Jun 112014

Take a look at this video of Ben Sollee playing the Magnetovore Magnetic Cello. From the YouTube page:
“This instrument combines the playing style of the cello with magnetic articulation, a new way to control sound using the motion of magnets. Pressing along the ribbon with the left hand control pitch, and moving a magnetic bow about the copper coil changes volume.”

Oct 012013

Ben Sollee - The Hollow Sessions
Institute 193 and Tin Ear Records have announced the release of The Hollow Sessions, a record of covers by Ben Sollee. The album is available as a free download today on Noisetrade.com. A limited-edition 180-gram vinyl is also available through Institute 193’s shop.

Jul 092013

A measure of the national stature of artists is when their new songs are released on various national-level outlets, including Rolling Stone, Spin, Paste and Pitchfork, among others. Ben Sollee has been their for some time. His latest, “Letting Go,” was just premiered at pastemagazine.com/. You can listen here as well:

Jun 152013

OVer at the Never Nervous blog, Syd Bishop has the story of the Liberation Living Room series, which features invitation-only shows at the Greenhaus on Preston, hosted by Jacob Duncan of Liberation Prophecy. Said shows have featured Ben Sollee, Tyrone Cotton, Rachel Grimes and Norah Jones, plus Will Oldham and Liberation Prophecy. You should go read Bishop’s story for how to get on the invite list (good luck). Meanwhile, here’s a video for kids, with Will Oldham:

Apr 272013

LMN has existed for twenty-four-plus years to trumpet the musical talent that has long defined Louisville as a wellspring of artists, some of whom have gained national recognition, so it’s good to see other media outlets taking up the challenge – and it is a challenge – of convincing Louisvillians of this fact. Over at Louisville.com, music writer Michael Tierney notes and promotes the three latest, most famous acts from the Bluegrass State, My Morning Jacket, Ben Sollee and Houndmouth. Of course, it’s always the case that it requires outside-the-area validation to get the message across, but then, that’s Louisville.

Feb 272013


SonaBLAST! Records is rightfully touting The Pass’ slot on the SESAC SXSW show on March 13. (SESAC is one of three performing rights organizations in the U.S. The others are ASCAP and BMI) Other SonaBLAST! artists heading to SXSW include Nerves Junior, Ben Sollee and Cheyenne Marie Mize.