New Gubbey Records Compilation – Head Cleaner

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Aug 232013

Gubbey Records Head Cleaner
Gubbey Records has announced a new compilation,Head Cleaner, A Louisville Music Compilation Vols 1 & 2, with 45 Louisville bands contributing to two cassettes (!?) + a download card, coming on November 29. Should be …. curious. Contributing artists:
The Bottom Sop, Tamara Dearing, Rude Weirdo, Opposable Thumbs, The Cut Family Foundation, IamIs, Asm A Tik, Furlong, Humongous, Light Box, Blind Tigers, Black Kasper, Tender Mercy, Adventure, Bus Hus, Danica Ransom, D’Arkestra, Foor, Bush League, Rare Treats, Weird Girl, Decline Effect, Luxor, Sick City Four, Whistln’Rufus, Sandpaper Dolls, New Bravado, Plastic Melodies, Mr.Samples, Andy Matter, Empiria Vultura, Thaniel Ion Lee, God Tickler Plus, Anderson, Mimi Von Schnitzel, Hitchhike, Glass Pack, Ruff Patches, Plastic Bubble, Hoosier Pete, Stone Cutters, Vice Tricks, MU, Jeff Shelton, Uncommon Houseflies.
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Show Plugs For Wednesday

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Sep 212011

Various shows are getting plugged around the Louisville blogosphere today, though none gets the whole banana. A quick survey:

    Backseat Sandbar says we should all go to the Waterfront Wednesday show tonight for They Might Be Giants, J Roddy Walston and The Deloreans
    WFPK has a little tout about the NuLu Fest on Saturday, with music by Leigh Ann Yost.
    Likely more, but these should be enough to keep you occupied.

Is It Too Soon To Call It A Louisville Hardcore Reunion Show?

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Sep 032011

Here’s the show at Cahoots on September 24 – Bush League plus The Decline Effect, featuring Dave Johnson (Glasspack), Mark Abromavage (Kinghorse) and Chris Abromavage (Malignant Growth). There are also two other band, Livermortis (from Indy) and Vice Tricks, so altogether, it’s not a purely Louisville hardcore reunion show. but with Bush League and the assemblage that is The Decline Effect, it surely gets close. Of course, the players would all argue that they’re not nearly old enough for a ‘reunion.’ Details here.

MetalFest 3 at Boondocks: A Tempest In A Beer Bottle?

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Aug 232011

The WAVE3 Troubleshooter interviewed Allen Ashbaugh, the promoter of the MetalFest3 Cancer Benefit, with the result that Ashbaugh looked like a metalhead jerk – meh – and the American Cancer Society will likely send him a cease-and-desist letter with regard to using the ACS name and logo. However, one might suppose that the ACS accepted the $900 from the event Ashbaugh said he donated. The ‘scandalous’ poster for the event, put together by and to promote Bush League’s appearance, was a standard metal piece, although the TV audience saw the “Fuck Cancer” line edited. There was no indication that Ashbaugh had illegally pocketed proceeds but there was also no way of accounting for the gate, a not uncommon problem for the many benefits held around the city.

The difficulties associated with staging benefits always include arranging for a reliable and trustworthy door person or persons. Finding some who are independent of the promoter staging the event – which would help resolve the accountability issue – is even more difficult. When such benefits are held at an existing venue, such as the Phoenix Hill Tavern or Headliners, the venue sometimes provides a door person, but requires payment for same. One-off benefits, promoted by groups of individuals, usually don’t think about paying someone to tend to the door, relying instead on friends or someone with the group doing the promoting. There could be a lesson here.

A Cold Wednesday Update

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Jan 122011

Even though the school buses are running in Jefferson County and the streets are generally clear, the grocery stores are having to restock heavily, as the usual run on milk and bread happened over the last day or so. Eat it all quickly. Some of us just remain indoors, awaiting the melting of the snow.

This week’s LEO music section features an uncredited phone interview with Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices, set to play Saturday at Headliners.

In his B-Sides column, Mat Herron writes about two new venues for jazz, Kelly Richey’s workshop at Mom’s on January 15 and plugs Bush League’s show at Cahoots on February 12. Ryan Reed reviews Daniel Martin Moore’s latest, In The Cool Of The Day

On the MetroMix/Velocity webpage, Joe Lord writes at length about the Juggalos, the fans of Insane Clown Posse, who will play Expo 5 on Friday. (Jason Koerner’s review of ICP’s 2009 show is here; his 2002 interview with them is here.

Lord also has an interview with WFPK’s Kyle Meredith, who has been getting plenty of attention lately.

Bush League Ressurection

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Jan 102011

We hear that the reunion of Bush League, which happened back in September at the Vernon Club, was so successful that the band (plus two new members) decided to continue on, fronted by founding members Buzz Minnick and Mike Borich, vocals and guitar respectively. They’re sufficiently excited that they’re recording a new 7” for release on Mike Bucayu’s Self Destruct label plus they’re going to release a DVD of the Vernon Club show. Additionally, they’ll be playing at Cahoot’s in February, so watch for that.

It’s good to see that for some, at least, the magic of music never goes away.

September 1 Weeklies Ink

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Sep 012010

Heading into Labor Day, one might expect a considerable number of stories about the various musical events happening, but not so much. El neo LEO has a story by Mat Herron on an obscure punk band from the Nineties, Indignant Few, which is reuniting for a show at the Vernon, billed as a Better Days Reunion, meaning bands that were on Ben Jones’ Better Days label, including Bush League and Son Of Dog. Two shows are set for September 4 and 5 at the Vernon Club. Saturday’s is 21 and over, Sunday’s show is all-ages.

Elsewhere in LEO, Herron plugs The Dr. Michael White Quartet show at Adath Jeshurun on Saturday, September 4, plus a Glassworks’ CD release show on Friday featuring Another Seven Astronauts and Lucky Pineapple

Yesterday’s C-J featured a story on MMJ’s Carl Broemel’s new CD, All Birds Say. has a story – likely to be in Velocity 0 on Hinder’s show at Jim Porter’s