genres, including Bonnie “Prince” Billy, University of Louisville chamber orchestra, Tiny Elephant, Kyle James Hauser, A Lion Named Roar and 1200. Watch the video:

You can find the whole series here.