Feb 162014

Solas is generally tagged as the premier Irish-American group playing traditional Irish music, although they do write some of their material and critics have noticed a bit of country flavor in their recent offerings. Since their onset in 1996, they have recorded eleven albums, including the most recent, 2013’s Shamrock City. Fans of “A Prairie Home Companion” will be familiar with them, as will pretty much every Celtic music fan in the country. Though they have had quite a bit of turnover in their personnel, their sound has remained firmly Irish, so you need not fear disappointment. They’ll perform at the Clifton Cultural Center on February 20, with tickets set at $23adv/$27 DoS.

Here’s the “Shamrock City” show from Glasgow in January :


Website: www.solasmusic.com/?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/solasmusic?
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/solasmusic?
LastFM: www.last.fm/music/Solas?

Aug 062013

Irish music fans will have to hang onto their shamrocks until February 21, when Solas comes back to town for a show at the Eifler Theatre in the Clifton Cultural Center. They have a new album, Shamrock City, to play for you. Tickets will run $23 – $27. Buy them here.

Feb 162011

Ye neo LEO, Mat Herron has a long cover story on Louisville native and Brooklyn resident Jeremy Devine and his record label, Temporary Residence Records.. Ryan Reed previews Those Darlins show at Headliners on February 22. Herron’s B-Sides column touts a Coliseum show at the Mag Bar on February 18 as well as a Lohio show tonight at the Rudyard Kipling. In the Reviews section, Matt Sullivan reviews the Fervor’s Arise, Great Warrior CD on Karate Body.

We’ll update you on Velocity whenever we get our hands on a copy.

UPDATE: The C-J is all atwitter about Celtic Woman coming to the Palace in April. Weird – that’s been on the LP website for some time. Also, My Morning Jacket is playing Bonnaroo again.

Dec 102010

    Gannett’s local profit center has a few recommendations fer ya for this weekend, should you decide to brave the inclement weather. First up, Duke Robillard at Jim Porter’s tonight. We agree.

    There are several reviews of national act CD and J. L. Puckett forces himself to tout Garth Brooks’ Nashville benefit concert, though not without several snide remarks along the way.

    For reasons that make sense only if you believe having a ton of money in the bank upgrades the status of your entertainment choices, the Bach Society’s presentation of Handel’s “Messiah,” with a new conductor, is written up in the “Arts” rather than “Music” section. (Lumpen need attend only to improve their moral quality.)

Feb 122010

The short answer to “What’s up with ear X-tacy?” is that owner John Timmons has two more months at his current location before he has to do something: move, close or renegotiate the current lease, which, he said, is too much for him to pay. The problems he’s facing are the familiar ones: the economy is in the toilet, the record business is in the toilet, music fans are getting their music via the internet. He’s tapped out his personal resources, cut all the expenses that he can and is still on the bubble.

All asks for is for music fans to come to his store and buy some music. Got that?

There’s a longer piece by Eve Bohakel Lee about the press conference, posted at Louisville.com

Sep 162009

The Louisville Irish Fest has returned to Bellarmine College for this year’s staging on September 25-27. In addition to a strong array of musical talent, the organization is sponsoring the production of the Irish comedy The Shaughraun.

Performers this year include:

Alair (Indianapolis area), Cloigheann, The Derby Boys, Donnybrook, Guilderoy Byrne, Jack Salt, Keltricity, Liam’s Fancy (Lexington), The Louisville Pipe Band, McClanahan School of Irish Dance, Needfire (Texas), The Rashers, Riley School of Irish Music (Cincinnati), and Robert Tincher (Lexington)

Admission is $5 for either day.or more information, surf over to http://www.louisvilleirishfest.com

Oct 152008

The all-new LEO website, running on Joomla!, looks much better than the old one and is faster as well. This week, they have reviews of the new Lords CD, Fuck All Y’all Motherfuckers; My Darling Asleep’s eponymous release; Broadfield Marchers The Inevitable Continuing; OK Zombie Do The Zombie; the Villiebillies’s newest From the Belly of the Beast; The Muckrakers’ The Concorde Fallacy; Ben Purdom’s Meets the Morning and Scott Mertz and His Panel Of ExpertsYou Wish.

Oct 012008

The October cover story for Louisville Music News is the Troubadours of Divine Bliss. Check that out, along with all the latest columns, performance and CD reviews in the print edition.

The deadtree copies will be on the street beginning today – later than usual, due to the problems caused by Hurricane Ike.

Jul 162008

It’s dueling weekly pubs on music time - LEO’s Music issue is out and Velocity has a sampler for the cover. LEO gets the call, though, as they have a cover story on none other than Travis Meeks, a feature certain to cause some disturbances in the ether. Seems Meeks’ has Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s in-n-n-n-terresting reading.

There’s a lot more about music in the town – LEO devotes the whole issue to various aspects, so pick up a copy on read it at leoweekly.com