Glass Animals At Headliners

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Nov 302014

From Oxford, England comes Glass Animals, billing themselves as an idie rock, psychedelic pop, trip hop band. They’re a brand new outfit, with one album, Zaba, to their credit and plenty of balls, as they’ve headed to the States in the middle of an European tour, booking shows as they tour. They’ll stop at Headliners on Tuesday, December 2 for a show, which, if it strikes your fancy, will cost only $12 adv/$15 Dos. To help you decide, check out the video or Soundcloud link below:

Chris Forsyth And The Solar Motel Band, Sparks.Moore at New Vintage

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Nov 192014

“Forsyth has been slashing through and then reconnecting strands of American music for a decade now, whether it be in the unclassifiable WTF that is Peeesseye or in the solo guitar records that rip pages out of the American Primitive songbook. With the Solar Motel Band, Forsyth seeks the endless jam at the intersection of Television and The Grateful Dead. Or at least that’s where it begins.” – Lars Gotrich, NPR
The stretch of Preston Street bookended by Zanzabar and The New Vintage (well, it’s a short stretch) is pretty much ground zero for shows with some of the possible up-and-comers (or on-the-way-downers) in the indie rock / new music in Louisville – while noting that Dreamland and The Tim Faulkner Gallery have their place, too. That said, the show for Thursday, November 19, at the New Vinage, which features Chris Forsyth And The Solar Motel Band, Sparks.Moore and Ma Turner’s Fatufairfe, falls into one of those categories. Forsyth is not an unknown factor on the scene, having been at it for a decade, and has gotten some attention on the national level as well (Note the quote). The band has a new record, Intensity Ghost, just released on No Quarter Records, and which has been named one of the year’s best releases by the New Yorker, Uncut, Aquarium Drunkard and others. Sparks.Moore is the duo of Jason Sparks and McKinley Moore, who also play in The Wrists, wile Ma Turner is an experimental musician and artist from Lexington who comes to town occasionally, usually with something unexpected. Tickets to the show are $15.

Watch the new video for “I Ain’t Waitin’” from CFTSM:



New Politics + Bad Suns + Somekindawonderful at Mercury Ballroom = Dance!?

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Nov 192014

The show tonight (November 19) at the Mercury Ballroom is for those folks excited to find a Danish dance-rock band on the bill – in this case New Politics – plus indie rock with a measure of neo-soul, all brought to you by the management company Ones To Watch, which also handles The Devil Makes Three, Iggy Azelea and Kongos. They are not limited to the Northern Hemisphere in their roster. Anyway, also on the bill are Southern California rock band Bad Suns and South Africa’s Somekindawonderful, which brings the neo-soul to the mix. All three bands are relatively new to the scene and are on this tour to expand their fan base, of course. Check below for a sample of the music you will hear. Tickets are $18 adv/ $20 DoS. Enjoy,

Here’s the just-released “Everyone I Go” from New Politics:

Mercury Ballroom to Host Tokyo Police Club

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Nov 022014

Tokyo Police Club: they’re not from Japan, they’re not law-enforcement officials and they’re not a club; they’re an indie rock band from Toronto. Other than that, we can say that they have three studio projects to their credit, including the most recent, Forcefield, released this past March. They’ve appeared on “The Late Show With David Latterman,” “Desperate Housewives” as a band called Cold Splash and “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson,” among others, so if you are a late night TV watcher, you might have already seen them. If that’s insufficient, then check out the video below for some sense of what they look and sound like. Tickets to the show at the Mercury Ballroom on November 4 are 17.50 adv/ $19.50 DoS. Arkells opens.

Here’s “Hot Tonight” from their new record:



10th Annual Louisville Zombie Attack Set For August 29

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Aug 062014

From the site:
We are happy to announce this year’s 10th ANNUAL LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK will be held at Highland Tap Room on Friday August 29, 2014 @ 8:29pm.
In honor of our 10th year, we are starting our walk at our original meeting point at Bardstown and Eastern Parkway at 8pm, walk at 8:29pm.


Vice Tricks
Dead Halo
Trophy Wives
Nuly Dedz
We Are Hex

Everything You Want To Know About Mutant Fest And Less

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Aug 062014

Syd Bishop at Never Nervous interviewed promoter Meagan Scruggs, a.k.a. Meagz, about the upcoming Mutant Fest at the New Vintage on Saturday, August 9, featuring a lot of bands, most of which you’ve probably never heard about. Read it here.

