Feb 222012

The website Team Coco is streaming the entire New Multitudes Woody Guthrie album, which is new songs written with Woody Guthrie’s lyrics not previously used in songs. Members of The New Multitudes are Jay Farrar (Son Volt, Gob Iron, Uncle Tupelo), Will Johnson (Centro-matic, South San Gabriel), Anders Parker (Varnaline, Gob Iron) and Yim Yames (My Morning Jacket, Monsters of Folk).

Apr 052010

Check out the new video from Monsters of Folk:

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On the Road Again

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Dec 312009

With the number of Louisville bands out and about the planet steadily increasing, keeping up with them gets more complicated; nonetheless, we try, as that’s our job. Here are a couple recent notes:

  • The For Carnation got a long-ish review on a blog (Offyoursonar.com) covering an English festival called All Tomorrow’s Parties Today.
  • The Monsters of Folk scored a #1 spot on a 2009 Top Ten list at the Huffington Post.
  • Dec 062009

    Louisville musicians are doing better all the time, out there in the big, wide national and international market. A few recent items:

  • The Broadfield Marchers, LMN cover story subjects in November, are getting some airplay around the country. Dallas public radio station KXT 91.7 has “Falling Asleep To Disappear,” from Displayed in Reflections on their playlist. They also got a positive shout-out from http://www.notlame.com. Take it where you can get it.

  • Dawn Landes is at the receiving in all sorts of musical blessings, including getting her tune “Straight Lines” in a Chrysler commercial; “Romeo” played in an episode of HBO’s “Bored To Death” back in October and currently she’s on an European tour; at least one Irish blogger is thrilled that she’s playing a show close by. You can find more of her dates here.

  • Rachel Grimes’ new Book Of Leaves has made at least one “Best of” list so far. The month is still young… Grimes’ CD also shows up on the playlist for Auckland, New Zealand’s 95bFM station.

  • With steady increase in the number of dedicated bloggers, the ‘Best of’ playlists are proliferating. Monsters of Folk should be on a lot of lists, including this one.

  • Vhs OR Beta continues to be popular around the country, making the playlist on Birmingham FM station Live100.5’s Urban Fabric show. They also got photographs on the New York blog NickyDigital. It was a show at The Woods. VHS or Beta also show up on lots of DJ playlists (particularly “Bring on the Comets”) plus any number of remixes.

  • Joan Osborne played the 29th Annual John Lennon Tribute in NYC on December 4. A blogger from public radio station WFUV 90.7 got a photo of her.

  • James Kottack is still out there banging on the metal; his band Kottack is playing a December 19 showat the Cat Club in West Hollywood, according to the Hair Metal Mansion blog.

  • The Horse’s Ha with Janet Beveridge Bean got a review of Of the Cathmawr Yards on the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s music blog SFBG.

  • The Phantom Family Halo is on an East Coast tour. They played the Mideast club in Brighton, Mass. on December 2. They’ll be at the Grog Shop in Cleveland on December 10

  • Is Ray Rizzo in Turkey? This little tidbit showed up concerning some poetry reading at at cafe in Istanbul. Maybe it’s another musician poet of the same name.
  • Nov 142009

    More from our homeboy and his new crew:

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    Mid-Week Tidbits

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    Oct 212009

    Louisville singer/songwriters Emily Clark and Brian Halfacre of See Emily Play have made the cut for the final 64 on CMT’s Music Cty Madness Competition, a viewer-voted-on competition. The video can be seen at http://www.cmt.com/interact/music_city_madness/vote/.

    As the Monsters of Folk show in Louisville on October 31 gets closer, here are some reviews from elsewhere: Live Daily from LA; a CD review from interference.com and, finally, Rolling Stone’s review.

    Sep 242009

    It is certainly no surprise that the Monsters of Folk CD would attract a crowd of music writers. Herewith, a sampling:

    From the New York Daily News – “Monsters of Folk offers both a variety and a sense of surprise in new album

    Relix magazine has MOF on the cover.

    California Chronicle gives the release two stars.

    The College Media Network’s Jon Fox says “Members fight for attention in Monsters of Folk

    The Philadelphia Daily News titles its review “The New Folk Scare

    Finally, from ExpressNightOut.com, a feature called Liner Notes has an interesting background interview.

    We’ll stop here, but there many more reviews out and about.

    Sep 132009

    Keeping up with Louisville music out-of-town

    Dance masters VHS or BETA played a gig at Poplife in Miami last night. No reviews yet, though.

    Hugo Ferreira and Tantric got a write-up in the Great Falls, Montana Tribune on September 11.

    Tara Jane ONeil kicks off a tour on September 18 in Portland, Oregon, which will bring her to the 930 Listening Room on November 5. Care to bet some of her artwork will be there, too?

    An Outliers Roundup wouldn’t be complete with a requisite mention of My Morning Jacket/Monsters of FolkAmerican Songwriter has posted a set of photos from a Monsters of Folk shoot.

    Joan Osborne is headlining the Concert for a Cure at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA on September 20.

    Dawn Landes is still in Europe; here’s a brief mention of her appearance with Okkervil River in Manchester, England.

    The Horse’s Ha, a project lead by includes Janet Beveridge Bean (Freakwater/Eleventh Dream Day) and British native Jim Elkington (The Zincs) has released a debut album, Of The Cathmawr Yards, on Hidden Agenda. A review is posted on A/V Club.com.

    Aug 212009

    Louisville ex-pat Dawn Landes continues to make a noise around the planet; she’s opening for Okkervil River at the Electric Picnic, held on September 4-6 in Stradbally Hall, Stradbally village, Ireland. She’s got a brand new CD, Sweetheart Rodeo, set for release at the same time.

    Anchorage’s Joan Osborne has been added to the “Sgt. Pepper Live” show at the Las Vegas Hilton, headlined by Cheap Trick. If you’re heading to Vegas, the dates for the show are September 13-15, 17-19 and 21-23.

    Tara Jane O’Neil, who is now ensounced in Portland, Oregon, has a portfolio of drawings in the Southeast Portland’s Worksound upcoming “The Future in Retrospect” exhibition. O’Neil will be in Louisville for a show at the 930 Listening Room on November 5.

    Hugo Ferreira and Tantric are playing The Annex in Madison, WI this weekend, in case you’re visiting a college buddy.

    The Monsters of Folk have released a series of video teasers to plug their tour, which arrives in Loiusville on October 31. Check these clips out:
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