Leon Russell at Headliners

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Nov 122014

Leon Russell has gotten too long in the tooth to be up on a “Tight Rope,” but his piano-playing hasn’t deteriorated nor his singing and he’ll play “A Song For You,” along with any number of other tunes of his choosing when he comes to Headliners on November 15. Of course, you know that Russell has been an integral part of the American music business for thirty or forty years now, has played with so many famous musicians (including New Grass Revival) as a sideman that it’s pointless to try to list them. He has made many, many records, though while successful enough, they didn’t make much noise on the charts. He last played Louisville at last year’s Abbey Road On The River festival and was at Headliners the year before. Tickets to the show are $35 seated / $25 SRO. Dog House Kitchen will open.

Here’s a live fan video from the House Of Blues, Dallas:


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Kottack To Return To The Scorpions

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Oct 282014

Scorpions frontman Klaus Meine says the band members want drummer James Kottak to return from rehab as the “great guy” they remember, according to Antimusic.com. Kottack will play on a new album, then tour with the band next year, assuming that his stint in rehab is susccessful.

Tommy Womack Does Sunday Night At The New Vintage

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Oct 262014

Hey, Louisville, Tommy Womack is back in town, along with the Wild Ponies, for a show at The New Vintage tonight (Sunday, October 26). All Gov’t Cheese freaks head on out for a pleasant Sunday evening reunion. Tickets are $12.

Tommy Womack sings “90 Miles an Hour Down a Dead-End Street”:


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TommyWomack

Government Cheese Never Grows Old Or Mold

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Sep 222014

Tommy Womack’s Government Cheese is the band that won’t die, or, at least, hangs in there, despite everything. Wommack has made a career out of the band, either by performing in it or writing about it (Cheese Chronicles, 1985-1995). Okay, it’s greasy rock ‘n’ roll, akin to Jason and the Scorchers and Webb Wilder, but they had their sound and their place in the crowded Nashville market, even though they were from Bowling Green. They made some good records, too. Womack made a career as a singer-songwriter after the band broke up in the mid-Nineties, but they kept getting back together for reunion shows, just like the show at Headliners on September 27. Head on down – tickets are $20.

Here’s Government Cheese’s “Fish Stick Day”:


Website: www.tommywomack.com/
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Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/governmentcheeseofficialbandsite

Broncho at Zanzabar

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Sep 052014

The Oklahoma power-pop trio BRONCHO plays bright, buzzing, preternaturally hooky retro garage rock. New single “Class Historian” is one of many tracks from the upcoming Just Enough Hip To Be Woman that remind me of some bizarrely satisfying hybrid of T. Rex and Phoenix — or is that Pavement covering Bruce Springsteen? It’s giddy, quirky stuff that also shares DNA with the Cars, the Strokes, Thin Lizzy and all kinds of other fun, forceful guitar music” – Chris DeVille, Sterogum
They come from Oklahoma, they play rock music. There’s this new record, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, coming out right after they play Zanzabar on September 9, with Mote and Low Litas opening. So the question is, if you listen to the tune below, read what Stereogum has to say and have some sense of Oklahoma rock ‘n’ roll (Leon Russell, JJ Cale), would you go out to Zbar and check Broncho out for $8? Wadda mean, you wanna wait ‘til the next time? Just how hip are you, anyway?

Here’s “Class Historian” from the new record:


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Joan Jett And The Blackhearts For Free

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Aug 202014

JOAN JETT is a Swiss watch, A German Train schedule, the Energizer Bunny. In a word: dependable.” – Kurt B. Reighley/The Stranger
“I Love Rock & Roll” singer Joan Jett & the Blackhearts come back to Cardinal Stadium on August 23, after an absence of four years. It’s been thirty-plus years since that iconic first hit and twenty-plus years since she had a Top Ten hit, but that hasn’t kept her from staying busy, writing, recording, produciing and touring. Her most recent album is 2013’s Unvarnished, which peaked at #47 on the Billboard 200 chart. Jett and the Blackhearts play straight-up rock ‘n’ roll, which still works perfectly well in the hearts of rock fans everywhere. Devour The Day opens. It’s a free show.

Here’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”:


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