Jul 272014

Former daytime soap opera star and pop icon Jesse McCartney will bring his “In Technicolor” tour into the Mercury Ballroom on July 29. McCartney has quite a record in the entertainment business, having been a member of the boy band Dream Street before going pro with the platinum-selling Beautiful Soul in 2004. He won multiple awards at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, including Choice Crossover Artist, Choice Male Artist and Choice Breakout, Male. The following year, he won Favorite Male Singer at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, so he built a teen and pre-teen fan base early on. Not to be slotted into one category, he also put songs up on a number of Disney soundtracks and take to writing songs for other artists, including co-writing credits for “Bleeding Love,” which was recorded by Leona Lewis on her debut album. His current recording is a In Technicolor, hence the name of his tour. The tour sponsor is TWIX® Brand Peanut Butter, so if you haven’t already got the message, this act is pure corporate America. Tickets to the show are$25 plus $5.25.

Watch Jesse sing “Superbad”:


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Jun 302014

L.A.’s psych-pop group White Arrows opens for The Neighbourhood in a sold-out show at Headliners on July 3. We sent them a few questions to answer; presumably, it is the bandleader Mickey Church who responded:

1. Looks like this is your first trip to Derby City. What have you been told to expect? What do think you know about Louisville?
I really don’t know anything about Louisville, and have no idea what to expect. Good bbq?

2. Since you began on a whim, has the whim hardened into a desire/lust or just a sustained interest in writing songs?
It’s been cool to see how it’s progressed into something worthwhile. This new record seems like a solid piece that is cohesive. It’s a time capsule of one place and time in my life.

3. Describe psychotropical pop in fifteen words or fewer, without referencing acid.
Something someone made up, that kind of stuck. Funny. Mushrooms.

4. You’ve been touring with some fairly significant bands early in the game. Feel lucky, entitled or confused at how it all happened?
It happened so quickly that I appreciate it in retrospect. I’ll get asked who’ve we played with, and as I’m listing my mind is getting blown. We got lucky, and had too many opportunities early on to pass on, even before we really had any kind of musical releases.

5. Dry Land Is Not A Myth sounds like a slogan for a post-sea level rise. Do you believe the scientists or the politicians about climate change?
Is this a fair question? I believe scientists. Maybe by then we will have gills.

6. Your upcoming record is titled In Bardo,yes? If Google is to be believed, bardo is a Tibetan word meaning “in-between state.” So what state are you in between and what do you plan to do about it?
I think it marks the end of the transitional state. A lot of the topics on the new record deal with death, but it’s not in a bleak way. It’s more in the way of a circle of life. This record is darker and heavier than the first one, so I feel like that was the transition in finding ourself, and our sound.

7. All of the questions above have been an effort to draw a distinction between you guys and The Neighbourhood for readers. Here’s your chance to explain that on your own terms, that might make them leave the show thinking “that opening band was …” Fill in the blank.

We’re all snowflakes. No two are the same.

May 302014

Nicole Sherzinger has released the first single, “Your Love,” since “Boomerang.” Time Magazine had this to say about the track “The track’s catchy doo-doo-doo chorus is well on its way to lodging itself in unsuspecting heads this summer, so it’s no wonder Scherzinger name-checks pop-culture figures like Mike Tyson — “Your Love” is a knockout.”
Interestingly, several sites had apparent Soundcloud embeds of the tune, but none were working as of this posting. Stay tuned. Here’s the video:

May 292014

Ah, La Cher! Man, she’s been doing this shtick for a long time now. She has been the very model for female autonomy and hard-headed persistence in the entertainment business. Long ago dubbed “The Goddess Of Pop” – a role that rotates between a slew of singers – she has left her mark in every aspect of the entertainment business except as Broadway actor: she has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival, among several other honors. Besides all that, she has sold more than 100 million solo albums and over 40 million records as half of Sonny & Cher worldwide. She is the only artist to date to have a number-one single on a Billboard chart in each of the past six decades. Her current tour, dubbed Dressed To Kill (D2K) Dark Tour 2014, follows her Colosseum at Caesars Palace three-year stand, which followed her “Farewell Tour” in 2013. Her new album is Closer To The Truth. With all that, you no doubt know already that she’ll be at the Yum! Center on June 2, with Cyndi Lauper. It’s sure to be a pop mega-extravanganza a la Las Vegas Tickets are $25.50 – $131.00. Buy them at Ticketmaster.

Here’s the teaser for the D2K Tour:



May 212014

YPAS grad and UK “X Factor” judge Nicole Sherzinger is setting back out on the pop music trail with a new single, “Your Love,” as part of a new $5 million deal with Sony Records. Sherzinger, who has had pop music success in England but not in the U.S., last found success with “Boomerang”, which reached the UK top 10 in January 2013. The new record will be released on July 2.

Apr 212014

The first announced act for the Mercury Ballroom, Christina Perri, makes a stop at the new concert hall on April 25, with a tour titled “Head Or Heart,” which is also the title of her second album, released on April 1. Perri’s single, “Jar Of Hearts,” which was featured on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance,” sold three million copies following its release in 2010. It also scored her a record deal with Atlantic Records, which released her debut album, Lovestrong, in May 2011. She subsequently recorded “A Thousand Years” for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  That single sold four million copies. So it’s clear the gal has marketing clout and an ability to write a monster hit pop song. Birdy opens. Go hear her for yourself at the Mercury Ballroom for $22.50 + $10 ticketing fee,  in advance or $25 DoS

“Here’s “Jar Of Hearts”:


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Apr 202014

Put together a pair of Berklee College Of Music students, mix in a generous dose of modern pop and rap covers and simmer with a series of daytime TV appearances and you get Karmin, scheduled to play The Mercury Ballroom on April 24. Their music is self-described as “left-of-center, hip-hop-influenced pop-rock sound.” They employ the services of a team of current pop writers and producers, resulting in a thoroughly state-of-the-heart pop sound. Their current album is Pulses, released in late March as a digital download only. Bonnie McKee opens. Tickets for the show are $19.50 plus $5.00 fee
Watch the official video for “I Want It All”:


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