Apr 012011

Shannon Lawson will be a busy fellow this weekend: he’s fronting the Galoots at the 930 Listening Room (also playing:Relic, The 23 String Band, $15) for a 7:30 p.m., then he’s helping out with a cousin’s band, Judge Angus, at the Blue Mule in Jeffersontown later that night, at least if the Blue Mule’s manager is to be believed.

Mar 262011

Bill Monroe, that is. His birthday, which isn’t until September 13, is a really big deal in Rosine and Owensboro. They’re planning a whole bunch of events around the 100th birthday of the father of Bluegrass music. All the details are at www.billmonroe100birthday.com/. I know a bunch of Louisvillians likely to make the trip – are you one?

Mar 232011

Over at LEO, T. E. Lyons as a lengthy phoner with Wanda Jackson, who has received as much ink as the biggest rockers coming to town. Elsewhere in this week’s issue of LEO, Mat Herron, on assignment in Austin for SXSW, has a report on Kentucky musicians attending the music business confernce/festival. Included are: The Endtables, Cheyenne Marie Mize, The Fervor, Lexington’s Idiot Glee (James Friley), Ben Sollee and Freakwater, plus other individual musicians who are in non-Kentucky bands.

Herron also has an article about filmmaker Scott Shuffitt, who is working on a documentary about independent record storys.

Mar 222011

Our good friend and totally professional musician Brigid Kaelin, who also writes prose pretty well, likes to start her shows at the time advertised, whether there’s a crowd in the room or not, so when she is in a situation where she can’t do that … well, you’ll just have to read her opinion on that on at Page One.