Particle at Headliners

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Nov 032014

“The long-awaited studio debut from these jam-happy road veterans does what it should for the band. It captures the quartet’s indescribable all-instrumental concert vibe—“space-porn” as they call it—in a more controlled environment.” – Hal Horowitz,
There are jambands and then there are jambands – and then there are more jambands. Because Louisville is a town that loves jambands, the various flavors and models of same travel through here regularly. This week, that would be Los Angeles-based Particle, at Headliners on November 5. This group describes their music as “space-porn,” which suggests that they should have gotten Wax Fang - if it still existed – to open. Instead, they have a group called Freedom. It’s a jamband show – grab some appropriate shoes, maybe munchies and head on down for an evening of … jambands. Tickets are $15.

Watch Particle play “Launchpad”:



Enter Temples, At Headliners

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Oct 142014

If you’ve read anything about Temples, you’ve likely this already absorbed this fact. That is because—and forgive the bluntness—Noel Gallagher’s endorsement is easily the most remarkable thing about Temples, who offer a studious recreation of psychedelic rock so devoid of an individual personality that the only way to discuss them is to check off the high-profile industry legends who have endorsed them and the legendary records they crib from. ” – Jayson Greene, Pitchfork
Noah Gallagher (Oasis) thinks that Temples is the best new rock band in England, which, for a band that was formed in 2012, is no small recommendation. They’ve gotten enough buzz and have enough of the goods that they have already set out on a tour of the U.S., including an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon back in July. They have one album, Sun Structures. At the very least, they get credit for having cojones. They’ll come show Louisville what they’ve got where they play Headliners Music Hall on October 17, with The Districts opening. Tickets are $15 adv/ $17 DoS.

Here’s “Keep In The Dark”:



Pigeons Playing Ping Pong at Hideaway

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Oct 102014

Baltimore’s Pigeons Playing Ping Pong return to Louisville on October 14 to play The Hideaway Saloon again (!), where they first played back in February 2013. Must be gluttons for punishment, though I have heard that the Hideaway has built a bit better stage, with sound. They’re a bit of a jam band, a bit psychedlic pop-rock and, apparently, all about having fun on stage. Obviously, goofballs who can play. It’ll be a crowded stage, no matter what. Check with the Hideaway for ticket info.

Here’s a live clip, playing “Walk Outside”:



Dark Side Of The Wall at Iroquois

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Sep 092014

The Dark Side Of The Wall gang is at it again, this time with a show titled Pink In The Park, at Iroquois Amphitheater on September 13. Here’s the PR takeaway “The Dark Side of the Wall presents their own evolution with an all new show. Featuring never before performed versions of the band’s catalog, the Dark Side reverently recreates the mood and mission of an evolved Pink Floyd, immersing fans in an audio and visual experience designed to transport them back in time.” For an evening of time travel to Floyd world, the tickets will set you back $31- $54.

Watch Dark Side Of The Wall:



Q&A: White Arrows

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Jun 302014

L.A.’s psych-pop group White Arrows opens for The Neighbourhood in a sold-out show at Headliners on July 3. We sent them a few questions to answer; presumably, it is the bandleader Mickey Church who responded:

1. Looks like this is your first trip to Derby City. What have you been told to expect? What do think you know about Louisville?
I really don’t know anything about Louisville, and have no idea what to expect. Good bbq?

2. Since you began on a whim, has the whim hardened into a desire/lust or just a sustained interest in writing songs?
It’s been cool to see how it’s progressed into something worthwhile. This new record seems like a solid piece that is cohesive. It’s a time capsule of one place and time in my life.

3. Describe psychotropical pop in fifteen words or fewer, without referencing acid.
Something someone made up, that kind of stuck. Funny. Mushrooms.

4. You’ve been touring with some fairly significant bands early in the game. Feel lucky, entitled or confused at how it all happened?
It happened so quickly that I appreciate it in retrospect. I’ll get asked who’ve we played with, and as I’m listing my mind is getting blown. We got lucky, and had too many opportunities early on to pass on, even before we really had any kind of musical releases.

5. Dry Land Is Not A Myth sounds like a slogan for a post-sea level rise. Do you believe the scientists or the politicians about climate change?
Is this a fair question? I believe scientists. Maybe by then we will have gills.

6. Your upcoming record is titled In Bardo,yes? If Google is to be believed, bardo is a Tibetan word meaning “in-between state.” So what state are you in between and what do you plan to do about it?
I think it marks the end of the transitional state. A lot of the topics on the new record deal with death, but it’s not in a bleak way. It’s more in the way of a circle of life. This record is darker and heavier than the first one, so I feel like that was the transition in finding ourself, and our sound.

7. All of the questions above have been an effort to draw a distinction between you guys and The Neighbourhood for readers. Here’s your chance to explain that on your own terms, that might make them leave the show thinking “that opening band was …” Fill in the blank.

We’re all snowflakes. No two are the same.

Talking to Phantom Family Halo

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Apr 182014

Phantom Family Halo’s return to Louisville for a record release show tonight (April 18) at the New Vintage was a subject of great interest among the Louisville music blogosphere, including this one. Peter Berkowitz got an interview what ran in Wednesday’s LEO in his B-Sides column. Over at the Never Nervous blog, Phillip Olympia also talked to Dahm Cippola.

Phantom Family Halo Play Raven Town Witch At The New Vintage.

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Apr 152014

Dom Cipolla’s Phantom Family Halo comes back to town for a show at The New Vintage, which is tagged a “record release” show for Raven Town Witch, on Sophomore Lounge Records. Based on the current bio photos, PFH seems to be a trio, but that could change once they get to town, given the PFH alumna who live here. Also on the bill are Jaye Jayle and Dane Waters, both of whom are inclined to do interesting things with their music. Ticket for the April 18 show are $6.

Here’s “Hard Apple Moon Stomp” from the new record:



Papadosio Jams Into Headliners

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Apr 022014

The Papadosio boys have made Louisville a regular stop for the last five plus years, usually at Headliners of late. Melding prog rock, psychedelia, jamband, improvisational and dance into one big stew, the Asheville quintet has cooked up quite a loyal fanbase over the years, including a goodly number in Louisville. They are touring in support of 2012’s T.E.T.I.O.S. (you have to know the secret code) and they will be back to Headliners on April 6. Tickets for the show are $13 adv/$16 DoS. A band called EarthCry will open.
Here’s a tune from their latest live album:

Check out the full set from the All Good Music Festival:



Review: Black Birds Of Paradise

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Mar 182014

Phillip Olympia at Never Nervous has a review of Black Birds Of Paradise’s debut release, B.B.o.P.. His takeaway? ” I can also safely guarantee that the music from Black Birds of Paradise won’t be confined to Louisville much longer, as I’d be surprised if this troupe doesn’t blow up nationally very soon. Not that any of that matters, just sayin’, don’t sleep on ‘em, that’s all. Highly recommended.”

Read it here.