Sep 162009

The Louisville Irish Fest has returned to Bellarmine College for this year’s staging on September 25-27. In addition to a strong array of musical talent, the organization is sponsoring the production of the Irish comedy The Shaughraun.

Performers this year include:

Alair (Indianapolis area), Cloigheann, The Derby Boys, Donnybrook, Guilderoy Byrne, Jack Salt, Keltricity, Liam’s Fancy (Lexington), The Louisville Pipe Band, McClanahan School of Irish Dance, Needfire (Texas), The Rashers, Riley School of Irish Music (Cincinnati), and Robert Tincher (Lexington)

Admission is $5 for either day.or more information, surf over to

Oct 152008

The all-new LEO website, running on Joomla!, looks much better than the old one and is faster as well. This week, they have reviews of the new Lords CD, Fuck All Y’all Motherfuckers; My Darling Asleep’s eponymous release; Broadfield Marchers The Inevitable Continuing; OK Zombie Do The Zombie; the Villiebillies’s newest From the Belly of the Beast; The Muckrakers’ The Concorde Fallacy; Ben Purdom’s Meets the Morning and Scott Mertz and His Panel Of ExpertsYou Wish.

Oct 012008

The October cover story for Louisville Music News is the Troubadours of Divine Bliss. Check that out, along with all the latest columns, performance and CD reviews in the print edition.

The deadtree copies will be on the street beginning today – later than usual, due to the problems caused by Hurricane Ike.

Jul 162008

It’s dueling weekly pubs on music time - LEO’s Music issue is out and Velocity has a sampler for the cover. LEO gets the call, though, as they have a cover story on none other than Travis Meeks, a feature certain to cause some disturbances in the ether. Seems Meeks’ has Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s in-n-n-n-terresting reading.

There’s a lot more about music in the town – LEO devotes the whole issue to various aspects, so pick up a copy on read it at

Mar 112008

Are you a fan of Celtic Woman? If so, get out your wallet for EMI/Manhattan Records recording artists The High Kings, an all-male Celtic group. The quartet is the real deal, in that they are all Irishmen. Tickets go on sale March 17, at $42 and $57.


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Feb 242008

Your friendly editor has been busy, busy this weekend, putting together the March issue of Louisville Music News, which will feature the Celtic group My Darling Asleep. More posts later…

Feb 152008

J. L. Puckett has the story of another benefit for the victims of the LAVA House fire, this one on Thursday at Flanagan’s Ale House on Baxter. It’ll be a Celtic night, with My Darling Asleep and Guilderoy Byrne doing the entertainment honors. Tix at $5, showtime is 6 p.m.

Apr 112007

The ongoing ‘discussion’ about the effects of the internet on music has been primarily dominated by the corporations and their PR machine, backed by their lawyers. Bob Ostertag, a working musician in San Francisco has a different take on the matter, both in the long term and the short term:

Humans have walked this earth for about 195,000 years. We don’t know exactly when music emerged, but it was certainly a very long time ago, long before recorded history. There is evidence that music may have been integral to the evolution of the human brain, that music and language developed in tandem. The first recording device was invented just 129 years ago. The first mass-produced record appeared just 110 years ago. The idea that selling permission to listen to recorded music is the foundation of the possibility of earning one’s livelihood from music is at most 50 years old, and it is a myth. The fact that most musicians today believe in this myth is an ideological triumph for corporate power of breathtaking proportions.

There’s a lot more in this essay. Read it at and rethink your position about ‘da muzic bidness’.

—- PMM