Nick & Knight, Not Nick At Night, At The Mercury Ballroom

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Sep 132014

“With their eponymous album released on Monday and their national tour starting later this month, the two insist not only on their own bankable stardom, but also on the importance of the sound they helped create. And yet, to look at the duo’s respective career trajectories, and the astoundingly generic quality of their album, Nick & Knight showcase a sad, strange take on a certain kind of masculinity, and thus the whole boyband genre: though pretty and well-choreographed, the duo are aggressive and desperate in their attempt to assert their own importance, and assure us that they’re not impotent. ” – Jennifer Garson, The Guardian (UK)

Take one Back Street Boy and one New Kid On The Block and together you get Nick & Knight, a collaboration between  Nick Carter and Jordan Knight. With a brand-new Nick & Knight album, they’re on tour and will hit the Mercury Ballroom on September 17. The album, which features songs written by committees of noted writers, has done well enough to peak at No. 24 on the U.S. Chart so far. Of course, these two still have fans, most of whom at headed into their thirties, who’ll come out to see them, no doubt. The whole shebang is one professionally engineered, produced and staged event, so it’ll be a thouroughly current pop show that should appeal  to those fans. The critics? No so much. Tickets are $45 + $13 fee.

Listen to “Just The Two Of Us”: