Oct 222013

Club El Rancho, a radio show on Art+FM, has posted the following podcast, with this description: “The first hour is a Noise Pollution Records showcase, featuring interviews with members of Julie of the Wolves, The Teeth and Straight A’s, as well as songs from the NP catalog, including Shipping News, Ousia, The Aasee Lake, VRKTM and more. Second hour features new music from Lady Pyramid, Gangly Youth, Andy Matter, Sweatermeat, Dirty Bitch, and Huh Robots, as well as tunes from The Fervor, Juanita, Black Kaspar, Derrick Wade Manley and Great Floods.”

Club El Rancho 10.20.13 by Club El Rancho on Mixcloud

Oct 162013

Thao Nguyen
San Francisco’s Thao And The Get Down Stay Down plus The Fervor will hold court at Zanzabar on October 20. Thao, who sometimes performs solo, works at the corner of indie-folk and experimental psychedelica, which is a strange intersection for a girl with a guitar. Nevertheless, her popularity on the Left Coast continues to rise, particularly among musicians of the same mindset. Her latest record is 2013’s We The Common, her sixth studio album. The last time she was in Louisville was over five years ago, at Skull Alley (most recently Uncle Slayton’s), so it might be tricky to find the few fans who made that show. Or not. Tickets are $15.

Check out “Holy Roller”:


Website: www.thaoandthegetdownstaydown.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thaoandthegetdownstaydown
YouTube: www.youtube.com/artist/thao-the-get-down-stay-down?
LastFM: www.last.fm/music/Thao+with+The+Get+Down+Stay+Down
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Thaogetstaydown

Apr 242013

New music-related web sites crop up on a regular basis, some of them about Louisville music, but they’re tricky to find, generally requiring a reference from a third source. Today’s new spot is the Probably Not podcast, which is billed as “Probably Not: The Game Show That Solves All Of Your Problems!” Various Louisville bands have been guests, including, most recently Karate Body Records artists The Fervor, Julie Of The Wolves and The Trust.

Feb 212013

Billy Petot of Whistle Peak has put together a mixtape of favorites from Louisville and Lexington. It’s posted at Culture Castle; the tracklist looks like this:
1. Bro. Stephen – Tears on Tape | Louisville, KY
2. Matt Duncan – Lone Ranger | Lexington, KY
3. Joan Shelley – Siren | Louisville, KY
4. The Deloreans – Call off the Pain | Louisville, KY
5. The Ladybirds – She’s Alright | Louisville, KY
6. The Fervor – Crazy for the Feeling | Louisville, KY
7. She Might Bite - Whiplash | Louisville, KY
8. Lydia Burrell – Like We’re Animals | Louisville, KY
9. Seluah – Sail Straight Into the Bombs | Louisville, KY
10. Old Baby – Pale as Man | Louisville, KY
11. Wax Fang – Dawn of the Dead of the Night of the Hunter | Louisville, KY
12. Nerves Jr. – Champagne & Peaches | Louisville, KY
13. Idiot Glee – Don’t Go Out Tonight | Lexington, KY
14. Murals – Eyes of Love | Louisville, KY
15. Another 7 Astronauts – Scattered Movements of Pulverized Explosions | Louisville, KY

He left out Houndmouth, Rachel Grimes, Will Oldham, My Morning Jacket, Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore because, he says, you are already familiar with them. No doubt, you could add to the list.