Louisville Music Reviews: Jonathan Glen Wood, Thirty Spokes, Ut Gret

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Sep 022014

The all-new LEO has gotten it together for more music reviews; last week’s issue had reviews of Jonathan Glen Wood’s Ballad Of Jon by Syd Bishop; Thirty Spokes self-titled debut, also by Bishop and Ut Gret’s Ancestors’ Tale by Martin Z. Kasdan Jr.
It’s a bit hard to find the reviews on the web site, as the “Reviews” link produces a link that appears to be in chronological order, with the most recent reviews – sort of. The reviews are also undated.

Weekly Ink, July 24

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Jul 242014

In this week’s LEO, Marty Kasdan, Jr. has a piece on the universalist band Ut Gret, which has been playing around Louisville for years and years. The title of the piece is “Ut Gret Is Far Out,” which is an understatement.
Marty also has a longer piece on Pat Metheny and the Unity Group.
Finally, if you must read more about Forecastle, go here
You can go here to read whatever the C-J has to print about music recently.

Weekly Ink, Derby Week Wednesday

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Apr 302014

The now-locally owned LEO has a story by Sam Benati on White Reaper, which band has landed their first record deal.
Carrie Neumayer opines on music art noise or noise art music, here and elsewhere.
Peter Berkowitz offers his pick of Derby events.

Weekly Ink, March 5

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Mar 052014

Wanna know what’s going on with Arcade Fire, currently in town, rehearsing for their Reflektor tour kick-off show at Yum! tomorrow? Peter Berkowitz has the interview.
Berkowitz’s B-Sides column also features a chat with Louisville’s The Instruction and their upcoming-someday next release.
Catherine Irwin offers her opinion about the minimum wage.

Weekly Ink, February 19

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Feb 192014

The Watson Twins, Louisville natives now living large in Los Angeles, are playing the last WFPK Winter Wednesday show at the Clifton Center tonight, along with Bob Schneider. To help them, out Peter Berkowitz has a write-up in this week’s LEO. Sara Havens has an interview with NY/Philly folk duo My Gay Banjo, playing at the Rudyard on Saturday.
Peter Berkowitz also has a piece on Sebadoh, which plays Zanzabar on Thursday, February 20.