C-J On HullabaLOU

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Oct 072010

The C-J has a longish story on the cancellation of the HullabaLOU Festival but the short answer remains the same: the event lost in excess of $5 million and that was too steep for Churchill Downs to consider repeating the festival . The executive in charge of the entertainment division , Steve Sexton, also lost his job.

HullabaLOU Drops $5 Million

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Aug 052010

Bare skin wasn’t the only thing gone red after the HullabaLOU Festival – Churchill Downs lost a not-so-cool $5 million dollars on the project, according to the C-J. Apparently, the Downs is not deterred by the loss, even though it was double the expected loss, as they are already planning for next year.

Some Hullabaloo about HullabaLOU

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Jul 232010

The C-J is all over HullabaLOU, in print and online. Online, there are a string of HullabaLOU galleries plus lineups, individual stories about artists and more. Go here to read it all.

LMN has a few intrepid reporters braving the heat and the masses and we’ll have some reports back whenever they recover enough to right them. If you are going, be sure to stay hydrated and slather your body in sunblock, say about a 50.

Alt Ink For July 21

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Jul 212010

Over at ye neo LEO, Ric Mattingly has a phoner with NRBQ’s Terry Adams, who will play HullabaLOU this weekend with his new band, the Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet. Additionally, someone named Alan Sculley has a phoner/previewfor the EXPO 5 show on July 27, which features Mayday Parade.

As usual, Velocity’s print content is not yet available on line, but the main feature this week is a story about the effect of Ear X-tacy’s move on the surrounding businesses on Bardstown Road.

Some HullabaLOU Backstory

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Jul 192010

Over at the C-J, music editor J. L. Puckett is working overtime this month; first, there was all the coverage around Forecastle Fest and now it’s time for HullabaLOU at Churchill Downs. The opening salvo from the C-J is a lengthy story about how the festival came into existence. It’s worth a read, if for no other reason to illustrate why big festivals take big money, planning and expertise to pull off.

Ricky Skaggs Added to HullabaLOU

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Mar 092010

Word is the Ricky Skaggs has been added as the headliner to the Bluegrass Stage at HullabaLOU. Bluegrass, country, country, bluegrass, whatever. Bluegrass saved his career after his country music days were over, bypassed by the rockers, so that’s where he belongs.

HullabaLOU Additions

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Jan 302010

More acts have been added to the HullabaLOU lineup. In addition to Dierks Bentley, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Ben Folds, Train and The Avett Brothers, Justin Moore, Tonic, Rick Bartlett’s Rockin’ Soul Revival, Exile, Green River Ordinance, Brigid Kaelin, Hazel Miller, J.D. Shelburne, Stealing Angels and Louisville’s own Villebillies have also made the list. The ever-lengthening list is available at www.hullabaloufest.com/

Weekender Props And Duels

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Dec 042009

  • J. L. Puckett touts danny flanigan and the rain chorus at Gerstle’s tonight.
  • Puckett also has a phoner with Dave Rawlings of the David Rawlings Machine, scheduled to play at Headliners tonight.
  • He plugs Daughtry’s Saturday show at Broadbent.
  • Puckett was a busy fellow this week: he reviews Tom Waits’ new project, Glitter and Doom Live.
  • Tamara Ikenberg mentions the “Halfway To Forecastle” show in The Buzz.
  • Puckett and Thomas Nord take opposing views about the HullabaLOU event.
  • That’s all the music news from Gannett’s Louisville Profit Center for this week.