Dec 192012

Tis time I take a moment to say Happy holidays and Happy New Year to all those that take the time to read my ramblings. May you all be blessed with cheer, beer and… whatever else you wish for as 2012 comes to an end… and speaking of end.

All is well that ends well and despite ‘end of the world prophesies’, some good things have come out of 2012. We were blessed to have another year of happiness filled with good friends, good music, relaxing times and fabulous dancers of flamenco, belly dance, ballroom, etc. etc. Granted the world has seen a few dark clouds; however there are also plenty of things left to celebrate. Like we’re still here…assuming we are since this gets printed in 2013.

My ability to attend events has been limited recently, but Rachel Reich’s “Raq’n Around the Christmas Tree” was once again a success, gathering plenty of toys to benefit needy children and providing an amazing performance on December 6th.  Rachel and all those kind hearted entertainers that participated and performed for the good of innocents remind us all of the light that exists, even during questionable times.

Now the lovely ladies of that troupe will be dancing their way into the “Birth 2012 Louisville” festival on December 21st and 22nd and continuing to spread good cheer. Unity in Louisville is providing the space and Al Hamsa and Raqia’s Stars will be providing the dancing entertainment Friday at 10 pm and Saturday at 4 pm. Festival goers will be treated to a vibrant display of swirling veils and positive energy as these elegant dancers perform Egyptian, American Tribal, Spanish Arabic fusion and many other styles of dance.

The festivities at Birth 2012 are planned to make every moment a celebration of life via song, dance, meditation and music over the entire 24 hour period. Some of the greatest musicians in Louisville, like Tyrone Cotton and John Gage will be taking the stage and reminding listeners why the blues never gets old. There will also be special meditation and prayer times scheduled throughout the event.

It is time to say goodbye to 2012, and New Year’s Eve has a promising event lined up as the Va Va Vixens will take the stage with Blue Moon Circus at Art Sanctuary. These hoop spinners, belly dancers, and sideshow gurus’ and gals will provide a few hours of rip roaring, Vaudeville style entertainment to greet 2013 and say goodbye to 2012. If you haven’t seen the Vixens… their amusing and exotic antics are sure to offer a unique way of ringing in the New Year.

I prophesize a few more good shows to wrap up 2012 and hope you all have happy and safe holidaze, filled with positive energy.  My fingers are crossed that all comets keep their distance and the world finds a way to make 2013 an even better year.