Dec 012013

I believed that I had successfully given up the print edition of Louisville Music News at the end of October, when I was not obliged to drive around the city, delivering newspapers. It was a great relief, I thought. My friends asked what I was going to do with all the free time I was sure to have. The things that needed to be wrapped up still were on my mind but I figured that would clear up soon enough and life would be easier.

What I had not counted on was the backlash from twenty-four plus years of routines and habits undone, dismantled, cast aside, oh-so-casually discarded. It was not to be the case. At the end of October, I had vague and not-so-vague stabs of anxiety; I felt the need to be tending to things gone missing, like a lost pair of favorite gloves or a cell phone misplaced and not being answered. I also had discovered that the free time I thought I would have secured by the closing of the paper was elusively ephemeral, vanishing like the fog on the hill above the river, where the sun strikes first. I was very busy; I remain very busy.

Of course, heading into the holidays complicates the matter; I suspect that I won’t begin to feel relaxed before the middle of January at the earliest, by which time most people will have forgotten that I once published a print edition of a newspaper. March will mark the actual beginning of that print paper, twenty-five years before, so there will be more memories resurfacing, a common situation related to age, I am told.

In the meantime, I intend to continue to rearrange my rowdy routines, to settle my complaining habits back into a comfortable – but not too comfortable – groove, while moving forward toward new activities or at least toward more of those I haven’t given up, particularly my continuing attempt to learn Flamenco baile. A projected trip to Spain in the September will pull me further away from those old routines, forcing me to carve out new patterns of living

All the while, of course, I will continue writing about and reporting on the Louisville music scene.

Happily, I won’t be killing any trees to do it. Just old routines.

Sep 282013

Oct LMN = Cosmo
The October issue – the final print edition – of Louisville Music News features Kevin Gibson’s story on Tommy “Cosmo” Cosdon. A significant celebration and tribute to “Cos” while happen at Jim Porter’s on October 6, starting at 3 p.m. Due to the large number of phone calls suggesting great interest, a number of bands have been added, along with other additions still being implemented. Proceeds will benefit MERF at the request of the family.
The columnists have their final say on the print run of LMN. The paper completely distributed by Saturday evening.

Aug 302013

LMN Cover with The New Bravado
The September issue of Louisville Music News, featuring The New Bravado on the cover, is on the street and available at all your usual favorite spots. The usual columnists contribute their take on the current music scene, notably Eddy Metal with his rants and raves. (He reviews Black Sabbath this time around). Pick one up today.

Nov 302012

Max & Mark Maxwell
The December issue of Louisville Music News is out and at all your favorite spots. Featured this month are the Maxwell brothers, Mark and Max, whose cover band The Crashers is getting some very nice money (5k!) for gigs. The brothers tell you all about how they did it and how you can, too.
In addition, all the usual columnists are there, with Nelson Grube writing about Danny Henderson; Eddy Metal thanks everyone who helped with Rock For Kosair VIII; Martin Kasdan Jr. has the latest on jazz in the Louisville area and Mike Stout tallies the latest series of awards in the country field. Alexander Campbell waxes poetic on Belly Dancing and Djinn Shockley details this year’s Annual Raq’n Around the Christmas Tree. Pick up your copy today.

Aug 012012

Joan Shelley LMN cover

The August issue of Louisville Music News features a profile of singer/songwriter Joan Shelley by Kevin Gibson; Sue O’Neil remembers the Tuesday Night Blues Jams at the Rudyard; Eddy Metal has a long story about his trip to see Iron Maiden and Alexander Campbell has a piece on Indian (Asian) dance in Louisville, plus there’s Martin Kasdan’s take on various jazz doings in town, Mike Stout on country music, Djinn Shockley on street dancing and Berk Bryant noodles on bluegrass. Read it all online or pickup a print copy all around the town.

May 022012

As Derby fever builds heading into Saturday’s peak, the music blurs into all the rest of the noise of the festival. Nonetheless, there is plenty, although not of the level of some years back, when Derby Eve shows were seriously major events. For a list of some of the more interesting shows over the next few days, check the main Louisville Music News site (or just look to the left column on this one.) Notably, though, is the Waterfront show featuring Walk The Moon and Ha Ha Tonka. With the storms past, it should be a night to head over to the river, as it will be hot. Oh, yes, and there’s that steamboat race, too.

Meanwhile, Peter Berkowitz has his list which includes the debut show at the new, very large Art Space/Warehouse named The Mammoth at 744 S. 13th Street, featuring Faun Fables, Ohlm, Ford Theatre Reunion, Opposable Thumbs, Parlour, Madame Machine and Softcheque on Derby Night. Berkowitz also has an interview with Faun Fables.
Berkowitz also interviewed via animo, playing a house concert on May 8.

Jan 302012

Alabama Brown, Louisville Music News artist Alabama Brown gets the cover of the February issue of Louisville Music News. Elsewhere inside, Mike Suttles remember the Cherokee Inn; Mike Stout has the latest country awards news; Alexander Campbell discusses the fusion of Latin and mountain music, Martin Kasdan mourns the loss of the Seelbach Jazz Bar and Eddy Metal has his usual collection of rants, raves, shout-outs and complaints about the Louisville metal/hard rock scene. All in the February issue of LMN, now available around the city.