Jul 312014

Will Oldham’s debut Palace Brothers record, There Is No One What Will Take Care Of You, was released back in 1993. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, Louisville Is For Lovers released a record of covers of songs from that album, called THERE IS NO ONE: A Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers. The covers were by Louisville artists, including Wax Fang, Cheyenne Mize, The Deloreans and even Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. Originally, it was available only on vinyl and cassette but now it has been released in digital formats, both on CD and online. You can get it at http://www.louisvilleisforlovers.com/ or via http://louisvilleisforlovers.bandcamp.com/album/there-is-no-one-a-louisville-is-for-lovers-tribute-to-palace-brothers
Thanks to John King at 37 Flood for the tip.

Apr 152014

Saturday, April 19 is Record Store Day around the country and, of course, Louisville record stores are participating. The biggest event seems to be the Record Store Block Party staged by Astro Black Records, Fat Rabbit and Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge in the 1000 Block of East Oak Street. It’s an all-day event, set to run from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will feature – among others – Scott Carney of Wax Fang, Anwar Sadat, Chicago’s Animal City, Billy Petot of Whistle Peak and a couple more out-of-town bands, Kal Marks from Boston and Microwaves from Pittsburgh. Cropped Out, Karate Body, Sophomore Lounge and Cavalcade Magazine are co-sponsoring the event.

Jan 272014

Wax Fang The Astronaut
Consequence Of Sound premiered the complete streams of Wax Fang’s new space opera “The Astronaut” today. Here’s CoS’s take on it: “In the works since 2010, The Astronaut is a rock-opera in three movements. The story follows a lone space explorer who, after being separated from his ship, is pulled into the icy abyss of a black hole, only to spurt out the other side as a celestial being of immense, inhuman power. Over 40-minutes of bold psychedelic guitar riffs, dramatic glam drums, and even a cacophony of jazz saxophone, frontman Scott Carney tells the tale through soft croons, epic rock melodies, and mad wailings. A tour de force of their talent and flair, the band calls The Astronaut ”an ode to the wonder, the majesty, and the horror of the universe.” You can click below to listen:

Nov 262013

There Is No One
Louisville Is For Lovers latest project, THERE IS NO ONE: Louisville Is for Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers hits the shelves, featuring: The Gallery Singers at the Electric Church of the Tambourine; Plastic Bubble; Brick Pitino; Cheyenne Mize; Wax Fang; The Deloreans; Glen Dentinger; Joe Manning And Rachel Grimes; Ben Mundane; Tender Mercy; Lydia Burrell; Black Birds Of Paradise; Second Story Man; Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Natalie Bajandas. It is available at Guest Room Records, Matt Anthony Record Store, Better Days, Astro Black, and Modern Cult records.

Nov 152013

Scott Carney of Wax Fang both inspired (with “Majestic”)and scored the 150th episde of “American Dad”; subsequently, he got busy on The Astronaut, described as “A space-rock opera in three movements concerning the fate of a lone space traveler, separated from his vessel, swallowed by a black hole and transformed into a celestial super being, THE ASTRONAUT is an ode to the wonder, the majesty, and the horror of the universe.” The project will be released on January 28.