Louisville Record Stores Get A Big Plug

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Dec 232013

On the Monday of what is traditionally one of the slowest music weeks of the year, the C-J gave Louisville record stores a great big plug with a J. L. Puckett story on the upsurge in the numnber of stores subsequent to the closing of Ear X-tacy. Along with the above-the-fold headline, there was a big photo of Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, who visited Guestroom Records on Friday. The online version has video of Jim Marlowe at Astro Black Records, Travis Searle and Lisa Foster, at Guestroom Records, and Sean Liter and Tyler Chanley, at Modern Cult Records plus Ben Jones at Better Days Records, chatting about the record business.

Sean Bailey – Louisville Music Prophet And Social Media Champion, Says InsiderLouisville

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May 082013

Former ear X-tacy employee and current Louisville Palace social media maven Sean Bailey gets the sloppiest possible kiss from Michael Tierney at InsiderLouisville.com

New Record Stores in Town

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Jun 042012

The music hipsters, freaks, fans and fanatics have been all over the news that former ear X-tacy staffer Matt Anthony has opened Matt Anthony’s Record Shop, at the corner of Franklin and Wenzel in Butchertown and that Astro Black Records will open in Quill’s Coffee on Baxter this Friday. Given that there are still several record stores in the Highlands (Better Days, Underground Sounds, Electric Ladyland, Thank You And Please), note that these stores will be very selective in their choice of product, certainly because they do not have a lot of room but also because of the personal tastes of the owners. In other words, you are unlikely to find mainstream country or pop there. Check ‘em out.

Record Store Day In Louisville

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Apr 102012

Even though ear X-tacy is, as the John Hiatt song has it, “gone, gone away,” there are still record stores in town. Record Store Day will be held on Saturday, April 21, featuring limited releases from various artists released only at one of the 700 independently owned record stores in the United States, plus others worldwide. Stores in Louisville participating are Better Days Records, Underground Sounds, The Great Escape and Please & Thank You. A list of the releases is available at http://download.recordstoreday.com. The only live show at one of them will be at Please & Thank You, 800 East Market Street, on April 20, featuring Whistle Peak. Ya gotta support ‘em to keep ‘em.

This Time For Sure: Final ear X-tacy Sale

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Dec 212011

Okay, there was the final closing sale at ear X-tacy and now there’s the absolutely “final blowout sale,” to be held this coming Thursday, December 22 from noon to 5:00 p.m. and Friday, December 23 from noon to 7:00 p.m. Everything will be on the block: music, displays and fixtures. All sales will be final, cash only. All used vinyl, CDs and DVDS will be a buck each, and all new vinyl, CDs, DVDs and merchandise (including some choice USB turntables, headphones and audio accessories) will be at least half off.

NPR Interviews John Timmons

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Nov 232011

NPR’s “Morning Edition” contributor Debbie Elliott talked to John Timmons about the closing of ear X-tacy. While the failure of ear X-tacy casts a harsh light on Timmons’ business practices, there is one area in which he has been phenomenally successful – branding, so much so that many people believe that ear X-tacy was the only record store in town worth shopping at, if not the only record store in town, period. Both of those notions are incorrect, of course.

ear X-tacy Closing Info For Artists With Product

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Nov 202011

From ear X-tacy:
“Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well. Thanks so much for your patience throughout this process!

So here is the deal. We are announcing two PICK UP DAYS for consignees to come in and pick up their product.

Consignment Pick-up times (this is next week folks) – TUESDAY November 22nd, 2011 from 2-8pm – WEDNESDAY November 23rd, 2011 from 2-8pm

I know there is not a lot of notice here, but unfortunately this is how the timing has worked out. You WILL NOT be paid for your sales when you come in to retrieve your product- that will be the next step. However, when you come in your invoices will be closed out and you will be told how much you are owed. We will take a mailing address and from you at this point and YOUR CHECK WILL BE MAILED TO YOU.

Again, I apologize if the timing of this situation is less than ideal, but a great deal of things are out of our hands. If you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT come into the store and settle with us on one of these two dates, you MUST make arrangements before 8pm on Wednesday 11/23. If arrangements have not been made and no one has been in to retrieve your product, it will be too late and the product will become property of ear X-tacy.

ear X-tacy will be having our final two days of sales on 11/26 and 11/27. No consigment product will be on the sales floor during these days! This means that if you have not already picked it up or made arrangements to do so, IT WILL BE TOO LATE! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CLAIM YOUR PRODUCT ON THOSE DAYS! IT MUST BE DONE ON 11/22 OR 11/23.

It sucks, but I know there are going to be some folks who slip through the cracks on getting this memo. Please spread the word and info on this. Obviously we don’t want to screw anyone over. If you have any questions please let me know at jaxon@earx-tacy.com.

***I really need to stress how important and how in your favor it will be to pick up your product IN PERSON ON THE DESIGNATED DATES. We will try to accommodate everyone, but making special arrangements with half the consignees here will only make a very messy situation even messier, and we don’t know how much time, if any, we will have to work on this past the end of next week.***

Thanks for your understanding- see you next week!