Concert Update: Daughtry, 3 Doors Down, Josh Ritter, Yes

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Dec 112012


Continuing the laying out of shows for 2013, the Palace has added Daughtry and 3 Doors Down ($39.50 to $79.00) on February 2 and Yes on March 17 (on sale Dec 13) (The Palace website tab tag on the Yes show also lists Procol Harum but only there. The Procol Harum website doesn’t list the show.)

Production Simple has booked Josh Ritter and The Royal City Band into the Brown on April 19 (Adv $25 DoS $27).
Just a note: we are keeping a calendar of all these shows just for you.

Weekender Props And Duels

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Dec 042009

  • J. L. Puckett touts danny flanigan and the rain chorus at Gerstle’s tonight.
  • Puckett also has a phoner with Dave Rawlings of the David Rawlings Machine, scheduled to play at Headliners tonight.
  • He plugs Daughtry’s Saturday show at Broadbent.
  • Puckett was a busy fellow this week: he reviews Tom Waits’ new project, Glitter and Doom Live.
  • Tamara Ikenberg mentions the “Halfway To Forecastle” show in The Buzz.
  • Puckett and Thomas Nord take opposing views about the HullabaLOU event.
  • That’s all the music news from Gannett’s Louisville Profit Center for this week.