Nicole Sherzinger Releases New Single “Your Love”

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May 302014

Nicole Sherzinger has released the first single, “Your Love,” since “Boomerang.” Time Magazine had this to say about the track “The track’s catchy doo-doo-doo chorus is well on its way to lodging itself in unsuspecting heads this summer, so it’s no wonder Scherzinger name-checks pop-culture figures like Mike Tyson — “Your Love” is a knockout.”
Interestingly, several sites had apparent Soundcloud embeds of the tune, but none were working as of this posting. Stay tuned. Here’s the video:

Nicole Sherzinger To Release New Single

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May 212014

YPAS grad and UK “X Factor” judge Nicole Sherzinger is setting back out on the pop music trail with a new single, “Your Love,” as part of a new $5 million deal with Sony Records. Sherzinger, who has had pop music success in England but not in the U.S., last found success with “Boomerang”, which reached the UK top 10 in January 2013. The new record will be released on July 2.

Sherzinger To Ink $4.5 Mil Record Deal?

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Jan 012014

Nicole Sherzinger, whose stint as a judge on Britain’s “Te X Factor” has boosted her popularity and bankability considerably, is in talks with Sony Records to release a new album in Summer 2014. Rumors have it that the TV star is seeking some $4.5 million for the deal. The rumors have been popping up in the British media for some while. has additional details.
It had seemed that Sherzinger had put aside rebuilding her pop music career in the U.S. in favor of ramping up her various TV, record and celebrity careers in Great Britain, where news of her activities is to be found nearly daily in the British media. Her previous records had done very well in the UK but were not hits in the U.S., despite repeated releases from her last album. The Sony deal might well include efforts in the U.S. as well as in the UK and European markers. If the rumors/reports are true, details will be forthcoming.