June Waterfront Wednesday: The Old 97 s, The Whigs, Dawn Landes

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Jun 212014

“... The Old 97’s, the Dallas bar band who played a starring role in the ‘90s “alt-country” boom, didn’t die before they got old. Or, well, before they got middle-aged. On the first song from the new album Most Messed Up, the 43-year-old Rhett Miller sings about how his band stuck together “for longer than you’ve been alive”—you being the hypothetical teenage rock fan. —Spencer Kornhaber, The Atlantic
“For their fifth album, the Athens-bred/Nashville-based power trio the Whigs wanted to find the exact midpoint between raw and rehearsed. After more than a decade together – during which they’ve released four critically lauded studio albums and toured constantly as either headliners or openers for the likes of the Drive-By Truckers, Kings of Leon, and MGMT - the three members all agreed that they wanted to flex their muscles a bit: write some good songs, get them down as tight as possible, hit , and tear shit up. —North Star”
“The precise difference between Dawn Landes and her talented sisters eludes me, but there is a difference. And I know it because songs I dismissed as merely pleasant had an odd way of insinuating themselves into my day. And not just one. Three or four. There’s something she does that involves a secret sauce…”—Jesse Kornbluth, Huffington Post
Oh, boy, the Waterfront Wednesday show for June is good ‘un; it’ll feature The Old 97s, The Whigs and Louisville native Dawn Landes. Dallas-based The Old 97’s is an alternative country band which started back in 1993. Since then, they have ten studio albums, two full extended plays, shared split duty on another and have one live album. Their most recent release is Most Messed Up. They’ve been making rock ‘n roll long enough to rock out in their sleep and have a fan base here, with six shows in the last five years in the Derby City. The Whigs, on the other hand, have played a baker’s dozen shows in Louisville since 2007, making them the most popular of the three acts? Maybe. Then there’s Dawn Landes, who hasn’t been here since 2011. Currently living in New York, Landes has a new album, Bluebird, which has been described as a break-up record, as it follows here divorce from Josh Ritter. All that talent for free on the Big Four Lawn, Waterfront Park, on June 25. Ain’t Louisville a great place to live?


Watch “Most Messed Up” from the Old 97’s:


Watch the official video for “Hit Me,” produced, directed and edited by Wax Fang’s Scott Carney:


Watch Dawn Landes’ “Bluebird” featuring Storyboard P:

Broken Bells and Elf Power at Iroquois Amphitheater

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Jun 162014

“I’m not so young anymore,” said Danger Mouse, the 36-year-old producer-musician in advance of the new album from Broken Bells. “Is this the way it’s supposed to be?” That angst helped inspire After the Disco, his second collaboration with James Mercer of indie kings the Shins.” —Rolling Stone
Take Gnarls Barkley’s Danger Mouse and add a singer/guitarist from The Shins and you have Broken Bells, a duo with a backing band headlining a show at Iroquois Amphitheater on June 20. So they tag themselves as indie / alt / space rock, which could mean, frankly, anything. The two members of the duo, Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) and James Mercer (The Shins) got together essentially in secret to work on joint material, being members of a mutual-admiration society. The first eponymous record has sold in excess of 400,000 copies, which certain suggests they are onto something. Their latest is the just-released After The Disco, which has hit No. 1 on the US Alternative Rock and US Rock Charts. You might, accordingly, expect a crowd at Iroquois. Georgia’s longtime indie rock band Elf Power will open. Tickets are $30.50.

Watch Broken Bells perform “Control” on the “Conan” show:


Band Of Skulls To Play Headliners

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Jun 052014

The English generally give their bands more interesting and/or amusing names that do Americans, but Band of Skulls doesn’t really stand out that much as a name, even though they are Brits. Their first name, Fleeing New York, was better, I think. However, their music must make up for the name, as they have been getting attention for their particular blend of blues / indie / alt rock played by a trio. It certainly works for TV and movie producers, as they have a very long list of synchronizations in notable TV shows and movies plus video games. However, they’re still looking for that hit record in the U.S. They have three albums to their credit, the most recent being Himalayan, released in March. They’ll be at Headliners Music Hall, with Deap Valley, on June 9. Tickets are $17adv/$19 Dos.

Watch the video for “Nightmares” :