Apr 182014

Phantom Family Halo’s return to Louisville for a record release show tonight (April 18) at the New Vintage was a subject of great interest among the Louisville music blogosphere, including this one. Peter Berkowitz got an interview what ran in Wednesday’s LEO in his B-Sides column. Over at the Never Nervous blog, Phillip Olympia also talked to Dahm Cippola.

Apr 152014

Dom Cipolla’s Phantom Family Halo comes back to town for a show at The New Vintage, which is tagged a “record release” show for Raven Town Witch, on Sophomore Lounge Records. Based on the current bio photos, PFH seems to be a trio, but that could change once they get to town, given the PFH alumna who live here. Also on the bill are Jaye Jayle and Dane Waters, both of whom are inclined to do interesting things with their music. Ticket for the April 18 show are $6.

Here’s “Hard Apple Moon Stomp” from the new record:


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Apr 142014

Sometimes, it’s best to let the publicist handle the description: “Watter is a new trio made up of close friends and collaborators whose collective pedigree reads like a desert island list of must-haves in experimental rock musicians. Multi-instrumentalists Zak Riles (Grails) and Tyler Trotter are anchored by legendary drummer Britt Walford (Slint, Evergreen) on six genre-defying pieces of monolithic mood music. For Riles and Trotter, it’s a chance to dig deeper into the sandbox in which Grails have sculpted many mercurial masterpieces in recent years; for Walford, it’s the opportunity to play a substantial role in a new active band for the first time in nearly twenty years. Written, recorded, and produced entirely in the group’s collective studios in Louisville, KY, This World is a stunning combination of heady psychedelic rock, vintage cinematic New Age explorations, and sinister Krautrock, performed with seemingly endless stamina. Born out of many late-night jam sessions, many songs also feature fellow Louisville icons - Rachel Grimes (Rachel’s) provides several of the album’s most sublime moments, and The For Carnation’s Todd Cook lays the heavy, bass-driven foundation for the penultimate epic, “Seawater.” This World is the kind of album that inspires renewed wonder in the mysterious powers of Louisville’s water supply. It draws impossibly broad inspiration from decades of Eastern and Western folk, rock, ambient, film score, library music, and neoclassical, and masterfully emerges with an ever-enveloping suite perfectly befitting its constantly curious composers.”
The track is called “Small Business”:

Apr 102014

Headliners Music Hall will present the Lance Bangs film “Breadcrumb Trail: The story of Slint and the Louisville music culture they emerged from” on April 14. There will be a Q&A session with the filmmaker and members of Slint. This is a program for everyone interested in Louisville music history. Tickets are $10.
Watch the teaser for the film:”


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Apr 072014

Violinists are not all that often part of alternative rock bands, though when one is the leader, then, well, yeah. The Virginia alt.rock / post grunge / art rock band Hurt is the premier example of that: lead singer J./ Wince was trained as a classical violinist before becoming a rock musician. His reason? As a composer, rock was “the only feasible method of getting honest compositions to the public without being an “’A’ list writer.” Like most bands currently at work, Hurt has experienced turmoil with personnel and more turmoil with their record labels – Capitol axed them back in 2008, which resulted in the production and subsequent release of Goodbye To The Machine and the hit single “Wars.” Their newest is The Crux and they’ll be playing tunes from that as well as their older catalog when they play Jim Porter’s on April 11. Tickets will set you back $12 adv / $15 day of show.

Watch “How We End Up Alone:”


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Mar 152014

Robert Cooke at Drowned in Sound has two lengthy articles about Slint, in advance of the release of the box set of Spiderland, fwith a version of the album remastered by Bob Weston, previously unheard recordings, a 104-page coffee table book with foreword by Will Oldham, and Lance Bangs’ long-awaited documentary on the band, Breadcrumb Trail.
The first part is titled “The People of Louisville are Crazy.”
The second is “I’m trying To Find My Way Back Home”:

Mar 052014

Wanna know what’s going on with Arcade Fire, currently in town, rehearsing for their Reflektor tour kick-off show at Yum! tomorrow? Peter Berkowitz has the interview.
Berkowitz’s B-Sides column also features a chat with Louisville’s The Instruction and their upcoming-someday next release.
Catherine Irwin offers her opinion about the minimum wage.

Mar 032014

Moving from Montreal to Finland might not strike most musicians as the path to success, but it’s clear enough that Spencer Krug is not an ordinary musician. He has been using Moonface as an outlet for a large variety of sonic and lyrical experimentations. His Jagjaguar label offers up a fairly straight-forward explication: “Releases under this moniker have come quickly, each distinct from the other. The Dreamland EP and Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped were conceptual excursions merging instrumental and thematic fixations. After moving from Montreal to Helsinki, Krug teamed up with the Finnish band Siinai to create a lush rock record—2012’s Heartbreaking Bravery—driven by the dark despair of a breakup. Staying in Helsinki, Krug set off on yet another creative departure, driven by a rediscovery of love and a reconsideration of the Moonface persona he’d created for himself. The quietly stunning “Julia with Blue Jeans On” is the fourth Moonface release, bringing a degree of intimacy and self-reflection unlike anything Krug has produced to date.” Intrigued? He’ll be at Headliners on March 7, with the band. Tickets are $15.


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Mar 022014

Arcade Fire
The March 6 show at the Yum! Center, featuring Canada’s Arcade Fire, might very well set a marker for all the shows that follow for the rest of the year, for size as well as for for the audacity of the promotion of the tour and newest album Reflektor. If you are not a follower of the band, you likely didn’t hear about or see the Tumblr “murder mystery” campaign late last summer, or the not-so-secret shows the band played, at which they arrived wearing masks. Coming off the Grammy for Album Of The Year for their 2010 effort, The Suburbs, the interest in the new record has been intense and continuous” Jimmy Fallon had the band on the first night of his gig as host of “The Tonight Show,” for instance. It just goes on like that. Get your tickets while you can. They run $30.50 to $60.50 plus the “handling fees,” that amount to a surcharge.

Here’s the clip from Fallon’s “The Tonight Show”:

Arcade Fire ~ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy… by HumanSlinky

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