Jun 082014

Jeff Tweedy is “one of the most daring songwriters of his generation” and his band Wilco “vital, adventurous . . . breaking new stylistic ground with each ambitious and creatively restless album.” Salon.com

A member of two of Americana’s most iconic bands, Uncle Tupelo and Wilco, Jeff Tweedy can do pretty much whatever he wants these days and these days, he tours as just Jeff Tweedy. He’s one of the best American songwriters working today and has a discography that is the envy of every other AAA singer-songwriter. He’s headed to the Brown Theatre on June 11 for a solo show, carrying along any number of record albums you can buy to fill any holes in your collection. Tickets start at $40.

Here’s a bit of his recent appearance on Portlandia>



Jun 062014

The Brooklyn-based Matthew Houck, who works under the nom de plume of Phosphorescent, returns to Headliners on June 10, along with Courtney Barnett He’s still touring behind 2013’s Muchacho, which has garnered him considerable acclaim. He has scored some film synchronizations, notable in the 2011 film Margin Call. His seven albums swing back and forth between more-or-less straight singer-songwriter to something more experimental. Tickets to the show are $18 adv/$20 DoS.
Watch Phosphorescent’s official video for “Ride On/Right On”:


MySpace: https://myspace.com/phosphorescent

Apr 222014

The new battle in Louisville between Headliners and The Mercury Ballroom has only just begun; at the moment, the interesting score to keep is which performers who have played Headliners will now play The Mercury. The Devil Makes Three will be the latest when they bring their mix of bluegrass, old-time and acoustic rock and romp into the Mercury on April 26. While they made their first score with “Old Number 7,” they’ve released seven albums, including the latest, I’m A Stranger Here on New West Records. Joe Fletcher and The Wrong Reasons will open the show. The lack of seating won’t matter that much, given that DM3 will get dancing. Tickets are $17.50 plus a $5 fee.

Check out the video to their newest, “Stranger”:


Website: www.thedevilmakesthree.com/?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedevilmakesthreemusic
LastFM: www.last.fm/music/The+Devil+Makes+Three

Apr 222014

Fans are happy that Katie Herzig got over her bad case of stage fright and took the lead role in her first band; otherwise, of course, she wouldn’t be a singer-songwriter on tour. Louisvillians have gotten familiar with her, as she’s been through town a lot, at least until a couple of years back. Her last show here was in 2012, so there’ll be some real interest, particularly since there’s a new album, Walk Through Walls, that she’s promoting. She’ll be at Headliners on April 26. Noah Gunderson will open. Tickets for the show are $15.

Here’s the official video for “Walk Through Walls”:


Website: http://www.katieherzig.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katieherzigmusic?
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KatieHerzig?
LastFM: www.last.fm/music/Katie+Herzig?

Apr 152014

Miss Shevaughn And Yuma Wray, who could be billed Mr. and Mrs Shevaughn and Yuma Wray (or as Erin and Chris Stelloh) on account of their recent marriage on March 1, are honeymooning by going on tour in support of a new record, Lean Into The Wind. Musical partners getting hitched isn’t exactly a new phenomenon (just ask the Civil Wars – or then again, maybe don’t) but it is certainly a statement of hope in the face of reality, because being road musicians is hard on the soles, the soul and the state of most relationships. As for the new record, one reviewer wrote that they “go all Flying Burrito Brothers with a SoCal-influenced set of new songs.” That should give you a hint; you can check out the video, too. Tickets to the April 19 at the New Vintage are $5.
Bleed Me”:


Website: www.missshevaughnyumawray.com/?
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Feb 182014

Jay Farrar
The Clifton Cultural Center continues with their string of interesting bookings with a show featuring Son Volt front man Jay Farrar, along with band member Gary Hunt on fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. The show will happen on April 30; tickets are $23 and are available at the Clifton Center ticket office.