Mar 112008

Are you a fan of Celtic Woman? If so, get out your wallet for EMI/Manhattan Records recording artists The High Kings, an all-male Celtic group. The quartet is the real deal, in that they are all Irishmen. Tickets go on sale March 17, at $42 and $57.


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Feb 242008

Your friendly editor has been busy, busy this weekend, putting together the March issue of Louisville Music News, which will feature the Celtic group My Darling Asleep. More posts later…

Feb 152008

J. L. Puckett has the story of another benefit for the victims of the LAVA House fire, this one on Thursday at Flanagan’s Ale House on Baxter. It’ll be a Celtic night, with My Darling Asleep and Guilderoy Byrne doing the entertainment honors. Tix at $5, showtime is 6 p.m.

Apr 112007

The ongoing ‘discussion’ about the effects of the internet on music has been primarily dominated by the corporations and their PR machine, backed by their lawyers. Bob Ostertag, a working musician in San Francisco has a different take on the matter, both in the long term and the short term:

Humans have walked this earth for about 195,000 years. We don’t know exactly when music emerged, but it was certainly a very long time ago, long before recorded history. There is evidence that music may have been integral to the evolution of the human brain, that music and language developed in tandem. The first recording device was invented just 129 years ago. The first mass-produced record appeared just 110 years ago. The idea that selling permission to listen to recorded music is the foundation of the possibility of earning one’s livelihood from music is at most 50 years old, and it is a myth. The fact that most musicians today believe in this myth is an ideological triumph for corporate power of breathtaking proportions.

There’s a lot more in this essay. Read it at and rethink your position about ‘da muzic bidness’.

—- PMM

Apr 022007

Bob Lefsetz has a particularly snippy reaction to the recent announcement of changes in the cost of online music. Lefsetz rants that the labels still don’t get the digital distribution thing and are going to fly themselves into the ground if they continue thinking that it’s still ‘the business as usual’ of making CDs and selling them via radio and retail stores. Read his whole rant here.

Mar 302007

Apple iTunes has made another step into the new music marketing model with the introduction of “Complete My Album,” whereby a customer who has previously bought on or more singles for 99 cents can buy the complete album, with the cost of those previous purchases deducted from the total cost of the album. Everybody is commenting on it; you can get the straight scoop at

Mar 272007

.. are getting less slow, musically speaking. Tonight in Louisville, you can catch da Mudcats on “The Player’s Spot” at 9 p.m. on WYCS, Channel 24 (138 Insight Cable).

The Pussycat Dolls are coming to Louisville on April 19. Tickets go on sale Friday at the Freedom Hall Box Office and on Ticketmaster.

Jeffrey Lee Puckett has his usual Tuesday (spelled Teusday at the C-J’s website) list of recent album releases.


Mar 202007

The Associated Press is reporting that a wide array of broadcasters and online companies, including NPR (National Public Radio) and Clear Channel Communications, have challenged a ruling from a panel of copyright judges. The ruling, which applies only to digital transmission of music, increased per-play fees and imposed a flat $500 yearly charge per ‘channel’ of music being broadcast or webcast. The businesses argue that the new fees would have a severe, negative impact on webradio, effectively shutting them down.

The new rule also eliminated a provision that allowed small commercial webcasters to pay a flat 12% of annual revenues to lieu of estimating the total number of plays.

Get the whole story at


Mar 162007

The spot of spring weather was pleasant, but it’s still early, so button up when you head out to hear some music this weekend. I’ve been cooped up, updating gigs, logging new shows and otherwise keeping a digital finger on the cyber life of Louisville music.

Over at the C-j, Andrew Adler has a review of Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg’s appearance with the LO. “Tame,” he called her.

Christa Ritchie has the round-up of all the Irish/ St. Paddy’s day hoopla and drinking spots. The usual: The Rover, Molly’s, Flanigan’s, O’Shea’s. Think Baxter Ave./Frankfort Ave. if you’re Irish this weekend.

Jeffrey Lee Puckett has his required St. Pat’s Day column.