Feb 102014

Small Time Napoleon
Small Time Napoleon:

Self-Titled (www.smalltimenapoleon.com)
This Louisville quartet describes itself on its homepage as “Jazz(ish) swing with modern(ish) roots.” That sounds right to me. The band consists of Dan Hardin: Vocals, rhythm guitar; Jeff Thomas: Vocals, lead guitar; Dave Neill: Bass; and Ryan Fowler: Drums. Their debut recording, available through their website, is a six song, 23-minute EP of original compositions which include influences from Gypsy Jazz, Western Swing, and related styles. While, say, Dan Hicks might mine this style as a counterpoint to his often cynical world view, Small Time Napoleon is charming without being cloying. The band has done a Live Lunch for WFPK (archived at https://soundcloud.com/wfpk/small-time-napoleon-live-on,” and recently opened a WFPK Winter Wednesday at The Clifton Center for The Wood Brothers, which I unfortunately could not attend. Check these guys out, they’re a great addition to the scene.

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