Jan 012014

Nicole Sherzinger, whose stint as a judge on Britain’s “Te X Factor” has boosted her popularity and bankability considerably, is in talks with Sony Records to release a new album in Summer 2014. Rumors have it that the TV star is seeking some $4.5 million for the deal. The rumors have been popping up in the British media for some while. Contactmusic.com has additional details.
It had seemed that Sherzinger had put aside rebuilding her pop music career in the U.S. in favor of ramping up her various TV, record and celebrity careers in Great Britain, where news of her activities is to be found nearly daily in the British media. Her previous records had done very well in the UK but were not hits in the U.S., despite repeated releases from her last album. The Sony deal might well include efforts in the U.S. as well as in the UK and European markers. If the rumors/reports are true, details will be forthcoming.

Aug 022013

Nicole Sherzinger in a bathing suit

For those of you not following YPAS grad Nicole Sherzinger’s ups and downs, here’s the executive summary: after discussions with her guy, race car driver Lewis Hamilton, about getting hitched, she broke up with him over the phone because he wouldn’t make the commitment. Needless to say, the British press was all aroar over that, especially the Daily Mail. Now he’s all upset and trying to get her back, with a trip by Sherzinger to Monaco to meet with him on the schedule. She’s in the U.S., where she squeezed in time to sing the National Anthem at a Dodgers game. She’s also back on the British version of “The X-Factor,” in case that matters to you.

May 242013


Nicole Sherzinger has opted to remain a judge on Britain’s version of “The X-Factor” (with a reported doubling of her paycheck) rather than attempt to re-start her pop music career, which has been non-existent in the United States. (She’s a pop star in Britain, though.) In any case, we won’t be seeing much of her Stateside for a while

Apr 192013

Will.i.am teamed up with Nicole Sherzinger for his new single, “Smile Mona Lisa,” which was recorded, in part, in the Louvre, next to the actual painting. He said
“That song touches me because I recorded a large portion of that song inside the Louvre, next to Mona Lisa’s picture.”
“They let me go to the Louvre at 2am to record the guitars for that song, I wanted to capture the ambience of the Louvre, that Mona Lisa lives in. That was exciting, to walk through the Louvre at 2am with the manager.”
Give it a listen, if you are of age:

Apr 182013

Nicole Sherzinger on the British Version Of "X-Factor"
Nicole Sherzinger was honored with the music gong at The Asia Awards 2013, at the London ceremony hosted by Olympics boss Lord Sebastian Coe. British media site Metro.co.uk has the story. The story was also reported by Hollywood.com News.
Sherzinger is also currently deciding whether to return to the British version of “The X-Factor” or try to revive her pop music career instead.