Leon Russell at Headliners

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Nov 122014

Leon Russell has gotten too long in the tooth to be up on a “Tight Rope,” but his piano-playing hasn’t deteriorated nor his singing and he’ll play “A Song For You,” along with any number of other tunes of his choosing when he comes to Headliners on November 15. Of course, you know that Russell has been an integral part of the American music business for thirty or forty years now, has played with so many famous musicians (including New Grass Revival) as a sideman that it’s pointless to try to list them. He has made many, many records, though while successful enough, they didn’t make much noise on the charts. He last played Louisville at last year’s Abbey Road On The River festival and was at Headliners the year before. Tickets to the show are $35 seated / $25 SRO. Dog House Kitchen will open.

Here’s a live fan video from the House Of Blues, Dallas:


Website: www.leonrussellrecords.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeonRussellMusic
LastFM: www.last.fm/music/Leon+Russell

The Legendary Shack Shakers At Zanzabar

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Sep 022014

“Even when the songs vent, they tell a story. These strange tales overflow with characters who are simultaneously common and larger than life. If Th’ Legendary Shack-Shakers have a genre then it’s the Land-locked Sea Chanty. Here are strange people caught in epic yet gritty circumstances. Everything may be doomed but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time singing along until the end. The band is at the helm of our craft, piloting us down a river bursting it’s banks, serenading us as we head at full speed toward the DAMN.” – Pandeliriuim review, SepiaChord.com
Paducah’s favorite sons (maybe) The Legendary Shack Shakers will headline a three-band bill at Zanzabar on September 4, along with the Whiskey Bent Valley Boys and Whiskey Shivers, which certainly marks the night as a “roots” show in every respect. TLSS, of course, played rockabilly to begin, with before easing into a strange combo of swamp rock, hickabilly and carnivalia, spiced with influences from Hank III. Although they don’t put records on the charts much, they have some special fans: Robert Plant personally selected them to open for a tour in 2005; they tour frequently with the Reverend Horton Heat and Jello Biafra guested on one of their albums, calling called TLSS leader J.D. Wilkes “the last great Rock and Roll frontman.” Even the GEICO gekko had a track of theirs for background in a commercial. (Ricky Feather would fit in this band – but he wouldn’t agree to do so.) Anyway, head on out for an evening of rompin’ and stompin’ and don’t forget to bring along a designated driver or take a cab or walk. Just don’t drive after the show. Tickets are $10.

Here’s “Shake Your Hips” from a 2012 show in Denmark:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/legendaryshackshakers
LastFM: www.last.fm/music/Th’+Legendary+Shack*Shakers

Bodeco At The New Vintage On Derby Eve

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Apr 282014

Man, what a dilemma for rockabilly fans - Bodeco with Vice Tricks and Ass Haulers at the The New Vintage versus Southern Culture On The Skids with Wanda Jackson and The Ladybirds at Headliners on Derby Eve. (Heavy sigh) What’s a poor prognosticating music writer to do with such a choice? Both shows are guaranteed to deliver a sweaty night of rock ‘n’ roll and leave fans deliriously happy at the end of the evening. You pays your money, you takes your choice.Tickets to Bodeco are $8 adv/ $12 DoS.

Here’s “Suicide Ride” from the Palace show in 2012:


LastFM: www.last.fm/music/Bodeco?

Southern Culture On The Skids Is The Derby Eve Show To See

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Apr 282014

Yessiree, the SCOTS crew is comin’ back to the Derby City for a really kick-ass Derby Eve show at Headliners. Sooweee, baby, and they’re bringing Wanda Jackson along with them, for a double – make that a triple dose when you include The Ladybirds - of old time rock ‘n’ roll served up on Southern rockabilly floorboards and wheels. This show just couldn’t get any better (well, if Bodeco was playing, yes, it could – but they’re playing the New Vintage the same night). It’s hard to believe that SCOTS has been releasing records since 1986 (!), around the time Elaine Ford was bringing them coming through town, to play the Butchertown Pub and the first Uncle Pleasant’s (or was it Snagilwet?) Anyway, a long damn time. Rick Miller’s beard has turned white, but Mary Huff is still a cutie in those polka dot outfits she favors and they have a newish record, Dig This: Ditch Diggin’ V.2, for your approval and purchase. Wanda Jackson is a rock-a-billy icon from the Fifties who still rocks out and The Ladybirds do an excellent job of reminding fans of why that music took over rock and roll in the Fifites. Tickets to this tremendous show at only $17 adv. and $20 DoS. Is there a chance I get that quarter out from under your pointy boots?

Well, of course, here’s “Camel Walk”:


Website: www.scots.com/?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/southerncultureontheskids?
LastFM: www.last.fm/music/Southern+Culture+On+The+Skids?
MySpace: https://myspace.com/southerncultureontheskids?

Skinny Jim & The Number 9 Blacktops Head to Porter s

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Mar 312014

Perhaps the most useful thing to say about the Skinny Jim & Number 9 Blacktops, headed into Porter’s on April 4, is that their album Horsepower, Horsepower was produced by Southern Culture on the Skid’s guitarist Rick Miller. Their songs have been featured on both NPR and in Harley-Davidson commercials. They’ve backed Chuck Berry a number of times. If this doesn’t say that these guys can rock and roll with the best of them – and Chuck Berry is definitely on the list of Best Of – then nothing I could write would convince you otherwise. If S.C.O.T.s and Chuck are your idea of what rock should sound like, head over to Porter’s for this show. Tickets are $10 adv/ $12 Dos

Here’s a live tune called “Hotwire”:


Website: www.skinnyjimrocks.com/?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skinnyjimrocks?
MySpace: https://myspace.com/skinnyjimrocks?

A Free Show With J. D. And Jessica Wilkes of The Dirtdaubers at Decca

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Mar 242014

JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers
Former Legendary Shack Shakers frontman and filmmaker J. D. Wilkes and his wife and partner Jessica Wilkes, who normally rip it up as leaders of the rockabilly outfit The Dirtdaubers, will play a free show at Decca on March 28. The two, who are also visual artists, are promoting a new Plowboy Records album, Wild Moon, as well as a new comic book, “Grim Hymns: Tunes and Tales from the Hills of Hell.” They’re riding up from their hometown of Paducah for this show. Should be interesting.

Here’s a live version of “Apples And Oranges”:


Website: http://www.jdwilkes.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedirtdaubers?

You Make Me Wanna Walk Like A Camel To Headliners

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Mar 032014

Southern Culture On The Skids
That’s right - Southern Culture On The Skids returns to Headliners on May 2, along with rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson. What a Derby Week show! The Ladybirds will open, making it a trifecta of Southern rock ‘n’ roll. Tickets go on sale Friday, March 7.

New Vintage Showcase 3rd Anniversary Showcase / Rock N Roll Circus

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Jan 272014


The New Vintage Showcase is having a Three Year Anniversary/Rock ‘n’ Circus Party at the New Vintage on February 1, featuring the Firewater Cabaret, Cousins, Tinderbox Circus Sideshow, Graffiti and The Hot Wires. In case you’re wondering how the New Vintage can be having a three-year anniversary after having only been open since May 3013, it’s because the New Vintage Showcase is the title that New Vintage co-owner Hunter Embry has been using for the shows he’s booked here and there around town. Tickets are $6-$10.