Apr 032013

Over at LEO, LMN Jazzin columnist Martin Z. Kasdan Jr. has a piece on Marco Benevento, will be playing at Zazoo’s on Friday, April 5.
Kasdan also has a review of Squeeze-bot’s Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Squeeze release.
Peter Berkowitz details Ray Rizzo’s Give Forward fund-raiser for Ken Pyle, co-owner of the Rudyard Kipling Restaurant and longtime supporter of the arts and music in Louisville. Pyle has suffered from complications from knee replacement surgery, requiring additional hospitalization and costly medications. (The Give Forward site is giveforward.com/fundraiser/rk42/kenpylemedicinemoney

Motherlodge 2013 – March 28-31

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Mar 082013

Ray Rizzo and the rest of the Motherlodge crew have announced the full schedule for Motherlodge 2013 Louisville and, as usual, it’s wide-ranging in every form. Here’s the “executive summary”
The Rudyard Kipling
Galerie Hertz
Hillbilly Tea
Haymarket Whiskey Bar


    Corn Mo

    Connie’s Avant Garde Restaurant

    The Deloreans

    The Derby City Dating Scene

    Evan Fugazzi

    The Handsome Man Band



    Brett Ratliff

    Mick Sullivan

    Michael Arthur

    Rebecca Hart

    Shelby Park Soul Stew

    Squallis Puppeteers

    Todd Hildreth

    Bourbon and Lace

and more tba
The details are lengthy; best to head over to the website at www.motherlodge.com/

Spring Motherlodge at The Rudyard Kipling

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Feb 212012

Ray Rizzo and company are putting together the Spring Motherlodge at The Rudyard Kipling, set for March 26-April 1. There’ll be lots of interesting, unusual and off-the-wall sorts of things going on. There’s so much in the works that you should just go to the motherlodge site and read it there.

Dawn Landes, Ray Rizzo And Friends At The Rud Tonight

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Dec 272011

That’s what I get for not checking the Rud’s website (on not) – Backseat Sandbar has a post that Dawn Landes, Ray Rizzo and friends will be at the Rudyard Kipling tonight for an old-fashioned hootenanny. The show gets underway at 9 p.m. Suggested donation is $5.

Louisville Musicians To Play Motherlodge In New York

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Jan 102011

Points to Ray Rizzo, who has taken a number of Louisville musicians to play his New York Motherlodge shows at Joe’s Pub on January 17, and Cakeshop, on January 18. Included are Tyrone Cotton, Alanna Fugate, Dan Hardin, Scott Mertz and poet Ron Whitehead. Check motherlodge.com for more info.

A Few Upcoming CDs, Will Oldham Talks, Motherlodge in NYC

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Jan 032011

Tara Key has a new CD in the works, Double Star, on Thrill Jockey, with Eleventh Dream Day’s Rick Rizzo.

My Morning Jacket is working on a new, unnamed project, set for release about May, 2011

Will Oldham actually talked to Fogged Clarity, an arts review website. The entire forty-seven chat is available here.

Ray Rizzo is tweeting his urgent need to get things together for the Jan. 16-18 edition of Motherlodge in NYC.

The holidays are over, time to get back to the flood of music in the city. Email us your music news.