Kentucky Opera Presents The Girl Of The Golden West

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Nov 122014

The Kentucky Opera, will present Puccini’s “The Girl Of The Golden West” (“La fanciulla del West”), a spaghetti-Western opera of sorts, influenced by the Wells Fargo Co. of the era and sponsored, on this occasion, by the same company. Much of the opera’s plot centers around a Wells Fargo agent named Ashby and his attempts to apprehend a bandit who robs stagecoaches, and, appropriately, the product placement is a Wells Fargo safe that sits on stage during Act One. So knock it off about how opera is only about seventeenth to nineteenth century Europeans chasing love and killing one another; this opera is about Americans chasing love and killing one another – over money. It’s at the The W. L. Lyons Brown Theatre on November 14 and again on November 16. Tickets start at $34.

Bourbon Baroque and the Squallis Puppeteers Present “Les Sauvages”

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Mar 172014

Damon (puppeteer Zach Brammel) from Les Sauvages. Photo by Anna Blanton.
Bourbon Baroque
Here’s a show to take your kids to, where they’ll get an earful of baroque music plus puppets. Bourbon Baroque and the Squallis Puppeteers are staging “Les Sauvages,” a one-act opera by Jean-Philippe Rameau, composed in 1725. It doesn’t matter that it’s in French, I heard, as the action with the puppets is clear and intriguing enough that children understand it perfectly well. The music is, of course, baroque. At the Squallis Headquarters, 1228 E. Breckinridge St. Shows are at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. March 21-23. Tickets are $20.

Here’s a bit of video about the Squallis Puppeteers:




Kentucky Opera s Production of Verdi s Simon Boccanegra Previewed

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Nov 082013

Selena Frye at has a fairly lengthy article that previews the Kentucky Opera’s production of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Simon Boccanegra, staged as happening in Benito Mussolini’s Italy. If you haven’t seen this opera, this is a pretty good outline of the story. Read it here.

Kentucky Opera Ends FY10 in The Black

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Aug 042010

The Kentucky Opera has posted a $7,000 surplus for the 2010 fiscal year, which officially ended May 31.

David Roth, Kentucky Opera’s General Director, says, “We are feeling the benefits of the restructuring we initiated in 2008. This new model made Kentucky Opera financially viable and artistically relevant. We maintained the three mainstage productions, added a concert opera in Owensboro and, more significantly, developed the Composer Workshop which will have long-term effects in our industry for years to come.
The KOp managed to accumulate the surplus by moving to the Brown, for a savings of $200K, plus maintaining their grant connections and raising additional funds via their various fundraisers.

Traviata Rave-up, Ahn Trio Not So Much

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Sep 272009

C-J columnist Andrew Adler raved about the Kentucky Opera’s new production of “La Traviata” in Friday’s Courier-Journal. His opinion about the appearance of the Ahn Trio at the IdeaFestival was not so enthusiastic.

Adler also did a lengthy piece of soprano Elizabeth Futral, who is the soloist in “La Traviata.”

The Week’s Print

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Sep 232009

The incomparable Cindy Lamb has a substantial write-up about the Alleycat Advocates fundraiser, featuring Love Jones, in this week’s edition of LEO. Splendid title, too “Kitsch As Cats Can.”

Bill Doolittle highlights the return of Elizabeth Futral to Louisville for the Kentucky Opera’s production of “La Traviata.” Futral last appeared with the Kentucky Opera’s 1993 production of “La Boheme.”

Mat Herron interviews Harvey Jones, 26, guitarist for Santiago, Chile, dance rock act Picnic Kibun, because he can.

Eric Condon reviews Rachel Grimes Book of Leaves CD. (He likes it.) Ethereal is the most common word used to describe Grimes’ music.

In yesterday’s C-J, Ken Neuhauser previewed the second annual Creation Festival: The Tour featuring Jars of Clay, Thousand Foot Krutch and Audio Unplugged (featuring Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss from the Grammy Award-winning rock group Audio Adrenaline)

Kentucky Opera 2009 Car Raffle Prize: A Porsche Boxster

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May 122009

You still have a chance to win the Kentucky Opera 2009 Car Raffle, the prize being a Porsche Boxster. The raffle is limited to 2,000 tickets, at $100 per ticket. Lots better odds than the lottery or scratch-off. Buy your ticket(s) online at or call Michael Miller at (502) 584-4500.

The drawing will be held on May 16.

Kentucky Opera Gets Lucky

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May 122009

The tale is familiar to anyone who has ever booked an event – the star you thought you had gets a more important gig and there you are, scrambling for a replacement. The Kentucky Opera found itself in just that position when Ailyn Pérez, set to perform the role of Violetta in “La Traviata,” Kentucky Opera’s opening production of the Brown-Forman 2009 Fall Season, was offered exactly the same role at the same time at Berlin’s famed Deutsche Staatsoper opera house. (Hard to pass that up.) As it happened, Neil Funkhouser, her manager, also represents the Metropolitan Opera star Elizabeth Futral, whose parents, coincidentally, reside in Louisville. Would the KO be interested in having Ms. Futral sing the part? [Cue the Pope-Catholic joke.] Of course, the KO had to go find a few extra drachmas from the Campaign for Artistic Excellence, but that’s what CAE is for. Deal done. < ?p>

“La Traviata” opens the 2009-10 Brown Forman Fall Season at the Brown Theatre on Friday, September 25, 8 p.m., with a matinee performance on Sunday, September 27, at 2 p.m. Ticket info: 502-584-4500 or