Nov 052013


Louisville Jazz Artists Rock!

I am happy that we have so many talented local jazz artists, and happier still that so many of them are releasing new albums. At this writing, I have received new material from Graeme Gardiner and Lourenço Vasconcellos , entitled Kinetic Meditations, Brandon Coleman’s Decisions, Craig Tweddell’s Away with Words, and the Todd Hildreth Trio’s Hymns. Look for more information here and in LEO Weekly; see below for information on a joint CD release party Coleman and Tweddell are planning for mid-December.

RIP, Ronald Shannon Jackson

Drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson was an integral part of Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time, and put together a hard-hitting ensemble, The Decoding Society, which had been influenced by Coleman. He combined jazz and funk with African and other world rhythms. He passed away, from leukemia, in October at his home in Fort Worth, at the age of 73.

Oct 032013

Editor/Publisher Paul Moffett has announced that this month is the final one for the print edition of Louisville Music News. I celebrated my tenth anniversary writing for LMN earlier this year. I am going to copy the e-mail I sent to Paul when he broke the news to those of us who make up “Team LMN:”

“For the 15 or so years prior to my beginning to write for you, I sought out LMN, and would sometimes go out of my way to find a copy. I have a world of respect for all that you, and past and present Team LMN have accomplished. I was proud to become associated with LMN, and remain so. I am still old-fashioned enough to prefer a physical copy of what I read, as I think I spend too much time looking at a screen as it is. But, to quote Jefferson Airplane’s “Crown of Creation” (adapted with permission from John Wyndham): ‘Life is Change/ How it differs from the rocks . . .’.”

I sincerely appreciate the kind words that many of you have passed on to me, in person and via the internet. I hope to “see you” online in the future.

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